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isthmus nekoi
13-06-2003, 01:29
I was recently wondering, if the ruler of the sign cusping the MC was tenanting the 1st house (ie. you have Libra on your MC and Venus in 1st), what type of profession would that indicate? Since 1st is connected to Aries, I was thinking of any kind of leadership position, but other than that, I'm pretty stumped! Any suggestions, ideas?

Baby Owl
13-06-2003, 03:35
Leadership makes sense. I'm also thinking you would identify personally with your work and that it would be a manifestation of your personality. You might be less likely than some to choose an occupation that doesn't suit you (which people often do because of financial considerations, pressure from parents, etc.)

That doesn't really address a specific profession, I know.

Baby Owl

13-06-2003, 04:06
The ruler of the 10th or MC is one significator among many that can point to one's likely professional focus. Whatever house the MC ruler is in can shape the type of work: 1st -- spokesperson, receptionist, 3rd -- writing, sales, 7th -- broker, agent, counselor, etc. Strong or significant aspect patterns will tend to manifest in many areas of ones life, particularly in the work one does. Since the planets represent energy they will tend to be stronger than signs (quality of expression). Houses (areas of expression) will often be influential. Any general rule will often be found to be broken more than followed but I would rate the factors (from strongest to weakest) as: Planetary patterns, houses, rulerships for combining planets and houses, and lastly signs. Dave.

13-06-2003, 04:38
It's possible to see the MC (tenth) as the culmination of the process of individuation. The first says something about the potential of who I am, the tenth gives an indication of what I stand for in the world.

Thus we might have someone who defines themselves by their social/career standing - I'm Minderwiz the Astrologer (if only :) )

As Dave says, there are a variety of other factors that give indications of career/work but the important point is that 'Who I am' is clearly linked to where I stand in society - the way in which this manifests will depend on planet and signs involved and any aspects that the planet receives and makes (including to the MC itself) as well as other factors in the natal chart.

13-06-2003, 04:41
On a slightly different tack, the tenth/fourth is the parental axis. Exactly which is the house of mother and which is the house of father is the subject of debate but the ruler of the tenth in the first may also give some indication of the effect of the parent(s) in determining who I am and what I become.

isthmus nekoi
13-06-2003, 07:17
Thanks for the replies guys! I was interested mostly in the 1st house, but this info is also good to know.

So I take it then, generally, the 1st house indicates a representational role - a personality who will represent a group, company, political party etc? Or maybe just being a personality like Oprah?

Minderwiz> well, we all think of you here as Minderwiz the Astrologer :)

13-06-2003, 14:08
Isthmus, the type of career would also be influence by what sign/planet combination you are looking at...but I would think that someone with that combination, their career would be a very important way of expressing themselves. Also seems like they would have something where there is a lot of interaction between themselves and "the world" such as working as a counselor and healer.

13-06-2003, 20:33
Have any of you noticed that those people who just exist in life and never seem to make an effort at anything NEVER relate to their chart? They are hard to do a reading for as they have nothing that they are striving for (potential), no crises going on, just a low-level lifestyle with little involvement with other people. Over three decades I've had three or four people of this type that wanted their charts read. They were expecting, I believe, that I was going to tell them something that what change their lives but they seemed unwilling to express any aspect of their chart or to take any initiative. *** On the other hand, isn't it amazing to see how well celeberties, polititians and other active people do live out their charts so well. Dave.

13-06-2003, 23:58
I think having some squares in one's chart can be a good thing, because it gives you some energy and determination to succeed that might not be there if you have a predominance of trines in your chart.

That could also be related to 1st house because I have planets in 1st house that square the MC, it is an aspect that carries energy. For example Uranus in Virgo (1st house) in tight square with Sun in Cancer (10th house) which I think gives me desire to be innovative in my career. I strive to be creative in all aspects of life (how I relate the world) as well as for benefit of my own expression.

Isthmus, it is interesting how the 1st and 10th house are related like this. There is a dynamic relationship self and the world, that is emphasized when there are aspects showing up in the natal chart. It would be interesting to see what other aspects ruler of the 1st house and 10th house are making within the chart.

I have been reading Stephen Arroyo's books which are especially interesting regarding aspects like this.

14-06-2003, 02:04

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my social status but I I still think of myself as a trainee and won't consider myself a 'proper' Astrologer till I have a small fraction of the experience of people like AG, Dave and Astraea.

However there's only one way to get experience and that is to go out there and do it!

isthmus nekoi
14-06-2003, 06:35
Mm, I was doing an interpretation for someone who's having a Saturn return. Natal Saturn's tenanting 6th while trine Uran (who in turn in 10th, conj MC) so career is an important issue right now. Prog moon is following right behind Saturn (also in 6th).
The native has:
1) Libra on MC, Venus in 1st, w/a wide conj to Jupiter. Venus makes some favourable aspects to Pluto, Neptune and the moon, as well as a square to a Uran/Mars opposition (not a strict T square however, as it is 'out of sign').
2) Cancer cusping 7th, Moon in 5th, inconj to Uran and trining Venus.
3) Gem is cusping 6th, and Merc is in Scorp/11th, opposing moon, conj Neptune.
I believe the native possess a keen intuition (coupled along w/other factors in the chart), as well as managerial (sp!!) ablities. Perhaps good placements for counseling and getting clients?

oceanpoetry, yes angular houses will have some kind of direct impact on career, or general life calling... basically your main role or function in society. The axis of 1/7 certainly plays an important role, although I imagine the strength of influence can vary widely from chart to chart.

As for ppl w/low 'drivers' in their chart.... I know Rushman's written about stelliums as drivers, but I think it depends which sign the stellium is in. I have a friend w/6 planets in Libra and she is pretty much content wherever she is, very low key. There's little dynamism in the chart, so her life is very peaceful. Despite the fact she isn't well off, she never really seems to have to struggle in life. This is compounded by the fact that her singleton fire is Neptune and Mars is in Cancer (fall). Before I studied astrology, I'd always tell her: your life is on such an even keel!
I find modern astrologers really getting down on the trines though, always stressing the 'laziness' factor. I don't see anything wrong w/laziness and living life on an even keel if it suits you and you are not mooching off the hard work of others :) The world is stressful and competetive enough already!