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13-06-2003, 07:24
The upcoming Sagittarian full moon on June 14th will be at 23 degress, within a degree of the solar eclipse of Dec., 2001. This could indicate an ending to a cycle.

Jupiter (the ruler of Sagg) is almost at 15 degrees of Leo and is trine Pluto (in Sagg), lighting the way to "bigger and better".

Full moons come and go, but I find this full moon very significant (on the big scheme of cosmic events).

I'm wondering if the usual fangs I grow during a full moon ....well...will be bigger (lol)

Cosmic light to all,

13-06-2003, 07:34
That's kind of cool. That's the day I graduate!

Baby Owl
13-06-2003, 12:45
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess
I'm wondering if the usual fangs I grow during a full moon ....well...will be bigger (lol)

As I am a Sagittarius-Sun, I will probably just grow an extra set of hooves... ?

13-06-2003, 14:04
thanks for posting that about the full moon, AG! sounds like there is going to be a lot of positive influences around Sag full moon -good!

Jupiter trine Pluto, lighting the way to "bigger and better" ...do you think that's because it is transit that would encourage housecleaning (literally and figuratively)? For Jupiter is transiting the 12th house trine Pluto in the 4th - and I do feel like I am going through a transformative time in many ways!

13-06-2003, 22:50
I saw the glorious full moon from my bedroom window last night. It was a surprise because I hadn't kept up with the timing.

I have a mixed bag of aspects betwee Tr. Moon and Natal chart.

Moon sextile Venus;square Mars, trine Saturn and opp Uranus.

14-06-2003, 00:14
Good to see you back on the boards. You and Minderwiz make a great combo. I've noticed a strange energy this week, partly from PMS, stress on midterms and stress in finances as usual. Can't see the moon because it's still raining here in CT and wish the skies would clear in time.

I'm not growing an extra claw like I usually do, i'm going deeper into my Cancerian sun/moon
shell. So i'm going to chill out tonight and not go to school to take care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I need a night off to fight what ever is trying to make me sick. Tonights class is something I want to attend but phsyically not able to spend 4 hours in class after working all day.

Keep us posted anyone who has more insight on the effects of the Sag Moon! My B-day in next Sunday...the 22nd. Where would the moon sign then?

Peace and light,

14-06-2003, 00:36
happy birthday! my birthday is June 21! We both have Saturn transit of our natal Sun right now, so that could be making you feel a little "under the weather" ...so take good care of yourself right now, get lots of rest and realize that by end of June, beginning of July, Saturn will start to move away from the tight conjunction. Right now I know the conj natal Sun with transiting Saturn in Cancer is exact! this is a great time to reflect on what kind of changes you can make in your life for the better, laying new foundation. Change in diet is one of the things recommended from what I have been reading. This transit is very similiar to Saturn return, and calls for reflection on what you have accomplished so far and where you want to go from here.

14-06-2003, 01:18

Great!!!!!!!!! l, you’re back in your rightful place writing up the Moon phases. I’ve really missed you doing this, its like old times.

I notice that just before the Full Moon, the Moon conjuncts Pluto and is still conjunct, though separating at the time of the Full Moon. So there could be a real Transformative edge to this Full Moon. Moon/Pluto suggests buried and very intense feelings, so emotions and feelings may be much to the fore during the coming month.

The Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter, in Leo. Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune though with Neptune retrograde the two planets are moving away from each other faster than would be normal. However, This is still a time when fantasies and day dreams can be seriously over blown and turn out to be unrealistic or based on no solid foundation. Jupiter is in Leo, hardly the most bashful of signs, so if anything can be inflated Jupiter in Leo will inflate it!

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Gemini some 18 degrees from the Sun and both playing the role of Morning Star, though you will have to look very closely to see Mercury, close to the horizon. Both planets are also square to Uranus, in the case of Mercury an applying square, in the case of Venus a separating square. This will impart some individuality and non-conformity to relationships and communications. Uranus is sometimes seen as a revolutionary planet, partly because its discovery revolutionised Astronomy and Astrology and partly because it presaged the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Therefore there may be some ‘revolutionary’ aspect to communications and relationships during the coming month – perhaps more on a mundane than a personal level.

The Sun is beginning to apply to a conjunction with Saturn and will perfect this conjunction on Thursday 24th, a few days after the Summer Solstice at 19:12 GMT on June 21st, a week to the day after the Full Moon. The Summer Solstice takes place at 0 degrees Cancer, and Saturn is the ruler of the opposite sign of Capricorn. The Sun/Saturn conjunction is therefore the meeting of the rulers of Summer and Winter. For the period leading up to the Conjunction and just afterwards Saturn will not be visible, being blotted out by the Sun. In Astrological terms it will be combust and therefore weakened. Sun/Saturn can mean the importance of authority (or the father figure), given Saturn’s debility and the revolutionary nature of Mercury and Venus could we see some real challenges to authority at that time? Cancer is of course ruled by the Moon, so this Full Moon presages the month when the Sun, symbol of life, health and the creative will is ruled by intuition, emotions, and the unconscious mind.

Mars is in the last degrees of Aquarius and is technically conjunct to the modern ruler, Uranus. As Uranus is in Pisces the ancients would not have treated this sort of out of sign conjunction as significant. However, as Mars is applying to the conjunction and will perfect it just before midnight on 23rd of the month it’s time to watch out for some form of idiosyncratic form of assertiveness, possibly directed towards spiritual growth or fulfilment. Mars is also in a separating square from Mercury so the Uranus energy from its own square to Mercury is also tinged with Martian assertiveness and focussed action. The 24th thus promises to be a significant day with the Mars/Uranus conjunction still almost perfect and the Sun/Saturn conjunction taking place around 14:00 GMT. Jupiter and Neptune also reappear here, because they are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces. It is perhaps fitting that the Mars/Uranus conjunction should be at a time when the rulers of Pisces are in opposition. So will the Mars/Uranus conjunction be wreathed in the clouds and mist of Neptune or is there a slightly harder edge from Jupiter?

isthmus nekoi
14-06-2003, 06:42
PurpleGoddess, the moon will be in Taurus June 22.

btw, happy b-day to all you solstice babies! My sister's also around there at Jun22. But the solstice will be on June 21 this year :) and congrats purplefishy on your graduation!

14-06-2003, 08:59
Thank you!

14-06-2003, 10:11
listen i don't know much about astrology, but one thing's for shur: this moon since its beguinning has only braught me bad things. i'm glad to see it's full so it can start waining away!
can anybody offer any explanation?
i was born:
Lisbon Portugal
11 feb 1979


Baby Owl
14-06-2003, 10:54
Originally posted by BoomVoom
listen i don't know much about astrology, but one thing's for shur: this moon since its beguinning has only braught me bad things. i'm glad to see it's full so it can start waining away!
can anybody offer any explanation?
i was born: Lisbon Portugal, 11 feb 1979, 5:30pm


I am looking at your chart and I see that your natal moon is conjunct your ascendent, which would certainly be important.

I am not sure what you mean by "this moon." The moon goes through all the signs, aspecting all our natal planets, every 28 days. I would think you might be extra-sensitive to the moon because of its placement on your ascendant, but I don't know why this particular lunar transit should have been especially hard. Can you tell me more?

14-06-2003, 10:57
Is my dad a solstice baby?? He was born June 24th??

14-06-2003, 11:27
well, i've had to go throu sevrall stuped situations since the new moon.
work wize, due to family, i've had to go and play the part of the preforming monkey in a small town. the situation was trully "small potatos" to me. and i feal the trip was a waist of time. it was a trip i didn't want to do fore that reason. the entire time i was there i felt tired and week, horibly redundant, and unwanted (going some place to sing and having people react like there doing you a favour to listen, like you're just making nois).
and returning, when i got home i had to start working on more small potatos with friends.
and to top everything off i got a virous which affected my intestins making me ultra week, giving enormous migrains and i'll spare you the rest of the details. this just culminated near the full moon.

14-06-2003, 11:28
oh ya! and tonight, i just missed having an accedent with some insain driver.

Baby Owl
14-06-2003, 13:32

What you describe sounds more like Mars is involved. Mars transits are very short and may not seem significant to some, but you have had a lot of aspects formed between Mars and your natal planets in the past 28 days (the time from moon to moon). In particular, I notice a Mars-Sun conjunction and Mars-Mercury conjunction in your 7th house (house of relationships).

Interestingly, Mars and Mercury rule headaches, and Mercury rules the intestines.

A Mars-Sun conjunction can make you even more likely to react angrily to situations that displease you, especially if you are not getting enough physical activity.

At present Mars is in opposition to your natal Moon (until June 21). This can indicate feelings of irritability and easy frustration. Again, physical activity may be a solution.

I wonder if the "stupid situations" you mentioned would have seemed as stupid at another time? Perhaps you have just been more easily annoyed than usual?

Let me know what you think.

Baby Owl

14-06-2003, 19:56
thanks Baby Owl.
that clarified alot of stuff.

but i usualy tend to finde that full moons are not good times to go out. the town is alwais filled with insane people. not just now but most past full moons. and i finde that usualy when things start bad on a new moon, they usualy get wors till the full moon and then get better as it gos away. and if they start well on a new moon they get beter till the full and then return to a normal state as it goes away.

is it just coincidence?

14-06-2003, 23:47
I haven't noticed that, BoomVoom...there are so many other factors involved besides the phase of the Moon. And I think it is a bad idea to expect it to always be the same way, such as your statement if things are bad on the new moon, they get worse toward the full moon. I haven't heard that before, and if you set up your expectations like that, your very likely to get just what you expect!

I do know that new moons are a good time to start things and to do positive affirmations and full moons are good for celebrations and rejuvenation.

thanks, Minderwiz, for adding additional analysis of aspects! This seems to be like a very influential time, because of these transits. I am starting a new job, this helps me to be aware of the cosmic energy around us right now. Definitely a transformative time, transformative with a capital T, just like you wrote in your post, LOL! personally I am glad that water signs are highlighted this month, I can just "go with the flow" :)

15-06-2003, 00:01
Hi All,
I posted 2 threads in Chat about my current situation around a friendship that I thought was based on a previous lifetime and one based on similar aspects of our massage therapy.

Got this morning. Now I can't focus on my massage session that happens at 11:30.