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13-06-2003, 22:23
Hi :)

I want to give some friends of me a membership at Aeclectic Tarot, but I can't find a place to do that...

Wouldn't that be a good idea? A gift sertificate?

13-06-2003, 22:37
Balder, that is certainly possible, just contact Solandia.

And yes, it would be nice to have that as a "gift certificate" on the forum somewhere, great idea! ;)

14-06-2003, 00:03
What a good idea! I hope Solandia is able to do that.

Major Tom
14-06-2003, 01:26
An absolutely brilliant idea! :D

16-06-2003, 22:27
It's now possible to easily give someone a gift subscription to the forum... just follow the link at the bottom of this page (http://www.aeclectic.net/subscribe.html) :)

~ Solandia

16-06-2003, 23:11

Now I just have to wait for my paycheck... :D

One thing though.....it seems like there is only members we can give this gift to. I have a friend that is not a member here, but is interested in tarot. I thought it would be a good idea to give her a gift subscription and at the same time contribute to secure the forums excistence.

But it looks like she need to be a member first. So there goes the surprise......

Any solution to this problem, Solandia?


16-06-2003, 23:16
Ehhh......one more thing....

It would be nice to have a option to write a greeting with the gift.


20-06-2003, 21:44
Hi Balder,

To give a gift subscription to someone who isn't a member, please make up a temporary membername for them when filling out the order form at:


This way I can set up a forum account for the person and when they sign into the forum for the first time they will see it as a subscriber.

~ Solandia

PS. It's also now possible to give a greeting with your gift.

21-06-2003, 00:28
Thank you solandia!

I've now purchased two gift subscriptions, and it all went very well. One member and one new.

I hope you'll send them a nice mail and make sure they don't take it for being spam.....hehe :)

I hope that other people will enjoy this possibility too.


23-06-2003, 20:55
Hi :)

My friend Tamera recieved the gift subscription today, and she was so happy and excited.....hehe.

This was good fun! :)

27-06-2003, 14:28
Balder: Bless your heart for suggesting a great (& overdue) idea--one that fits all Tarot sizes, too!