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12-12-2010, 15:17
Hi, I was just wondering what aspects might cause a lack in intellectual connection? You know where you meet people and you just can't think of a fitting response to what they say, and yet someone else continues the conversation like it's a breeze? Just wondering what kind of aspects can create that kind of disconnect, and if it always has to aspect with Mercury to do so.

17-12-2010, 03:03
You assume it has to be an aspect - and in modern Astrology this would most likely be the way and explanation is developed. In the tradition it would be more likely to be related to Mercury's essential and accidental dignities - basically how strong it was and that in turn would be modified if there were square or opposition aspects from Saturn or Mars

BUT it's very dangerous to go on one single cause - in practice we need to look at the entire chart in order to establish the temperament - sanguine types are very likely to behave in that way, whereas Melancholics or Phlegmatics are going to be thinking more about what they should say than saying it. They might also be wishing they weren't at the party to start with :)