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14-12-2010, 04:58
Good morning!!

I know that the birth chart is analyzed as a hole, and you can't describe anybody just by sun sign, asc, etc. My daughter has Jupiter 16 degrees in Scorpio in the first house.
I've been reading about it and alot of people says this placement tends to make people overweight, its that true?? She does like to eat alot.
Also her moon is 27 degrees in libra in the first house. I've heard people say this placement makes the mother very important to the person, also, is this true?? Her moon is very active, making 7 different aspects, is opp. the Sun and square Saturn, but is trine neptune and mars and sextile pluto.
Sorry if I seem a little loss.

14-12-2010, 09:12
You are quite right in recognising that a person cannot be judged on the basis of one or two feature of their chart.

Although you don't say so specifically, I take your daughter's Ascendant is in Libra. We therefore have a Venus Ascendant ruler. Venus, The Moon and Libra are relevant for the Ascendant, plus any planets aspecting it or within it.

Now the Ascendant signifies the body, and I can see why some would say that Jupiter as an expansive force might lead to an overweight body if placed in the first.

However Jupiter here is in Scorpio, not Libra and at least 19 degrees from the Ascendant - I'd say it's influence on her body size is not going to be as much as Venus and the Moon (though I have to stress that I'm working on partial data here)

Now Venus and the Moon are both feminine planets and the Moon is phlegmatic, so she is likely to have a very feminine figure as an adult and that can also bring weight issues; BUT even people who are naturally phlegmatic types can easily control weight and size through diet, and naturally thin people like cholerics can end up overweight through lifestyle.

Ensure your daughter eats a proper balanced diet and gets proper exercise and she'll be fine.

The Moon can also signify many things in a chart, and placed in the first, I wouldn't take its primary meaning as the mother (though of course therer may well be may times and occasions when that is what is signified). A better guide to Mother/Daughter relationships, might be taken from the Ascendant ruler and MC ruler and their placement by sign and house, though this too has to be treated with a lot of caution, without a chart.

Please remember the wise old addage - the stars incline, they do not compel. The chart shows the basis from which the life will grow, but it does not show every single brick of the construction. It shows at best probabilities and tendencies and how these are managed is the task of living

14-12-2010, 10:02
Thanks Minderwiz, knowledgeable as always!
Her ascendant is in libra.
I Know we make our destiny with every day life and decisions, but my chart has been so incredibly exact with my life that I got a little worried(about the weight part).
About her figure, she is going to be 5 in April and she already has a body like a little woman!
Thank you again!

14-12-2010, 10:15
Don't worry about it. Just provide a balanced diet and lots of love. Kids also grow at different rates and in spurts so don't worry if she fattens up at times, ready for the next stage. Adult weight is different but if she has learned to eat healthily and to exercise reasonably regularly then all will be well.