View Full Version : Amendment to Reading Guidelines

17-12-2010, 23:01
Please note I've amended the reading guidelines to ensure they are fully in line with the guidelines on the Reading Exchange forum.

The guidelines already stressed the need to provide feedback to readers, now it is an obligation, whether you asked for the reading, or responded to a reader's request for subjects (unless you and the reader have specifically agreed that feedback in not necessary)

The main new addition reads:

.... leaving feedback is not a matter of choice; it is an obligation unless your reader has agreed that it is not necessary. Furthermore, it is incredibly hurtful for the reader if the sitter doesn’t leave feedback, or leaves skimpy feedback. This does not help the reader learn at all. Feedback consisting of “Thanks for the reading, it was spot on” is absolutely inadequate. If you get feedback like this for a reading you have done, please contact a moderator and let them know how unhappy you are. Those who constantly leave inadequate feedback may well be asked not to take part in any more exchanges by the moderators.

I know that there are several members who are trying to learn Astrology, or revitalise their skills and may be reluctant to post readings because they feel they may make mistakes.

One way of improving your knowledge of Astrology is to try it out - even if you are just at the start of the reading process - and either asking for subjects or responding to requests is one way of doing this. Answering questions that others ask is another way. Yes you will make mistakes, I still do and I'm sure Dave does but learning through doing is a good way forward. And most importantly we learn through our mistakes.

That learning process will only work if there is feedback so if someone takes the trouble to provide a reading or answer a question for you then you should reply and with more than 'thank you'