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21-12-2010, 08:39
know that may sound a bit strange to you who get along with your parents...but my mom is still around at 86, and will no doubt outlive me with all my health issues...
when ever she comes for a visit, it's chaos...she's always comparing her housework with mine, bugging me about what i wear, men in my life,etc...
always treated me like crap when i still lived at home...rarely visits me...
she never lifts a finger to help me, even when i'm under the weather or having trouble getting around...thought after the divorce and moving back to my hometown would help...that was 10 years ago...some stuff i learned recently about her, makes me even more wary of her...

is there a stone or scent that calm me and protect me against her negative vibes??

21-12-2010, 18:52
Black Obsidian is a fabulous protective stone. It absorbs negative energy. Make sure you cleanse it daily so it doesn't get "clogged".

I like Blue Lace Agate for its calming, tranquil nature, and also Angelite - both of which are soft baby blue in colour and are great palm stones.

A combination of Lavender True and Rose EO's makes a lovely pampering buffering blend. Great to put in a warm bath to help melt the stress away.
Lavender on its own is good too in a burner or bath - just a tad, as too much will stimulate.
I also recommend Chamomile Roman, as an EO used in the same ways as above, or Chamomile German in tea form. Perhaps Mum could do with a cup too lol!

I think it's important to take time out for yourself - a nice bath or some kind of pampering - something you love to do away from Mum like regular chats or coffee with mates etc.

I hope this helps and you find some peace. :)

22-12-2010, 04:13
thanks for the advice,ambrosia....
another friend told me to just add my hematite donut to my pentagram necklace, and wear under my shirt...then burn white sage and lavender incense...i try his advice, and see...
but i'll write down yours just in case...
i'll try anything...don't need her negativity...

22-12-2010, 04:32
I'm not versed in the meanings of various crystals and such, but I had a strong idea while reading your post.

I'd put something you LOVE in every room of your house, and on your body. When your mom's energy starts to get you down, look at that thing. Take it in fully. And surround yourself with the feeling that that thing brings you, instead of what your mom brings.

Hugs and good luck!

22-12-2010, 04:58
sorta have that kinda thing going already...pieces of dumpy/comfy furniture, dark/ miss-matched color schemes, a bead and wire cross my Dad made...all make her cringe...already grace my apartment, lol

27-12-2010, 15:11
Namaste, rockersgurl :)

I think the combination of gentle, nurturing stones and scents is wonderful... For you, personally, a beautiful golden calcite, or a citrine, or sunstone, to keep you smiling with internal yumminess.... For the general atmoshere, and to calm your mum's energy, any of the paler blue stones... blue lace agate, blue quartz, celestite... and the pale pink stones, rose quartz, and especially mangano calcite (that very pale pink calcite... not clear).

Sweet orange, mandarin and lavendar essential oils as room scents are all gentle and uplifting, and I love a very weak version ie just a drop or two in a small jar of sandalwood and patchouli oil as a wrist balm ... I also put a dab on most of my chakra areas to keep me grounded...

Really, I think that even better than all the oils in the world is sending warm fuzzy energy to your mum. Creating loving energy in any situation is better than warding off negative... If you do that Stuart Wilde thing, where you fill yourself up with loving energy (the white light thing), then there is no room left for negative vibes... perhaps it will rub off on your mum... Best wishes... :love:

27-12-2010, 21:53
deep breath I KNOW what you mean!!
I find that a crystal that lets me see her/his soul - her/his higher self - her/his divine self, rather than hear/react to the years of pain/routine/learnt patterns/humaness that she/he is 'sharing'
I use...
Sugilite Onyx Marble or clear qtz

I do love the suggestion GryffinSong puts - surround yourself with things you love - and I think thats an awesome suggestion for everyone every day


09-01-2011, 15:57
I would put my vote in for Quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions. The Tourmaline is protective and grounding, absorbing negative energy and making it into positive energy. The Quartz surrounding the Tourmaline then magnifies the now-positive energy. It can theoretically "suck" the bad energy out of the area, hold it, change it, and then radiate positive energy back out.

Good luck!

10-01-2011, 06:10
Really, my first thought was spraying pepper spray around your yard (helps keep wild animals away without harming them, they don't like the smell), but that quickly passed and I started thinking of what I would really do. I don't like negative people in my life, but I know sometimes we have to deal with them.

I really like quartz crystal clusters for environment...others mentioned some other great ones. I don't think it could hurt to have some quartz crystal clusters around, they're very harmonious. From what you posted, maybe several....big ones.

I hope all goes well, RG.


14-01-2011, 10:04
I have a mother who is the bane of my existence. So I understand your dilemma. I place chunks of Rose Quartz in every room in my house along with quartz to magnify the harmonious effect.

The other night our coven had what we call the Witches Cupboard. Last year we focused on herbs, this year we are focusing on Crystals. We each chose a stone to teach about and write a spell for. I chose emerald. This stone is wonderful to get us in touch with our heart chakra. It helps relationships to be more loving. I explained how to make gem waters. Emerald gem water can be sprayed in a room to remove negative vibrations.

Opalite is another good stone to place in rooms where you will be dealing with someone who is hard to get along with.

I'd be happy to email you the paper I put together for the class. As for getting emerald, you can buy non gem quality emeralds at a rock shop or new age store very inexpensively. If you can't find them let me know.