View Full Version : Has anyone had personal experience with Cancema ointment?

31-12-2010, 00:03
Namaste all. I don't have any use for it personally, but I've been hearing many people speak about Cancema (? spelling ?) for skin cancers. Half a dozen people that I know personally have opionions and experience re this ointment, all so far having found it useful and without trauma. When I google it, though, I saw the face of a young woman that looks severely scalded, apparently as the after-effect of using this herbal cream.

The problem is, as scary as that website makes it appear, I know that there are big-business $s at stake with herbs vs pharmaceuticals, and I am skeptical about the lengths to which those holding the reins would go to create fear re a product that threatens their 'mainstream' pharmaceuticals.

Any heads-up on this one? Thank you ...

Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all... :)

31-12-2010, 01:00
Hi, Linnie

I prefer natural products to pharmaceuticals whenever possible, but there's a type of skin cancer (melanoma, I believe) that's very serious and should be treated as soon as possible by a physician.

31-12-2010, 01:55
What Pye said. Ask a doctor. Many will now recommend alternatives. And if the doctor says you are OK using it - fine. But stop if there is any significant burning etc. I know what you mean about drug companies, but some of them are ethical ! It seems to be basically tar- I do wonder how many of the "cancers" weren't just some other kind of lesion... It does work fine for skin tags and moles.

There seems to be very little empirical research:


One site points out that sure - it can burn away the skin where the cancer is - that is NOT the same as curing the cancer, which may just wait a bit to regroup and attack again. It also makes no allowances for metastases....

31-12-2010, 10:13
Yes... that was my concern, too... and I don't have skin cancers, am just wondering because as I said, quite a few are relying on the stuff... My sister-in-law died from melanoma... she did chemo etc but it was diagnosed very late as no identifiable primary... so I know not to muck atound with such things... just wondering what people's experiences have been.

Many thanks to both of you :)