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17-06-2003, 22:03
When looking at a solar return chart, how does one apply that to the upcoming year? I know that the annual chart for your birthday is significant...but how does one interpret? If I find influential aspects does that mean that the energy will be around for the solar year?

18-06-2003, 07:27
The Solar Return marks the date and time when the Sun returns to its natal position. This is usually on your birthday but may be a day earlier, or possibly later, depending on what time you were born.

The Sun is obviously the focal planet of the return. Although its sign and degree are the same as natally it may be in a different House, The House in which the Sun is located is the area of life in which you will be challenged to develop your identity in the coming year.

The Ascendant of the Return chart indicates the way in which you will express yourself during the year and the MC represents the skills and qualities you need to develop during the year.

The Solar Return Moon shows by House the area of life where day to day feelings are likely to focus and by sign the way in which you will deal with those feelings.

Mercury shows by House what you have to learn through the year, Venus by House indicates issues relating to relationships and Mars by House indicates the area of life in which you will assert yourself during the year. Mercury and Venus may well be in the same sign as natally but they may be a sign either side. Mars could be in a very different sign.

Aspects in the return chart to Sun and personal planets will be important. Aspects between the Personal planets and natal planets will also be important. Aspects between the same planet in the return and its natal position will add a special importance to that planet.

Remember though the Sun is the real centre of the return chart.

For more information have a look at one of the many books on the area. I’m reading ‘Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns by Janey Stubbs and Babs Kirby and its quite a mine of information.

18-06-2003, 18:34
thanks for the info - - - i have wondered about this type of chart myself.