View Full Version : Smokey surface vs. crystal clear. What do you prefer?

19-01-2011, 01:10

I have a small glass ball with a smokey surface, that disturbed me the first time. I thought it was dirty but I coudn't clean it even though I tried a lot of things to make it clear.

Now I know there's two kinds of surfaces, some prefer the smokey one and some the crystal clear.

What is your opinion on the matter? And, do you have some tips to share? I am just starting with scrying...

Thanks a lot,


19-01-2011, 03:08
I'm a little confused about your description. My smokey quartz have the same surface as a clear quartz - it is the stone itself that is smokey colored, so you get the same transparency, just darker. A stone witha smokey surface sounds like you have some kind of dark matrix on the outside of the stone.

I have tried scrying into quartz. My best, clearest, most vibrant image ever was from a smokey quartz phantom point, with lots of fractures and planes in it. I personally think the planes and clouds and different colors at various depths makes the stone seem "deeper" - I could fall into a crystal like that. They drag me in.

Woops! Just read your other thread - you are using a lead crystal ball. I have some lead crystals that developed a surface sheen. It started like oil or dirt and grew into rainbows. I can't read through that surface at all. I am not sure what creates it, but I can't get it off either. I think you really need to see into the depths of the crystal to scry - but that is just me. Scrying is not my strong suit.