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27-01-2011, 07:07
Sue Ward's posted on her Facebook page that the Tradition Library is back up and working. I've just been on and can confirm that it is indeed up and running.


There are a number of 'free' pieces that can be downloaded. These are mainly transcriptions of some of Lilly's articles. They do ask for a donation if you can manage it and the donations go to animal charities.

The also have several longer pieces, again mainly William Lilly works that are charged for but the prices are low mainly 3 with a maximum of 5.

Finally there are the four editions of the Tradition Journal which are priced at 5 each.

Whilst you could end up actually paying quite a bit for a lot of downloads, I wouldn't advise downloading on a large scale. If you're going to use it, download some of the free ones (but please consider leaving a donation) or no more than one of the charged publications. Read it through and enjoy it. Then dip in for any further publications as and when you fancy one. If you are buying Helena and Luis' book then you are already investing quite a bit of cash. Read the book and then if you want to see the tradition in action go and look at some of those free downloads (hopefully with a small donation).

As well as Sue, the transcriptions are done by Luis Ribeiro (see the thread on the new Introductory Textbook) and Peter Stockinger, who contributes articles to the Tradition (as does Sue, Luis and Helena Avelar).