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24-06-2003, 12:17
Got a new malachite ring Saturday, along with a nice polished malachite stone.

Got some other stones, too, amethyst (natural and polished), bloodstone, hematite, tiger eye, clear quartz and a beautiful lapis lazuli.

I warmed some of the stones in my hand, placed them on my forehead, and relaxed. I listened to some new agey music, and I felt pretty good afterward.

The malachite ring is my favorite, a deep intense green stone, contrasted against a bright silver band. Made me feel very celtic and very powerful.

24-06-2003, 22:40
About three or four years ago I went to Arizona with older sis and her hubby. As a part of the trip I had to check out the jewellery stores, hehe and I saw all the malachite. Those two loathe shopping so I got very little time in. Finally we came to a huge canyon on a Native reservation. It had a kind of rustic lodge (though quite large) and the principle activity was going a long way up the canyon with say 15 people in in a sort of open hummer-type vehicle. Something like Canyon de Chehle but pronounced Canyon de 'Shay'. At the very end of the canyon, which was full of Anasazi ruins and wall paintings (we are talking hot and dry) there were a whole crowd of natives selling handcrafts on clothes and so on and, surprisingly, ice cream bars. Of course because we stayed for a while for once I had a chance to really look at stuff. Sara actually bought something, wow, a bead necklace with a silver Kokapelli but I found a very heavy malachite necklace. Fairly large beads, about 10 mm interspersed with tiny silver beads. The end is a pendant with an oval stone, 4 cm by 3 cm surrounded and backed by a heavy frame of sliver in a design that incorporates a long leaf , some tendrils and other work. All handcrafted, turns out the natives are famous for their silver work.
I can hardly say how much I like this necklace. The green is the heart chakra colour and the weight is reassuring and feels very positive.
Only one disappointment. When I bought it, it seems to glow, almost radiate. After I had brought it back to Nova Scotia (where i lived then) it gradually faded. I think it had something to do with exposure to the very bright sunlight there. It no longer seems to glow, but it is still a piece that I treasure and wear often.

24-06-2003, 22:49
If you get the opportunity, try storing or wearing the malachite with clear quartz. I have read that it enhances the qualities of other stones in its vicinity.

24-06-2003, 22:50
A problem with malachite as a ring stone is that it is comparatively soft compared with other minerals. If you work with your hands a lot, the polish of the stone will not last, and will even fade from washing your hands. Malachite is better used in pendants or earrings.

A good green stone to use in rings is Jade. You should cherry-pick for the right color, and get it cut to your specifications. There is a lemon-yellow variety that is a knockout!

The softness problem is also seen in Lapis and Sodalite.


24-06-2003, 23:58
At the shop in my town, if the shine wears off a stone, they rub it with rose oil. This brings a nice lustre.

I've even used automobile paste-wax from a can (not the bottled liquid) in a v-e-r-y thin layer, rubbed on with a cloth & then buffed off. It's hard to get out of cracks and crevices however if you put it on too thick, so keep that in mind.

Malachite is a wonderful healing stone & very good for taking away pain from sprains. Never make an elixer of malachite however, as the copper-base in it can have toxic effects.