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26-06-2003, 06:21
We sometimes have people asking about suitable decks for children. Could that category be added to the categories on the tarot page?

27-06-2003, 14:14
Absolutely. I know the Inner Child cards, Alice in Wonderland Tarot and the Whimsical Tarot would fit... are there others that would fit in the category?

~ Solandia

28-06-2003, 03:46
I'll check out the threads on this and come back to you :)

28-06-2003, 04:00
Good idea, I will add it to the sticky in Tarot Decks as well.

Other than those decks, how about the Hello Kitty, Stick Figure, Gummi Bear and Fey? The Halloween is good too. :)

28-06-2003, 04:27
Wow! I've just looked through the old threads and there are very many decks that have been suggested as suitable for children.

Some that stand out (other than those suggested by Solandia and Demonesse) are:
Tarot of the Gnomes
Fairy Tarot
Enchanted Tarot
Children Tarot (Bambini)
Lord of the Rings
Kinder Tarot (http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/3930944235/aeclecticta0a-21/)

Other suggestions included a lot of adult decks - presumably you wouldn't want to include them? (eg Robin Wood, Aquarian, the Fey etc)

28-06-2003, 05:24
are we going by 'readability'? or theme/art???
what determines a deck good for children?
my oldest does no like to read (books) so a deck with detailed descriptions & such would not interest him.
now there's the Lego Tarot...now there's a deck for kids-but it's not published (I want it!!!!)
My kids love the Fey & I think the images convey feelings kids can relate to, and I feel the books layout is young mind friendly....
I have not seen the deck but what about the (wizard of) OZ deck?

28-06-2003, 07:34
If you type 'children' into search, you get this thread:


which is where I took most of my ideas from. Maybe it could be a sticky? (or is that what you meant, Demonesse?)

01-07-2003, 10:49
I don't have all the decks suggested on the website, but I have added those that I do to the Categories page at...


~ Solandia

01-07-2003, 18:59
Thank you Solandia :)

(Do you ever get time to sleep? :) )

10-07-2003, 03:21
I have moved the last part of this thread to the Tarot Decks forum. You can find it here (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15749).

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