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26-06-2003, 10:51
How can I find Chiron in my birth chart. I did mine at astro.com and it never gave me anything about Chiron or any of the other asteriods...some help please??

Edited to add this: OK..on astro.com it also says my True Node is Aries. True Node=NORTH node right?

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26-06-2003, 11:37
Hi, Sarah. Yes, the True Node position refers to the North Node of the Moon. To get Chiron and asteroids in your chart, follow this sequence of clicks: Free charts>Horoscope Chart Drawings>Extended Chart Selection>Please Select a Chart Style (click on the black triangle next to the Web Default Style option)>Astrodienst with Asteroids. Here is a link to the Extended Chart Selection page, where these -- and many more -- options are available: http://www.astro.com/cgi/genchart.cgi?&cid=nokfileX0sBoq-u1056590429

Your birth data should already be stored on http://www.astro.com and you will be able to see charts of all kinds by making selections on the Extended Chart Selection page.

Baby Owl
26-06-2003, 11:47
Hi, Sarah! At astro.com choose "Extended Chart Selection." Then go down and you'll see a blank box where you can enter a catalogue number for an asteroid. Chrion's number is 2060.

Yes, "True Node" refers to the North Node.

I hope that helps!

Baby Owl

26-06-2003, 13:06
have you seen www.astrolog.org
they have a free program which includes chiron, pallas, vesta, juno, lillith.

26-06-2003, 14:04
BabyOwl, Bluestar, & Astraea....thank yall so much.

BabyOwl-thanks....I'll try that if Astraea's dunt work.
Bluestar-No I havent been to astrolog.com...but it sounds like a place I need to go to. :) Thanks.

Astraea...Im following your directions right now. Ok...IM at the point where you're telling me about a black triangle...I dont get it?? I dont see it. Help...wait...ok ok I get it now...

OK...nevermind I get it. K...now...my Chiron is in Gemini right? http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?nhor=5&nho2=2&btyp=2&mth=gw&hsy=&zod=&add=18&add=19&add=12&add=13&add=14&add=15&add=20&node=-Yn&sday=26&smon=6&syr=2003&rs=&orbp=&cid=mdrfile5kjyF0-u1053967626&lang=e&gm=a1&ast=2060

It should pop up with all the asteriods listed too...like Pfort-Chiron. Thanks yall.

Thanks yall...I like the idea of finding out my other asteriods too...thanks yall. ::hugs::

~Much Love~

26-06-2003, 14:45
Hi Sarah,

Here are two web sites where you can get free chart calculation software. Have a look at both.

Also, you can get Winstar Express from www.astrologysoftware.com for $US79.00 and it is a really good program. They a free 30 day trial for a fully functioning program.

If I've given you the wrong link here for the above it's under Matrix Astrology software - a search should find it

It would be fun to try.

Here are the free sites:



26-06-2003, 22:30
Originally posted by punkangelgcm437:

my Chiron is in Gemini right?
Yes! What a great site astro.com is -- so much valuable information, literally at one's fingertips.

26-06-2003, 23:30
Hi Sarah,

As you posted your natal data here I have a copy of your chart. The positions are:

Chiron: 28 degrees 50 Gemini, Retrograde which is conjunct your Descendant

Ceres 0 degrees Capricorn 17

Pallas 4 degrees Sagittarius 37

Juno 22 degrees Aquarius 25 Retrograde

Vesta 28 degrees Cancer 42

27-06-2003, 05:35
Lifesaver!! Yay!! What flavor do you wanna be...the yellow, white, or red...lol. Hmm...I htink there's more but I havent had them in so long I don't remember what other colors they have. :)

The second site looks more...meish. No unziping stuff since I dont even know what 'unzipping' a file is.

OK...I tried doing the second site & its all downloaded and everything. But everytime I wanna open MY chart...it shows the chart right now and shows how its changing. I dont care about whats going on right now...I care about ME! How come it wont let me open my chart and leave it stayed up???

Minderwiz-You know that Bob Marks site...see...I thought it stopped at the houses thing...but it doesnt! It's so long and so full of info...it's amazing. So I looked on there on my asteriods...and I dont think they described me as well as some of my other parts of my chart...like planets for example. but it's nice knowing some of that.

Thank Yall for your help with finding Chiron. Are there any other neato stars other than the ones Minderwiz listed that would be cool to find..and I can find the meanings of??

~Much love~

27-06-2003, 05:58

I personally don't use either Chiron or the asteroids in my chart work. I have enough to cope with using the planets, signs, houses and sensitive points. I think I would only ever use them in fine tuning something from the main reading. That's why I didn't venture any interpretation of the placements.

Now that's a personal expression and other's may well use Chiron, etc in all readings but I would advise any beginner to make sure they're fully at home with the planets, houses and signs before they venture off into the rest. Otherwise you are likely to end up with an incredible mass of rather confusing data and the whole thing goes pear shaped.

27-06-2003, 07:00
OK...I tried doing the second site & its all downloaded and everything. But everytime I wanna open MY chart...it shows the chart right now and shows how its changing. I dont care about whats going on right now...I care about ME! How come it wont let me open my chart and leave it stayed up???

Hi Sarah,

When you create your personal chart in Astrolog you need to save it. I don't have Astrolog now but I used to and I know you can save charts. Maybe spend some time looking at the HELP files.

You might need to find out through the HELP file how to open saved charts as well.

Sorry if it sounds obvious. I remember going through that learning curve with Astrolog. It's a very black program, isn't it?

I wouldn't mind a black livesaver actually. Love aniseed :)


27-06-2003, 07:33
I have version 5.3 of Astrolog - though I don't use it now.

I think the process is to enter your data using info|set chart info
and then to save use File|Save chart info. In the dialogue box select files of type .DAT and give it a file name - say 'Sarah'.

You should then be able to reload it using File|Open Chart

You can also customise the settings so that the display is easier to read - try Graphics|reverse background, as a starter. Although I find it something of a real fiddle to get the display to look good.

The progam is powerful though, for a freebie, so it is worth some effort.