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03-03-2011, 13:00
So the past few days I have had the feeling to get a pendulum and after looking up some info I found that I could make my own, and I had the perfect stone. A 6 sided pointed ameythist that my first (now ex) boyfriend gave me. I love the stone but when I look at it, it reminds me of him. I think it may have been calling to me from the junk drawer I kept it on and it wants to clear it tonight. what's a fast way I can cleanse it tonight? I put it on a new chain (to wear and have a string to use it with) so I can keep it with me. I heard you can run some cold water over it or bury in some seasalt. would that help? does it mater that The new moon is in a couple of days or should I wait for the full moon? I feel this needs to be cleansed... RIGHT NOW!

03-03-2011, 14:19
Sounds like you need to purify and consecrate it: purify by water, consecrate by fire. Here is a very effective way, if you have my flair for the dramatic and the integration of Science into your Magick.

Take some hot but not boiling distilled water, and charge it with purifying energy. Place a single crystal of rock salt* in your hands. It can optionally be a little bit of salt of any kind. The key is salt is a naturally occuring cube in crystalline form. It is a type of earth, as the hot water in the cup is a type of air - for air is "warm" and "wet."

How you hold your hands is a key as well. You hold the left hand palm up and fingers facing right should be holding the single rock salt crystal, generally at the level of the solar plexus. Right hand palm down on top, fingers facing left. It forms a right triangle, with your head as the pinnacle. The Right Triangle is a great emblem of power, when resting on the "hypotenuse." Hypotenuse means "I arch over you." It's root is feminine, and emblematic of the infinite nature of the Goddess. This is drawing down the Goddess "Rhea" to the salt crystal.

Let solar energy of the Father of Life fill the rock salt crystal.

Drop the salt crystal in the water. It will dissolve and the heat in the water will subside. When it cools, it is ready. Cool and Wet is Elemental Water, formed of Earth and Air. This is now emblematic of "the waters of life" and tonal and radio frequency ionization will actually cause it to combust into fire if the salt and water ratio are correct. Those ratios are expressed in the Right Triangle's relation to the Hypotenuse. This is the basis of Greek Fire, a liquid fire weapon used historically. It is also the answer to spontaneous human combustion. Occasionally someone actually "re-discovers" this, but it is swept under the rug.

Dip the stone three times in the Waters of Life (distilled salienated water), and each time say "I purify thee [name of pendulum] by Water, of all use and purpose but to the service of The Art and Science of the Wise."

Burn some styrax, frankincense, and myrrh on a charcoal burner. Try to find a place to hold the censor at heart level. and cleanse in the smoke, not the heat (that will crack it). As you consecrate it, by Holding it above the smoke in your arm outstretched at a 45 degree angle, dip the stone all the way down to the level of the coals BUT NOT IN THEM, just deep in the smoke. As you do this, each time say "I consecrate thee [name of pendulum] to the service of the Art and Science of the Wise."

Keep in a silk pouch, itself wrapped in a small bit of wool cloth (preferable not dyed). Suspend from a silk cord for best consistent effect. Wash arms to the elbows and face before use.

The "Pendulum", properly entered the service of the Art and the Science of the Wise by way of Galileo Galilei. A proper pendulum, by tradition should be "heard" as a middle "C" sub-audibly, and in operation can be heard to shift tone and octave as it is used to confirm inquiry. This began in the 1600's and employed a piece of gold, not crystal. Gold is optimal, for it's density means there is more weight, and it's conductivity is as great as a metal can be. Mostly, a single coin in a pouch was used, offering to give it to the spirit, by smelting it down and making a disk with "their seal" on it. This was not long before professional pendulums by jewelers were made. Later, crystal pendulums were mostly used when they had gold housings.

This came after Newton's optics showed the light refracted through a crystal prism displays perfection of the spectrum. Prisms became popular because of light refraction which sometimes revealed more than the acasual swinging. Evidence that Newton used a crystallized Iron pendulum was proposed by R.A. Schwaller DeLubicz, one of the greatest chemical philosophers and archeologists of his time, or any of record. This man did alchemy "modern" science still can't synthesize, he has a chandelier in his estate made of crystallize precious metals... from things he learned in Egypt.

There was also two people using these, as the person employing it was often blindfolded, while the other asked questions. The basis anything can be used is based on biokinesiology, or muscle testing. This is not without merit, but I think quality is important to me and there are more things at work in the use of anything properly understood.

03-03-2011, 18:25
btw - the reason I mentioned the gold material used for pendulum, was that *was* put in the distilled salienated water, which was boiling. It removed impurities and was left to boil until all the water was gone from the iron crucible (cauldron). Then styrax, frankincense and myrrh were put in the pot and charred this smoke is three kings incense.

My uncle used to do lapidary work, so I still have a fondness for crystals and stones, but I have no capacity or knowledge to cut or work them as he did. Seemingly, no one else in my family does either. :(

I adapted this ritual to be Crystal safe for my own snowflake obsidian pendulum which is housed in gold wire made into a setting and loop for the weight of a good stable swing without effort, and for a hint of Tradition I rather like. Obsidian is the stone of Truth, the direct harsh severe truth. Snowflake Obsidian is an admixture of light and tends to be a better balance of Mercy, and Severity; which appeals to my Libra dominance in Sol, Venus, Mars conjunction in 11th House, and my Pluto for what that is worth. The Root Chakra is connected to Obsidian, while the Snowflake Obsidian, sacred to Mercury in Scorpio, is connected to the path from the Root Chakra to the Crown, thus completing the loop of the energy of life.

My shewstone is also Snowflake Obsidian. My astrology is 12th House Mercury in Scorpio, which is conjunct my Ascendant Rising Sign. The stone connected to the sign of your rising sign is supposed to a good one for a pendulum. No one EVER touches my pendulum directly, not even me. The Silk cord is how it goes into the bag, and how it comes out. If someone does touch it, I will redo the entire process. I want a "sterile" medium - a properly calibrated instrument, if you will.


This is pretty much the base model I used, and mine boiled no problem suspended from a spit. I got rid of the chain and the loop, and made the gold housing and use a silk cord which is likely to influence swinging trends.

But this boiling method could be short execution for a crystal with inner flaws, due to heat stress on weak points. If you use boiling water, suspend the would-be pendulum from a rod across the lip of the pot, so they dont touch bottom, as this can break them.

If I had the money, I would make something like this from Gold, to be able to switch stones in for specific things:

maybe someday,.. then I got to figure out how not to touch the stones.

Sorry for the pendulum rant, but these are one of my really effective tools.
I get more psychic with a pendulum in my hand, not just about the questions either. My papaw used pendulum over his bible, but not Tarot, so I connect to him that way alot.

05-03-2011, 08:15
Maybe some silk gloves to handle them?

But, no, really, I love history and reading up on the history behind Pendulums or tarot or even The Craft (how I am a witch today) is why people come to me for advice on the subjects.

Thank you for your advice though, It really helped out, but I did kinda tweaked it with a bit of my workings as well, I made a cauldron fire, lit some frankincense stick, had my moon water and bowl or sea salt and I waved and dipped my pendulum through them the first time asking for the spirits to cleanse it. "Spirit of Fire for, please cleanse my pendulum so I may use it to help with my creativity." I waved it through the flames 3 times real quick. "Spirit of Water, please cleanse my pendulum so I may use it to help tap into my feelings" I dipped it three times into my moon's water. "Spirit of Air, please cleanse my pendulum so I may use it to tap into my intellect." I waved it through the incense smoke. and then laid it in my bowl of salt "Spirit of Earth, please cleanse my pendulum so I may use it for practical reasons."

and then one more time I redid the whole ritual again this time saying " I consecrate this pendulum in the name of Fire, *waves thrice* Water *dips thrice*, Air *waves thrice* and Earth, *lays it down in the salt*"

Then I thanked the elements and have been wearing it ever since and working with it.

I have gotten it to say yes and no for me (after I taught it what to do) and Just today, I used it on those crystals in the antique shop, I asked, if they have positive energy, if it could swing in a circle, and it did so!

first it started out small, like it was trying to figure it out then after a moment it started to swing in wider circles over the crystals! :> I'm so proud!

kinda sorta off topic: Is it possible for it to find objects that have been buried for a long time? because when I was about 12-13 i buried a pewter pentacle outside by my fence and lately I have been trying to remember the exact spot. before it was underneath/ right by a wooden pallet but that's gone now. short of using a metal detector any chance my pendulum might help?

05-03-2011, 08:55
look to dowsing for finding stuff.

btw - grats on your pendulum work, sounds like it worked well.

...and THANK YOU for the silk glove idea.

That was so simple I couldn't see it because it was a problem I was too close to see clearly. brilliant!

05-03-2011, 09:06
hey no problem! I'm glad it wasn't stupid :p. I just thought, "well, Silk's thought to be protective and I have seen antique silk gloves in antique stores, why not?" I hope it works for you. but you're right, sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to see something that's there.

I will looking into dowsing with it though. thanks for everything :)

05-03-2011, 10:54
I would use dowsing rods, because you can move with them.

If you plan to use a pendulum, draw a map of the area, and then go test your results. if the two match, cause you could always use map and pendulum, and then go dowsing, then woo-hoo.

I also have a EMF ELF meter for electromagnetic anomaly research. This works in some cases. (found a ring in a back yard this way). Sensitivity is key!

05-03-2011, 11:05
where would one procure such elf detector?

also; should I name my Pendulum? I've thought about it, but I don't know what name would fit it. "Penny" seems to obvious.

It's funny, I think when it's detecting positive energy it rotates clockwise pretty fast but if it's negative it'll go counter clockwise.

Tarot, a couple crystals, my cat Ashes: clockwise

My phone, my hand: counter-clockwise, (Aw!:O )