View Full Version : away on a trip

isthmus nekoi
27-06-2003, 08:49
Hi everyone, I'm going to be away and I won't have internet access until July 6, so if I don't get to your questions right away this is why. Happy trails ~ Isthmus

27-06-2003, 09:33
Hope that your absence will be due to a pleasure trip, Isthmus Nekoi. I wish you safe journeying and a happy return.

27-06-2003, 10:09
Maybe you better post a few more times before you leave, guy!



28-06-2003, 00:20
Good point Bob - Don't want anything apocalyptic happening to Isthmus whilst she's away!

Have a good and safe trip Isthmus - and enjoy yourself

isthmus nekoi
06-07-2003, 07:48
Just a post to let y'all know I'm back to help Minderwiz ^_^

And Bob, *ROTFL* - I didn't even notice that!

06-07-2003, 07:54
Welcome back Isthmus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to see you are still in one piece, despite the 666 leaving number :)