View Full Version : my horary question, please!

North Star
18-03-2011, 08:13
Hello! Please, i have a horary question! My question is - WHAT DOES HE FEEL FOR ME?- The hour is 10.09 P.M.[UT+0], from Iasi, Romania. HE IS A FRIEND,FOR NOW. THANK YOU IN ANTICIPATE! North Star.

18-03-2011, 20:30

Please can you read the guidelines for 'readings'


These guidelines apply to requests for horary readings, just as much as for natal or other readings. This is not a commercial site, or a 'free' readings site, so you will have to offer something in return and give some indication that you will provide adequate feedback. The 30 post rule allows potential readers to get some idea of your 'reliability' in that respect

If you are serious about the reading, then it should not take long to establish the 30 posts, and a good starting point is in the New Members forum