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18-03-2011, 08:17
Hi folks.

Went to see one of my Reiki masters today, and she was raving about a crystal called apophylite.
Since she raved about it lots, and all the healing it offers, and how it is a crystal for Reiki etc, she wanted me to have a feel and see if what I thought..

and to be honest, I didnt feel much :( I have a really good rapport with stones like Selenite and the that, (and I do consider Selenite to be my Reiki crystal of choice) but I just had nothing from this stone.

Whats your experiences of Apophylite? Reiki or non-reiki wise of course!

Im nosey :P


21-03-2011, 17:42

21-03-2011, 19:24
I used it after it was given to me one day by a lady who runs a shop- that day it really helped to calm and center me. Maybe it only works when you really really need healing and centering.

28-03-2011, 12:08
I met apophyllite when it call me off the street into a store to buy it... these stones talk, teach, and resonate best with the 6th & 7th chakras. They can do reiki on you, or be programmed to do for you just about anything else you would do with reiki.

Try holding it a few inches away from your body and moving it slowly up from the root chakra to the 3rd eye, then over the crown of your head, and see what you think.

They can channel lessons and information to you and facilitate communication between you and the celestial realms. Use the point to direct in or out of the 5th & 6th chakras.

Pam O
28-03-2011, 13:15
I really like my apophylite, and so I've ended up with quite a few pieces. There are 2 of these that I have really bonded with. One is by my clock in the bedroom, and another favorite actually split down a fracture line and is now 2 pieces is by my main computer. I find myself scrying with them or purely using them as a "soothing" stone in my hand or just holding them while meditating, or for no reason at all other than it caught my attention.

FYI: If you have Judy Hall's "Crystal Bible", volume 1, you can see more info there.