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viola magmar
22-03-2011, 06:12
Hello to all, I am new to this forum and would like to start joining. I have a post ready and hope to get some response.

I asked the question this morning, 21st of March 2011 06H18m am
at 41n50 12e50

Question: will the flat whose ownership I share with my sister – inherited from mother in November 2009 – sell within next month of June?

Mind you, I have been dealing with the sale since 6th of February and in such a short time I received six offers, one formalized, good ones, she furiously rejected them all, pretending that "mother's place is not to be sold for less than what it weighs in gold!

Apart from evident strictures, i.e.: early AC, Moon in Via Combusta, close to Saturn retro… golly… I feel there could be a way out, since Moon is within orb of conjunction to POF and fixed star Spica and there are quite a number of antiscia, contrantiscia at work so, who is going to save who, legal action, her sons and possibly, in the end my daughters?

Querent Mars at 20 deg pisces: in triplicity, term and face. Definitely dignified. It does not receive Mercury but when it gets to 27°, it will conjunct Venus exaltation degree.

Mercury, ruler of 3rd is in detriment and fall and is soon turning retrograde. Mercury is practically on the degree of exaltation of Sun, in Aries and it is in triplicy of Sun, receives Mercury and Sun but alas, Venus and Saturn are in detriment and fall.
Still, it is deposited by Mars. Could I really, in the end, hold the stick by its end?

South Node in 3rd house, NN in the house of legal action or… superior intendment… either way, which way…?

She has been threatening for more than year, on all occasions, that she would see a lawyer. Yesterday, finally, I said that if she does not come to reasonable terms, I, shall go.

Moon is on Saturn exaltation degree. She receives Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Mars and Sun in detriment and fall.

Moon opposed Mercury: yes… definitely. Moon rules my 4th and is my co-ruler. Yes. Moon also opposed Jupiter, 12th house of the chart.

Since she has been obtuse and inimical until now, it could mean that she will be forced into a new approach towards the matter itself which, for her, is giving up the goods itself where she has for ages been planning to move in a number of years, very convenient since it is just opposite her own flat now, which would be let free to be sold and give them lots of money to share, and final sort of moral excuse, detaching from mother and all the grips they fostered.

Venus rules her derived 5th and Saturn retro, exalted and in MR with Venus itself, Moon sit in Libra, 7th house of the chart, Moon in via combusta. yet, moon is within orb of conjunction to Spica and this could save the outcome of the chart.

Venus, her sons, in 12th house of the chart, as they are actually trying to bring her back to reason.

Venus receives Saturn, Jupiter and Moon. Sun, ruler of her derived 4th, in detriment.

Moon, ruler of my 4th house, is perfecting a trine to Venus, unless her conjunction to POF could work as a refranation? I would not think so, especially as there would be a strong meaning in both the aspects.

My nephews and I are quite in touch and in tune too, although they try and save their mother’s face, obviously, and I keep corresponding with them, in order to find a reasonable way out to this nasty representation she is setting up of her fears. I feel sorry for her but I am strong in the idea that one IS to grow up and out of his/her own hell.

In her declination, Moon is conjunct Venus and she is extremely fast.
Sun, ruler of her 4th derivate house has antiscion conj Neptune, which I would deem could be taken into consideration, within such a context.

Moon-Mercury antiscia and contrantiscia would be conjunct in Pisces

Mars antiscion within orb of conj with Jupiter in Aries… although it is 3° ?

Jupiter-Saturn within orb of conj in Virgo

Nodes antiscia and contrantiscia conj axis IC/MC

AC/DC axis on AC/DC

It does appear that antiscia and contrantiscia would have to be taken into consideration.

hope to read you soon. thank you very much, violalaura

22-03-2011, 07:57
Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice to see someone trying their own horary!!

It looks like you may be pushing things further than a simple horary reading can be pushed. especially as there seems to be at least two related questions here'

I've cast a duplicate chart and will consider it and come back to you, about some of the points you have raised. However as a general answer you rightly point out the strictures, or considerations:

A very early degree of Aries rising - it might be too early to judge
The Moon in the Via Combusta - The Moon may be compromised in it's role of mediating the heavens to the Earth.
Saturn in the Seventh - the Astrologer's judgement is likely to be impaired

One of these might be ignored, to ignore two would be risky, to ignore all three is to disregard the message - this chart is not safe to judge.

I think that might be because there are multiple questions so I'll take that up in my follow up post tomorrow.

23-03-2011, 23:52
Having placed strong caution on the chart and any reading, I do have some comments about this reading. Let's start from the question

Question: will the flat whose ownership I share with my sister – inherited from mother in November 2009 – sell within next month of June?

There's no mention here about your sister's opposition or any surrounding factors and to a large extent I think the phrasing of the question is the problem here. A more appropriate one might be 'Will my sister consent to the sale of the flat?', or even 'Will her sons persuade her to consent to the sale of the flat?' Both of these recognise her consent is a prior requirement of the sale. Once you have her consent, then it's appropriate to ask the question about 'When' it will be sold. The early degree rising in the chart, is a good indicator that now is too soon to ask the question.

For a sale question, you should be concentrating on Lord 4 - signifying the flat and it's condition. Then Lord 7, the prospective buyer, and Lord 8 - the prospective buyer's ability to pay. Any applying major aspect, short of an opposition, between Lord 1 and Lord 7 (you, the seller and the buyer), or contact by antiscia or through translation of light would indicate a sale.

In this case there are no applying major aspects between Lord 1 (Mars) and Lord 7 (Venus), there is no contact by antiscia and the only planets capable of translating light are Moon and Mercury, neither will successively form major aspects to Venus and Mars (or vice versa). Neither is there a heavier planet, which Mars, and Venus will successively aspect.

Yes Mars is in the exaltation of Venus, but this simply shows the desire of you to find a buyer and sell the property. Venus is not in any dignity of Mars - the 'buyer' does not want to buy!

The motivations of your sister and her sons is moot, the answer to the question is 'No' - (subject to the comments on the considerations before judgement.