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04-07-2003, 00:39
I purchased the Psychological Horoscope Analysis from Astrodienst and a beautiflu presented 17 page report arrived in the mail today, along with the chart.

I was most impressed with the report. It presented familiar themes in a very fresh light and gave me poignant yet profound interpretations of my family background. There was some new material as well.

The report also outlined a path for me which I'm already on, so that was affirming too.

Not so long ago for professional reasons we had Team Management profiles done for us for work reasons and I am struck by the familiar themes in both reports. TMP is based on MBTI which in turn is based on Jungian psychology so I'm not altogether surprised at the similarities.

Has anyone else had an Astrodienst report and if so, what did you think of it?

05-07-2003, 09:34
I ordered this report through AstroNumerics here in the US - and loved it! This is the Liz Greene"Psychological Horoscope Analysis" - the same one they sell through Astrodienst. I thought the analysis was amazing! What I found was especially fascinating was how this report described family/ancestral inheritances. It certainly gave me a broader perspective of my life purpose. I enjoy referring back to it back whenever I want to reflect on a challenge using these insights.

I would love to order one of the Liz Greene annual transit reports, but haven't done so yet.

05-07-2003, 10:10
Thanks for your post, Oceanpoetry ( I love your name :) )

I have been really moved by the subtlety (sp?) and power of this report. I'd like to quote something which had immense meaning for me:

You will never find fulfilment by clinging to material reality and ignoring the unseen and invisible dimensions of life. You possess an innate connection with the deeper and larger ocean of the collective unconscious and all that it contains - the domain of fantasy. myth, mystical feeling and the inheritance of the past. In other words, your life can only take on meaning if you give expression to your poetic soul which also means giving value to the creative and spiritual worlds. Many things in the past, particularly the family past - have affected you and held you in a state of confusion and apathy, although you may not be fully conscious of what goes on inside you. At some point you may need to explore this area of what might be called 'family karma' not merely to seek pathologies and negative experiences but to understand how you are the recipient and vessel of talents and urges which go back for many generations but which others in your family have not ben able to express. It is the inner world which holds the key to your sense of meaning and purpose in life - and it is not just your personal inner world - it is the whole rich backdrop of human mystical longing and creative inspiration, for which, in your own small but unique way, you area medium.

The report then goes on to speak about faith and trust and relationship with God, which made me weep with relief, actually.

I've had hints of this through my own study and through consultations with others but this analysis just seemed to express something that has been missing.

There is a lot to digest in this report and I'll track it back through my chart and through the various books by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo that I own already. In this way, the reports are a good tool for learning as well.

05-07-2003, 19:50
I have a great respect for Liz Greene's work - she is an excellent psychologist and a brilliant astrologer. And of course I just love her book on Saturn.

It's always difficult to judge a psychological profile because by its very nature our response is bound to be highly subjective - whether we (or others) agree or disagree - but if it seems right and it helps us deal with life then I think we have to treat it as a prescious document.

08-07-2003, 14:20
thanks, Moongold, I was inspired to create my username by living near the seaside, and admiring the ever-changing mood, colors and texture, of the ocean. I am sunsign Cancer, so I have a natural resonance for the ocean :)

Yes, this report brought tears to my eyes, too the first time I read it! I found it very profound and right on target! I think you will find that you come back and read the report again and again, gaining new insights over time.

I can relate to that same sense of relief you felt when you read yours, that is why I highly recommend this report, for anyone who is ready to get some add'l insights into their natal chart.

Toward the end of the report, there is a passage " Beneath your fears lie all the inherited patterns of your family's religious and moral attitudes and you have a deep need to forumlat your own individual relationship with what you call God."

It has given me lots to reflect on that we enter into the world with our ancestors before us, given a particular set of tools (fears, hopes, natural gifts) to work with. I do believe in reincarnation and that we choose the family to be born into that best fits the lessons to be learned in this life. What has been especially helpful for me, from this report, was to be able to get perspective on "the big picture".