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24-04-2011, 11:37
Hi everyone, I'm stull trying to find my true career or prosperity path studying my natal chart and now I see Lilith in the 2nd house but 29'32 Pisces (almost on the Aries point) square Mars in the 6th. How is this related to job search/finding?

I also notice that this Mars of mine in 1'58 Cancer in the 6th house, aside from being quite weakened as I understand or rather suppressed, is square Pluto in the 8th in Libra... and trine Sun/Uranus conjunction in the 9th.

So, with my limited knowledge, I was thinking these two squares, both related to money houses of a kind, could possibly give me a hint why I'm so unable to end up with a stable job. On the other hand I had a great job and career just six years ago, so I don't really know but will appreciate help on this. Thank you!

24-04-2011, 22:11
Well I don't use Lilith, and though it has it's devotees, it's not really mainstream, even for moderns. I would suggest a lot of caution in it's use, at very best it MAY provide some additional information but treating it as being of primary importance is dangerous (because it deflects you from what IS of primary importance),

Yes you have a debilitated Mars (in fall) but Mars joys in the sixth House (indeed parts of it's meaning relating to illness and burdensome tasks may be derived from Mars relationship to it). So you should be able to cope with the burdensome task of finding a job, though the Mars in Fall may make you either too aggressive or not aggressive enough in the endeavour. I don't use Pluto, as you know, but if you do, then use very tight orbs.

However this is but one aspect of your chart and may well be outweighed by other factors. It's not the place I'd start looking at your ability to find employment, using your natal chart. I'd be more interested in the tenth House and its ruler and the second (your resources) and the eleventh (the resources of a potential employer)

Without your natal details I can't really go any further, but as you had a great job and career six years ago, I would think that the answer lies in the derived charts

25-04-2011, 02:35
Yes, I understand this Lilith is just something additional. I found out something yesterday which is very true thoug. It states that each time transiting Lilith goes over its natal position (return) an ending of some kind appears as my Lilith is on the border Pisces/Aries. And I went back, and it's 100% true! Last time she passed was about a month ago and I finalized my divorce and moved out which was a difficult step. In the past it appears to be true, as well. Just a observation. :)

I've been looking at my 10th - empty, in Scorpio, ruler in the 8th if you take Pluto and in the 6th if you take Mars ; 2nd - empty, in Pisces, ruler Neptune in the 11th or ruler Jupiter in the 3rd; 11-th - only Neptune there in Sagittarius... As I'm very unaware of astrology yet, it's difficult for me to make anything out of these empty house. :(

Now, what I know this year is my Jupiter return, it almost ends already but it didn't really do anything... In difference from the previous one which sent me to my first job, a great one, and started a successful career + a very goor personal relationship. This one is opposed by Saturn in the 8th though... Although to me Saturn as a chart ruler has been very nice, actually. My Saturn return marked the peak in my career and my marriage (despite the recent divorce it was good emotion at the time). Very recently after the Saturn return I gave birth to my son too. So, I'm not sure if Saturn opposing now is bad or a blessing in disguise...

I also had very strong transits through my 2nd house all spring, with very nice aspects to the rulers of the 2nd and 6th but nothing came as a job or money... I hoped, though. :)

25-04-2011, 06:04
Jupiter is one of those planets whose transits are often hard to find or to define or to detect in terms of events on/near that date of conjunction with a natal planet.

Jupiter is easier to understand and see working when you look at overall conditions of life and one's contacts with others. Jupiter's "opportunities" seem to emerge slowly, they don't generally erupt and just appear out of nowhere. Opportunities are to be discovered, then developed before being harvested. This is why Jupiter is a social planet in that it often works through and with others, it is seldom just your Jupiter and your lucky event.

Jupiter has many keywords such as expansion, opportunity, social events, the law and courts, an ability to enlarge a situation. But, think. These all tend to involve others. For me, Jupiter is one of the more difficult planets to pin down in terms of how a transit works or just what a natal potential might mean. Dave

25-04-2011, 06:21
Hm... I can only relate to the previous Jupiter transit in terms of career/relationships but here is what happened: I was at the university and we were volunteers for a festival (nothing uncommon, it's univerisity's tradition, each year students from this course go to this same festival and some of them may have had their Jupiter return as well), when of all those students, not doing anything, I mean anything! different from the others, I was approached by the director and offered a job. Right there, out of the blue. So, in a sense it was magic, really. I was second year student and hadn't even thought of a career yet not to mention this particular spot which was (and still is) very much desired as it's a good tramplin for further career development.

In relationships, I had broken up with a very dear boyfriend and was quite blue. Well, he came back with a huge bouquet. Just like that.

In both cases I hadn't done any networking, I hadn't really put an effort.

The previous Jupiter transit was when I was 12 and I had tons of travelling adventures at the time. This year I actually visited a number of my all time favorite countries, all at once. :)

Now... quiet. :(

25-04-2011, 06:24
In terms of expansion, I've read somewhere that whatever he touches, expands. As he is touching/boxing/opposing my Mercury/Pluto conjunction in the 8th I thought he may be expanding some deep or scary thoughts... I've had these, true but they are also part of my transiting Saturn through the same spot - conjunct Mercury/Pluto in the 8th but he is also opposing natal Jupiter (respectively transiting Jupiter as well) in the 3rd... And it looks like a mish mash with no grand beneficial results. During the past Jupiter transits I haven't had Saturn opposing them.