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17-05-2011, 19:46
For those in deep sleep during the Scorpio moon this month, a Void-of-course moon transiting into Sagittarius would be a good time for experimentation in sex with outright honesty, light workplace torso and legwork exercise, and direct lines of thought. The antithesis of Gemini approaching, meaningful conversations about relationships, commitment, and secrecy are always welcome.

plan carefully, May has an education surprise for us

Sunday, May 15 7:42 am Sunday, May 15 5:23 pm Scorpio
Tuesday, May 17 8:26 am Tuesday, May 17 6:21 pm Sagittarius
Thursday, May 19 11:03 am Thursday, May 19 9:32 pm Capricorn
Saturday, May 21 4:56 pm Sunday, May 22 4:10 am Aquarius
Tuesday, May 24 2:29 am Tuesday, May 24 2:21 pm Pisces
Thursday, May 26 2:33 pm Friday, May 27 2:41 am Aries
Sunday, May 29 3:03 am Sunday, May 29 3:01 pm Taurus
Tuesday, May 31 2:09 pm Wednesday, Jun 1 1:43 am Gemini

The day after the full moon is highlighted with a harsh square to Aquarius/Pisces Neptune which is generating psychic dreams, intuitive thoughts, planned objectives, resolutions to family situations usually resolved by Pisces, Aquarius has objectives of magnanimous size for everyone. The Square itself has Neptune going though so much activity that the subtle detail of religious overtones go unnoticed, even though the symbols are an omnipresent backdrop.

A sequence of Taurus activity follows, be careful with loud decibel yelling and screaming, aloe and vitamin-E can soothe the throat, Mercury wants you to show off your personality with a necklace or other jewelry, careful on who sees you wear which color they might guess your moon sign instead, be lively with material earth nearby, plant some flowers as Venus-based goddess force insists that you be one with the plant-life nearby.

23-05-2011, 18:19
This full moon was interesting, and may has been a rollercoaster month, and we still have another 1week plus to go, hold on to your hats

08-06-2011, 19:43
Northern hemisphere

New moon activity in Gemini comes across as blasphemous but Baphomet is not everyone's topic at hand as we trace Jupiter entering Taurus, the initiatives are underway; Now let us prepare for a steak-feed for the starved as the benevolence brings spring flowers to full bloom(pollen sensitive types be alert, the television commercials are talking back). Mars-Venus wants all those sensitive types to ignore the typo and get back to talking about the variations of Baphomet, a spiral in the horn to be an alteration perhaps for what image they could be looking for, a devil worshiper to share lunch with perhaps.

Mercury is ever-so-mischievous as the solar sequence of youth and integration arrives, a Phoenix is near as well as Venus attaches the Gemini to more meditation and other heirophant-monk activity. Attempts to separate them from higher cerebral functions would degenerate into 15 sequences of intense inter-linking responses of what they did right vs. what they did wrong.

Southern Hemisphere

Icy cold nights and brutally honest Geminis want their lives in motion and in proper gear, Sagittarius feels independently charged with staying behind a few steps to see what is still in the view of the public eye that might be an apparition of human activity that they themselves keep to themselves (and away from mathematical Virgos and Gemini alike) never to bother advancing past the frozen pond again.

Saturn in Libra is a white-queen state of astrological chess, her capability is unmatched, her value above all others, as the chess-master calculates oh so carefully how to implement a captive.