View Full Version : Something mysterious

02-06-2011, 04:46
Hmm ok i was just wondering if maybe this was a sign. I was blessing my crystals after i had washed them off ,i had my candle set next to my stones. I warmed my hands over the fire of my candle to cleanse my hands. Then i prayed placing my hands on the stones to align them to me :). When i was done asking god to bless my stones for good intentions and with his gift oh healing and knowledge. I looked back at my candle to see a ring created around the flame in the wax. HMM do you think it is a sign that god answered my prays in blessing my stone with his power? IN turn doing so by maybe taking all of the bad energy and transfering it into the ring around the flame?

just curious because my candle did not look like that until after i blessed m,y stones.

Briar Rose
13-06-2011, 12:34
Perhaps it was your energy, or your spirit guide?