View Full Version : Hematite and darkening?

14-07-2003, 22:41
I have recently bought a set of Hematite RUNES - And very nice they are too! :) I do notice that, like most shiney materials, they do "fingermark". Hey, that's obviously a "feature" and in no way detracts. In fact they seem to have acquire a rather attractive patina, for that "used" look! But, aside from this very(!) slight darkening, will there be any longer-term effects? I found a number of threads on hematite, but (I don't think?) any on this particular aspect. Since I'm not a "gemstone" kinda guy, I'm wondering about the surface properties of the stuff? Are you forever "polishing"? ;)


14-07-2003, 23:39
Hi Macavity. You might find it interesting (or not:)) to know that hematite is composed of iron oxide and when cut into very thin plates or ground into a powder it is a deep red colour, and transparent in the thin plate form. Hematite powder is used to make jeweller's rouge, which is a polishing compound used on precious metals.

Hematite is a soft stone and if you have the runes all stored together in a bag they will scratch and wear each other. I think the darkening colour would be from the bright surface polish being worn off and the true colour being revealed.

Only way to prevent this would be to store the stones in individual plastic bags, but this just doesn't seem right for a set of runes. Ruby7

15-07-2003, 01:02
I keep my hematite runes in a small leather bag. It is small enough that they donít bang around too much and it seems to protect them well.

15-07-2003, 04:06
Hey, it's ALL interesting Ruby7. I haven't looked at anything geological since high school... myself apart? :laugh: I have a "minerals book", which always puzzled me - why hematite was shown silver-coloured. I thought it was a printing error on the colour plate - Now I know! I suspect the slight darkening is OK too. I wonder if they don't run them through a final polish or some kind of solvent, just to give them that "factory shine", which was, in some ways, OTT? They seem to have settled down now! :D

I have a set of mixed stones too, and it was based on those that I got the hematite ones. I really like their weight and feel. Maybe it's a feature of the tumbling and higher S.G. that they seem to be more stable, in that they have only (mostly!) TWO flatter sides to land. But there we enter the field of divination. Umbrae, they're in a fairly small bag and (doubtless) won't go on the road, so are fairly "safe". But I think it's a good point to make - they are indeed relatively SOFT. Perhaps a thought, for the mixed sets, where they might rattle against their harder brethren in a BIG bag! })


15-07-2003, 04:34
That's a good point that Umbrae made about keeping the stones in a smaller bag.

Macavity, I can imagine that hematite would have a nice feel for a set of runes (as you said, being heavier etc). I have wondered about the surface of hematite myself, because i have seen a lot of worn hematite rings (doing jewellery repairs) and it does look like there was a surface layer that has worn off (usually partly) as opposed to the nicely polished stone becoming scratched, or worn, definitely know what you mean. All of my books just say how hematite takes a wonderful, lustrous polish. Will have to check with someone who polishes/tumbles hematite.

Anyone else know? Ruby7