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15-07-2003, 21:15
I have a very BASIC 101 type question, as I know very VERY little about astrology. My husband made a comment to me that he know a lot of people that are having relationship/work problems right now... and I noticed the same with my own friends. Relationships breaking up/fighting, people getting fired... a lot of unrest. When he said that, I said, I wonder if Mars is closer than normal or something... because I do know that is the planet associated with war/aggression (among other things, I'm sure)... and then my husband told me this morning that Mars is currently making its closet pass by earth since the last 50,000 years. The druge report we pulled up says that it is moving into an "opposition" this summer.

I don't really know what this means... Were we accurate that Mars can cause unrest amoung a LOT of people like this... or do all these people maybe just have a prominent Mars in their chart... will this get stronger during the opposition?

Just curious... thanks!

isthmus nekoi
16-07-2003, 01:50
Hi Molly,

To answer your question, Mars' placement in Pisces will only oppose those who have their natal Mars in Virgo, right now, the 7-9th degree of Virgo.

I've chalked up the recent unrest to the predominance of water signs activated - Mars being one of them - which could indicate feelings running high. The lack of air signs (save Neptune) also indicates a lack of detachment, or analysis going on. Minderwiz's full moon report also offers some good points ie. Saturn and moon in detriment (in other words, in signs they don't feel comfortable expressing themselves).

16-07-2003, 02:04
I really appreciate your reply... I just don't know much about this... it's just like when I was first learning tarot (and I still consider myself a beginner at that)... like when you are a child reading an adult-level book... you sort of "get it," but the finer details and nuances are beyond you. I think it's so fascinating though. I will definitely try to do some more reading on the subject... read some more threads here! (I just love aeclectic *G*) Thanks again... I will just be over here chilling, mulling over your post some more ;-)

16-07-2003, 04:38
i think Mars actually makes its closest pass to Earth in 87,000 years on August 27th, if i'm not mistaken.

i saw a report back in February that said it will appear 5 times larger and many, many times brighter than usual at this time. now i just have to get my telescope up and running again!

Mars! Bringer of War! (runs off to play Holst)

16-07-2003, 05:26
Thanks for that information Alobar. Around September 8th Mars will perfect an Opposition to Jupiter (and clearly it will be applying to that for a while before). Mars will turn retrograde on 29th of this month, so with Jupiter moving forwards into Virgo on 27th August (an interesting piece of Synchronicity) the two will then rapidly apply to the opposition.

From a mundane point of view this might well have some significant effects (though only when the two are in the appropriate signs) but I wouldn't think that any current issues are in anway related to this opposition - the planets are some 18 degrees apart at the moment.

Mars retrograde is weakened - the natural inclination to assert remains but in Pisces this is not easy (too much water) and retrograde its rather like the seven stone weakling kicking sand into Mr Muscles face on the beach - he can get you into a fight but there's no certainty that he'll win it! Mars is usually classified as rather a malefic planet so this event would be seen as rather worrying - someone itching for a fight but not really up to carrying it through successfully.

Incidentally Jupiter traditionally rules Pisces so Jupiter is Mars' landlord so to speak. However in Virgo, Jupiter is in Detriment and he too is weak. So we have a rather weak tenant squaring up to a rather weak landlord and that could be a bit messy.

This is a general condition which will be background to all of us. As Isthmus says, if these two aspect your natal chart then their struggle will in a sense become your struggle. For most of us any effect is more likely to be felt through the way these two aspect planets in the natal charts of our countries, or other groups that we participate in.

17-07-2003, 07:04
Those who are following this thread AND subscribe to the Moutain Astrologer will find the August 2003 cover story highly interesting, "Close Enclunter with Mars." This is a significant article and covers the Mars-Sun-Uranus cycle (Mars-Sun conjunction of last summer) and Mars' perihelion at the upcoming Mars-opposition-Sun point. Don't miss it. Dave.

17-07-2003, 18:29
Thanks Dave,

TMA has just popped through the letterbox, so that's now two things I have to read in it. The other being the interview with John Frawley, which I understand is in this month.

18-07-2003, 00:18
An interesting article!!!

One thing that he actually doesn't do is say what the significance of the event is LOL - his answer is a sort of 'Search me?'

On checking through the dates I noticed, and I'm surprised this didn't feature prominently in the article, that the Virgo New Moon occurs on the day of the perigee. Now New Moons are fairly significant events and Mars forms a fairly tight opposition to the New Moon. There is no eclipse at this lunation, otherwise there would be enhanced significance.

The New Moon has four planets in tight conjunction - Sun and Moon obviously but also Venus and Jupiter conjunct the New Moon pair. Venus is under two and a half degrees away and Jupiter just under 4 degrees away. Classically both planets are weak in this situation - for Venus is in Fall and Jupiter in Detriment in Virgo - even worse being so close to the Sun both are combust. So they are both essentially and accidentally debilitated. Even though Mars is debilitated through being Retrograde, it has some essential dignity from its triplicity rulership in Water signs. Mars could therefore cause some problems which the normally benefic planets may struggle to resist.

Only Mercury of the traditional planets has any dignity being also in Virgo the sign of its rulership. We have to hope either that 'Jaw Jaw is better than War War' to quote Churchill but as it is stronger it will prevail.

22-07-2003, 09:02
Just a note Alobar.

Mars will be closest to earth in 87,000 years, if the theory that the planets have been in the same or similar orbits for millions of years is correct.
There are other theories out there. I suugest you check out "Worlds in Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky. His theory was that Mars came close enough to the earth that it's moons could be sen by the naked eye in 687 B.C.
Quite an interesting read!
TAke Care!

03-09-2003, 14:36
It would be really interesting if I could get the birth info on several people (victims & perps) in my area.....robberies, involving a death, missing people, another death there.....LOTS of this aggresion & violence in the week of Mars' closest position. I live in a relitivly small community & that week seemed to bring a death or missing person each day......we are all quite shocked.