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isthmus nekoi
24-07-2003, 03:20
Today, the sun moves into Leo, the sign that it rules, and therefore, of its dignity.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, the apex of summer at its sunniest! So we'll finally get to discuss our sun signs as well as any planets in Leo or the 5th house - house of creativity, risk and children...

For those just stepping in, you are welcome to join us anytime! Please check out the index thread to see what the group's about, and past discussions: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=12481

Alright now, all you Leos come out of the woodwork and bask in the limelight b/c it's your month ^_~

isthmus nekoi
24-07-2003, 03:56
I have no planets in Leo, and it cusps my 7th house, and therefore lies on my DC. My 5th is cusped by Gemini. I'm a Cap sun in 12th.

You can read all about my Cap sun in the Cap thread, or Pisces (12th) thread, I think I've blathered enough there about my sun... :)

w/Gem on 5th, I am *extremely* curious, and my creativity flows easily into different mediums. Its ruler, Merc is conj sun in 12th, squaring Sat/Jup in 8th, so my creative endeavors are always tied to the unconscious. Sometimes I do feel like it is a burden or a threat, sometimes it is a lifesaver.
I've also wondered what this placement would indicate in terms of investments.... I'm not sure whether this is a positive thing, or negative thing, as Merc is also the ruler of my 8th (Virgo on cusp)!

w/Leo on the DC, anyone who is a close friend will have to learn to put up w/my dramatics and be a good listener. But w/Aqu ASC, I can promise you won't be bored! ;)

I've read DC represents the type of person you are attracted to.... but I think it may have a broader interpretation. The ruler of my 7th (sun) is square both Jupiter/Saturn in 8th, so this indicates clashes w/authority or patriarchal figures (Saturn), as well as making teacher figures (Jupiter) important.

The interesting thing to note is that my father has a stellium in Leo (including sun!), and when I was young, he was very strict and authoritarian - although this perception is partly due to a culture clash, I think. He's chilled out in his old age, but he still is very Leonian - he loves children, he loves the limelight. The funniest part is now that I'm older, my father has turned a full 180 it seems - I am free to do whatever I want (since I never listened anyways lol), and he spoils me to no end (very Leo!).. I'm more the authoritarian now; I have to place limits b/c he doesn't bother. He should consider himself lucky to have such a practical Cap daughter!!

24-07-2003, 04:30
4 planets in Leo! I'll join this thread to learn! Sun, Ascendant, Uranus, and North Node (?) all in Leo.
edited: Sun and Asc in the first house,
North Node and Uranus in the second house...
not that I know what any of this means! LOL, that's why I'm here! : )

24-07-2003, 05:04
Or you might have been projecting your Capricorn Sun onto your Father. when you were young LOL

Ah Yes....Leo... I've been waiting for this, since Scorpio :)

First, just a reminder that Leo, The Sun and the Fifth are not the same, as some Astrologers seem to suggest - however it is extremely convenient to work through the building blocks of Astrology in threes.

For me Leo is probably the most important sign in my chart. I have a Leo Ascendant, and Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in Leo. Saturn lies less than 2.5 degrees from my Ascendant on the twelfth House side, the other two are safely (?) tucked in my telfth House.

Rather than try a conventional reading, I thought I would have a go at a traditional one - determining my temperament.

Leo is a Hot and Dry sign so this first indication is of a Choleric Temperament (more of that later)

Saturn is a Cold and moist when west of the Sun, but it is in a Hot and Dry sign so it has relatively little effect. Other aspcts are squares from Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio and these will again cool the Heat of the Ascendant a little and make a greater reduction to the dryness. Finally the Moon opposes my Ascendant from Aquarius. Aquarius is a hot and moist sign, the Moon is Cold and Moist, the temperature probably balances here but again there is a reduction in Dryness. My Ascendant ruler is the Sun, in Libra. Whilst the Sun is always Hot and Dry in principle its temperature is usually taken as relating to the season and the sign. However as the Ascendant ruler, it will be still fundamentally Hot an Dry and the season and sign leave it as such. So a little Heat is added back and the dryness increased.

Traditional Astrology would not simply consider the Ascendant as the sole basis for temperament. The Sun and Moon would also be considered and also the strongest planet in the chart - known as the Lord of the Geniture.

The Sun for me is in Libra - it is Cold and Dry in Autumn but it will be a little less cold and a little less dry in Libra. Cold and Dry is referred to as Melancholic.

The Moon is in its First Quarter in my birth chart and in this phase it is seen as being Hot and Moist. Its in a Hot and Moist sign - Aquarius so its a little hotter and a little moister. Hot and Moist is known as Sanguine. My Moon is squared by Mercury from Scorpio. Mercury East of the Sun is dry but it is in a cold and moist sign, so the net effect is to reduce the heat but leave the moisture about the same. It also has an opposition to Saturn, which is a cold and moist but in a Hot and Dry sign. So with the Moon I have the third temperament of being Sanguine.

Finally the Lord of the Geniture. The strongest planet in my chart is Venus, just shading it from the Moon. Venus is in the fourth House - which gives it accidental dignity and also is in its own terms.

Venus is normally a Hot and Moist planet but to the east of the Sun it is dry, in a cold and moist sign it is just below dry and cold - back to Melancholic. It squares Mars a hot and dry planet in Leo - a hot and dry sign so slightly warmer than cold and back to dry.

Overall my temperament on a traditional basis come out as mainly moderate melancholic with dashes of Choleric and Sanguine.

Melancholic signifies someone who is deep and thougthful, analyitical. conscientious and idealistic a lover of philosophy and beauty. On the negative side melancholic can be moody and depressed, too introspective, has guilt feelings and can be too self centred.

For me Leo through the Ascendant and its ruler the Sun contributes a significant amount but that significant amount tends to be the Choleric streak

Confident, dynamic, self sufficient, strong willed and goal orientated but can be impatient, impatient, is uncomfortable with tears and emotions and is inflexible.

24-07-2003, 05:51
If you want to try out the traditional temperaments in a non-Astrological way there is a personality test at:


I came out as mainly Melancholic (good reading above)

but with Phlegmatic as the second streak (bad reading above)

It gives a guide to the temperaments as well.

I'll post on fifth house and some of the other issues later.

24-07-2003, 07:12
Leo is my star sign, and I am very proud of it (wouldn't be if I wasn't a Leo, right?).

I did the test, and I'm mostly sanguine (whatever that means), 2nd streak: Phlegmatic... too bad I don't know if I should be happy or sad with the results :D


24-07-2003, 07:16
If you go back to the main page - in the yellow line at the top it says Definitions: and then gives you the four types with (W|S) after each one.

This stands for Weaknesses and Strengths and in each case the W and the S are links to the run down of the temperament.

24-07-2003, 07:21
Sun in Pisces, and in my 5th, I have Mercury (retrograde) in Pisces. Also, Leo is my "true node" whatever that might mean. It is actually listed as my MC too, so maybe those are the same things. Also, Leo is in my 10th? Yeah. All I know is that most Leos are very confusing to me.

24-07-2003, 07:27
I am Melancholy-Choleric...now back to the page to figure out what that means...

24-07-2003, 07:56
My temperament link seems to have infected the Leo thread.

If you are highly Leo you should come out as Choleric, or at least it should be your dominant temperament.

I have started a separate thread for people who just want to explore what their temperament is and to compare it to other psychological types.


Please post any comments not directly related to Leo in that thread otherwise Leo will get quite choleric about it and cause widespread melancholy amongst forum members :)

isthmus nekoi
24-07-2003, 10:21
Thanks for the new thread - now we don't have to split em ;)
Perhaps I brought out the Saturn in my father - Jupiter too!! Over time, I have slowly eroded away at his Saturnian qualities and encouraged the Jupiterian ones ha ha!

Tallarino, welcome to the group ^_^
Actually, you only have 2 planets in Leo, the ASC/north nodes aren't actual bodies but abstract degrees.

You're a double Leo w/both sun and ASC (sun, ASC and moon are generally the 1st 3 things you look at to determine personality)! This means that your outlook on life and the way you present yourself to the world are totally in sync w/each other. You may even look the part of a Leo - clothes that want to be seen or perhaps big hair lol. Leo cusping 2nd, sun in 1st indicates that you will gather resources when in a position of leadership, or a frontman (or woman) of an organization - basically, a position where you can really shine. Uran in 2nd will shake things up there if they get too boring, and if other factors in your chart agree, there may be some financial instability from time to time.

Your sun is accidently dignified in the 5th house which means sun feels very welcome in 5th. w/Merc there too, your creative side could shine in modes of communication like writing, or speech. Since Leo is cusping your MC, you may find that your vocation lies w/your creative abilities as well. Did you not have a water grand trine as well? That could indicate a special talent.
Also, if you are using astro.com, then your true node is actually your north node....

This is funny, I have north node in Leo as well. I've never really looked into that though, b/c what I've read has been too superficial.

24-07-2003, 18:32
The fifth House is the Joy of Venus - it traditionally rules love affairs and romanace. It also symbolises pregnancy and fertility and hence children. Because children are not delivered by the stork or found under gooseberry bushes, it is also the house of sex (not the eighth which is the house of death). If there is more than one child, then the fifth can be taken to represent either all of them collectively or the eldest one singularly. If you are interested in the next eldest then her or she is in the seventh house - the third (sibling) from the fifth, the third child is in the ninth (third from the seventh) and so on.

The joy of Venus spreads beyond children and fertility to enjoyment, clothes and pleasure and it is from this basis that the modern derivation comes of treating it as the house of relaxation, hobbies and sport and gambling.

The Fifth house, as second from the fourth, represents the wealth and possessions of the father - so it might be a significator of what we might inherit (though inheritance itself is ruled by the eighth).

It is also worth pointing out that in traditional Astrology the first House was ruled by the first planet (Saturn, not the Sun), the second by the second planet (Jupiter) and so on. This gives Venus also rulership of the fifth by natural order. As there were only seven planets in traditional Astrology, the rulerships start again with Saturn for the Eighth, Jupiter ninth, Mars tenth, etc.

My fifth is ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius on the cusp) and Jupiter is in the fourth House (of Father and home) My pleasures are therefore more likely to be carried out at home rather than elsewhere - watcing TV, reading, visiting Aeclectic, etc. There is a very close semi-sextile with the Sun, suggesting that in this context personal creativity comes into how I relax and an inconjunct to my Part of Fortune, suggesting that my pot definitely will not 'runneth over' without some real adjustments on my part. LOL

24-07-2003, 23:36

Hmm about what you wrote...yes i do look like a Leo. However, with my moon in Aries (house 9), mercury in Cancer (house 12), venus in Gemini(11 th)and mars in Virgo (3rd), I often don't feel like a Leo. I more feel like a combination of Leo/Cancer really. I have all the good traits of a Leo and none of the bad. Big LOL! Really, I prefer to stay in the backround, (quite shy until I know someone) am quite generous, but don't care for children. Just a few of the common Leo characteristics about which I have read.
August 1, 1961 5:11 am.
HOWEVER, I am very PROUD to be a LEO!!(in the first house)
I will continue to learn here...

Major Tom
24-07-2003, 23:50
I've got 5 planets in Leo in the 4th house of my chart: Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mars and the Sun. :eek: My ascendent is Taurus and my Moon is Scorpio.

I'm also quite proud to be a Leo. :D

Oddly enough, my girlfriend's Sun is Aries with a Scorpio ascendent and Taurus Moon.

25-07-2003, 01:49
Originally posted by Major Tom

I'm also quite proud to be a Leo. :D

Oddly enough, my girlfriend's Sun is Aries with a Scorpio ascendent and Taurus Moon.

what else could a 5x Leo be BUT proud....
Oddly? hehe, looks pretty evenly matched to me..:D

The closest thing to a Leo for me is my daughter. She IS a drama queen and her preformance skills are truely natural. She's been singing on key before she could talk. She has a grand trine w/opposition(kite) in the fire signs, Leo/Sun; Sag/Plu(rx); Ari/Sat; opp being Aqu/Ura.
I have not really dove into her chart, she's only soon to be 7, but I probably should.

isthmus nekoi
25-07-2003, 03:06
Tallarino, moon in Aries is a very harmonious combo w/double Leo sun/ASC as they are both fire :)

Wow, Major Tom, you're like my father! He's got a Taurus ASC too. It's a nice ASC to have w/a Leo stellium b/c it keeps that ego grounded lol.

lunalafey, that is a very *powerful* combo of planets for your daughter!!

25-07-2003, 03:30
LOL...(david bowie song) To me, A Leo sun and Scorpio moon seems pretty powerful!

25-07-2003, 03:46
which is most important...

the sign that the planet is in?
the house that the planet is in?
the sign & planet in the house OR
the aspects...

this really could get very confusing!
Thanks, Karen

isthmus nekoi
25-07-2003, 03:59
Ooooo, tough question. If you are not concentrating on predictions, then I would say generally inner planets (Sun - Saturn) are the most important: their aspects and their signs. You can still give a pretty good psychological portrait w/o the houses. I've done this for ppl when they were unsure of their birthtime.

I wouldn't want to have the last word on this, what do others think from their experience?

25-07-2003, 04:51

There are several ways of looking at this.

One is that the planets are the actors, the signs are the roles and the houses are the theatres.

Another is that the planet's dignity shows its power to act

Its reception shows its inclination to act

Its aspects show the occasions to act

Reception simply relates to the rulership of the sign that a planet is in. So if Mercury is in Leo it is recieved by the Sun. Mercury is therefore inclined to act in favour of whatever the Sun represents.

So no dignity - no power to act

no aspect no occasion to act

and if the reception is with the 'wrong' planet then there is no inclination to act - for example in a horary if Venus represents the girl and Jupiter represents the man who wants to woo her, if Venus is in Aries then he has little chance - she is in love with whoever is signified by Mars

25-07-2003, 05:38
No planets in Leo here. And 8th House is Leo for me. Sex, death, rebirth, & other people's money. So what's that all mean?? I'm firey, active, & loyal when it comes to these things??

Now as for that personality test, I'm not sure fi the results really are me. Some of them, all the row described me. I didnt realize you can only click one per row until I saw it moving. LOL.


isthmus nekoi
25-07-2003, 05:52
punkangel, yup, you're getting the hang of it! Check out what sort of aspects your sun makes as well as where it is to get a more specific portrait.

25-07-2003, 08:00
I have Saturn and Pluto in Leo and the 8th House. This combination of placements is quite potent spiritually, psychologically and sexually and I am just beginning to understand it. I have a Capricorn Ascendant as well, which makes my chart heavily affected by Saturn influences. There are some quite critical aspects between these two planets and others in my natal chart and I wonít list them. I am just beginning to understand it all myself. One interesting pattern Iím looking at right now is a triangular pattern between Sun, Saturn and Uranus. The close proximity of Mercury to Sun and Pluto to Saturn make this pattern more interesting but Iím really just beginning to explore the meaning.

Back to Leo and the 8th House, Pluto is in its own House, so this gives me quite strong Scorpio influences as well. All my life I have been deeply attracted to Scorpios without understanding why, and now it is quite clear! Some years ago I was fortunate to find a Scorpio partner who is accepting and loving, and almost the perfect companion.

In retrospect my earlier life was a balance between the murky darkness of some of the influences in this chart (particularly this combination of placements) and a yearning for the spiritual. Now I can understand and live the spiritual if I choose that, which I do. Already some wonderful new vistas are opening up for me, even as I trudge through some of the rubble of the spiritual and material challenges of the last two years. These years brought me to tarot and astrology and this wonderful place, Aeclectic.

Saturn is also becoming a companion and friend, and I can now see all the fire in my chart as a way of shaping and illuminating the future.

By the way, in the other test about character type, I came up as a Melancholy Choleric ! :) !

Royal Cat
25-07-2003, 12:30
I have Leo asc. and Leo in the 2nd house
5th house holds Sagittarius and (I think) Capricorn as well.
And, if I'm reading this right, Neptune and Venus are in my 5th house.

My sun sign is Scorpio and having Leo asc. makes for a rather "light vs. dark" or "Water vs. Fire" personality. I believe come across in social or business settings as "very Leo" - in control & in charge, engaging and self confident. I like for people to notice the things I do and am hurt if I don't get the attention I think I deserve (what a Leo!) Plus, I tend to have rather expensive tastes - although I am rarely able to induldge them. :| However, deep down, I'm really an intense and secretive scorpio who likes hide my "true self" from most everyone I meet. It takes a long time for me to trust someone - but, once they've earned my trust I'm *very* loyal.

Additionally, I have Gemini moon - combine that with Leo asc and you have someone who loves to talk at parties, but occasionally gets carried away and becomes way too sarcastic. :eek:


25-07-2003, 15:53
Your sun is accidently dignified in the 5th house which means sun feels very welcome in 5th. w/Merc there too, your creative side could shine in modes of communication like writing, or speech. Since Leo is cusping your MC, you may find that your vocation lies w/your creative abilities as well. Did you not have a water grand trine as well? That could indicate a special talent.

Yep, that's right. I have a grand trine in water. Sun in Pisces, Asc Scorpio, and Cancer Moon. I think my vocation may indeed have something (if not everything) to do with my creative abilities, but as of yet, I have no vocation, so i'll have to see how that works out. It is quite interesting to see!

isthmus nekoi
26-07-2003, 02:25
Moongold, I love having Pluto 'at home' in 8th... The dark lord ruling over his dark kingdom :)

RC, since your ASC is Leo, your sun is actually the 'ruler' of your chart, so yes, that would emphasize your Scorp placement. It might be helpful to note which house the sun is in too, and the aspects it makes. Also, are Neptune/Venus aspecting each other and both in Sag? This can be a *very* creative placement, esp since it's in the 5th house.

punkangel, I forgot this is your 1st post to a study group, I'm so used to seeing you post in the astro forum!! Sorry for being late but... WELCOME ^_^

Royal Cat
26-07-2003, 03:17
Originally posted by isthmus nekoi
RC, since your ASC is Leo, your sun is actually the 'ruler' of your chart, so yes, that would emphasize your Scorp placement. It might be helpful to note which house the sun is in too, and the aspects it makes. Also, are Neptune/Venus aspecting each other and both in Sag? This can be a *very* creative placement, esp since it's in the 5th house.

Hi Isthmus,
On my chart the Sun is in the 4th house with Libra and Scorpio - so family and father issues? I'm not sure how to interpret that. I have nearly always had a strained relationship with my parents. In considering which signs are there I think I could say that my childhood home lacked the balance, security, beauty and other things that would have made a Libra or Scorpio feel comfortable. Does that make sense?
I have Sun conj Merc - which supposedly makes me handle stress well but I would beg to differ on that point. ;) I believe Sun conj Merc is also supposed to point to a keen and quick mind. :D
You asked if Neptune & Venus are aspecting each other? Hmm... I'm really not sure! :confused: I'm still learning how to read the chart. But I can tell you that I have Neptune Trine Asc. (Leo) and Venus Quincunx Asc. If that makes any difference.


26-07-2003, 03:19
I have a more general question: I am a Pisces (very watery at that) and most of the Leos I know are either intolerable, or very water-like and easy to get along with (for me). Are Pisces and Leo generally incompatible (on a purely superficial level, of course)?

isthmus nekoi
26-07-2003, 05:59
Cat, Sun in 4th does not necessarily indicate troubles at home in and of itself, however, if your sun is heavily afflicted, (ie. hard aspects, esp w/Pluto/Saturn) then yes, this would be one conclusion I'd draw. Also, assuming Libra is cusping your 4th... if Venus is similarily afflicted in any way, either w/hard aspects this would indicate again, instability.
Also, if Venus and Neptune are close enough together, you may have a conj.
If you're having trouble understanding the astro.com chart, pls check out the 3rd post of this link: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=15205
If you're still having probs, let me know, I'll try to help you out.

purplefishy.... Hm.... well, Leo is fixed fire and Pisces is mutable water so in that way, the signs have trouble understanding each other. However, I think they could get on well b/c Leo can make all the decisions and shine while Pisces is generally adaptable and content to go w/the flow. Pisces are not particularly fond of being the center of attn. I don't have much Leo/Pisces energy in my chart though so I don't know them as well as some other signs....

27-07-2003, 13:37
I am VERY Leo *preens* but not as Leo as Major Tom I think. ;) My birthday was yesterday. Yay! Anyhow, I have Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Leo. These are all part of my stellium in my 8th house (which is endcapped by Saturn in Virgo and Venus in Cancer). Minor sidenote: I have the clothing and decorating tastes of a drag queen, and have had problems confusing myself with royalty since I was a child. Back to your regularly scheduled post: basically, I feel that I focus all my ego, emotions, communication and power on transformation, and I do it in a brash Leo way. Things need to be on my terms, but I have to be absolutely motivated before I'll get off my lazy butt and dig in. A job/task has to make me feel engaged and challenged or I just feel like it's beneath my dignity. I also have the regrettable tendency to think that I'm entitled to give everyone advice. I know, I know, it's annoying and I'm working on it. But at the same time I'm hoping to harness it to become a teacher.

My lovely stellium aspects (sextiles) Mars in Gemini in my 7th(don't remember house for sure right now). Only adds to natural Leo chattiness. Run while you still can! I also think that this causes me to put a lot of emphasis on my intellectual abilities and word prowess. Insult a lot of things and I won't get mad; insult my intelligence and this lioness will roar.

*wanders off to take the test*

:) Kes

isthmus nekoi
28-07-2003, 11:40
Hi Kes, now I'm back (at the public library :))

Leo & 8th makes for a strong combo, partly b/c Pluto is exalt in Leo (at least by the system I'm looking at. I've read different exaltations for the outer 3 planets). So the Leo stellium is in a house where they can express themselves powerfully.

Your gift of gab from Geminian Mars would be very prone to giving advice w/a placement in 7th :)

30-07-2003, 06:34
I'd treat any exaltation of the outer planets with some care. Mainly because no one really knows what the basis for exaltation is, in any detailed way. It appears to be related to 'height' in the sky for at least some planets but I've not really seen any convincing outline of the system.

05-04-2005, 01:46
My sunsign is Leo with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Leo and 2nd and 3rd House too. I posted my temperament in the Temperaments section, Minderwiz, so as not to cross-infect threads ;)
Bib x

24-07-2005, 08:26
*revives thread*

I do not have any planets in Leo, sorry to say. I wanted to bring back this thread however to hear what other people say about themselves.

24-07-2005, 18:03
Me neither! I'm interested though. I have no planets or anything. Just my MC. wellll....just watery i guess.

25-07-2005, 06:57
Leo being my 12th house (starting at 6leo and ending at 2 virgo) I am kind of anxious as to what this all means. The first thing that comes to mind is unexpected leadership and responsibility, not that I'm ready, in fact I'm overdue for such a position, but my possibilites are wide open right now.

26-07-2005, 15:41
Another 12th house leo here. Except my 12th house begins with cancer and ends with leo which goes on into my 1st house. My leo sun is at 3 degrees and my ascendant is at 17 degrees leo. Saturn is conjunct my ascendant at 18 degrees and mercury is 27 degrees leo. I don't have any planets located in the fifth house but I do have my part of fortune located there.

27-07-2005, 06:30
interesting, my part of fortune lies in my aries 8th, but my vertex falls in my capricorn 5th house.

My north node is at 2 leo in my eleventh house and opposes my Aquarius housed "3 days after the full moon" moon. And with the exception of asteroid ceres @ 14leo my Leo is blank slate on most charts.

07-08-2005, 21:45

Leo in Mercury (20 degrees, 24 minutes). Mercury is in 7th House.

My mind is dynamic, intense and unyielding. I am persistent and can be stubborn and inflexible if someone contradicts me. My manner of communication is frank and open and at times can exaggerate and overdramatise in order to make my life look more theatrical and to attract the attention of others (or my audience). I learn and study more when I feel challenged or my personal pride is at stake. I can become angry easily and and become aggressive when defending my honour.


08-08-2005, 00:34
Hi there.

Although I'm a Leo Sun (my birthday was Tuesday), I don't seem to exhibit the Leo characteristics very much.

I have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Leo in the Tenth House, Scorpio Rising, and the Moon in Aquarius in the Fourth House, along with Jupiter. Which means all my core placements (Sun, Moon and Rising) are in fixed signs. Yes, I'm pretty stubborn and like very much to have a fixed routine day-to-day. Planets in my Ascendant include Saturn, and Pluto (which is in the Twelfth House but 3 degrees away from the cusp of the Rising Sign).

I think Scorpio pretty much takes over me entirely when I'm in a social situation with strangers. I keep to myself for the most part, only reacting to people's questions and stuff. I actually like distancing myself from others, and the only people I fully display my Leo traits in front of are my very close friends. Even so, they've commented that I tend to keep my personal life very quiet, even to them.

I'm actually looking to find a career in the music industry, but find that my personality could hinder my achieving of this. I'm very scared of criticism, and give up easily. Any suggestions on how I can overcome this? Heh. Thanks.

isthmus nekoi
08-08-2005, 01:55
Your fixed nature does lend perserverance which is a bonus in the music industry. Plus the ability to work consistently and hard, that is another fixed sign bonus.

I'm assuming you're talking about being an artist in the music industry, but the advice applies to the entertainment industry in general.... I'll be frank and say your best astro feature mentioned so far is Pluto conj ASC. You have to be manipulative to "make it" in the entertainment industry - not in a bad, backstabbing way - but in an intelligent way. For those who are in the business side, those calling all the shots, every move they make is a strategic one, and not a movement wasted. These people are chessmasters except their pieces are profit, people and contracts. Guess who is the pawn unless they too, are smart and manipulative? Here's a great show to listen to if you're serious to help you get a feel for the industry: http://www.barelylegalradio.com

19-08-2005, 08:51
I'm a sunsign Leo, and I've got a rather fixed, stubborn personality as well. I tend to be very shy in groups, can carry a conversation well with people I'm comfortable with, and am quite secretive and proud by nature. I think it's reflected in my chart, which shakes out thusly:

Sun, Mercury, Venus in Leo, 7th house
Moon, Neptune in Scorpio, 10th house
ASC Aquarius, 1deg

My planets are all in Leo, Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio, and all but the 2 in Scorpio are above the horizon. I don't know much about astrology other than that.

isthmus nekoi
20-08-2005, 01:27
Welcome to Astro, lonefrontranger.

You definetely have a strong concentration in fixed signs, 5/10 planets actually, plus the ASC. I tend to think of the fixed signs as following the principal of inertia - difficult to get started, but once started, difficult to stop! Some words associated w/the fixed signs are: stable, enduring, consistent, secure and at an extreme, rigid and yes, as you mentioned, stubborn. So perhaps these words can spark off more personal interpretation.

Although you have an Aquarian ASC, you have no planets in air - how does this work out for you? Air rules communication and abstraction so my knee jerk interpretation of lack of air was someone who found academics and language difficult... until I read a number of air-free charts that had advanced degrees and such! It seems there is a powerful need to encorporate air energy from the environment b/c it's not quite there in the chart.

20-08-2005, 10:01
Hard to say, really - I wouldn't so much say difficulty with academics as not fitting in well with any organized learning scheme.

I have a rather strange mind, at least most of my family and friends think so. I had/have no tolerance for classrooms and at 37 years of age, have never been past high school, which I barely graduated from. That being said, I am a secretary by trade, highly successful at my job and financially well off. My company is in the pharmaceutical research field, and I've worked for either the pharma research or aviation engineering industries for nearly twenty years. My current boss (an Aquarian) is steadfastly kind and loyal to me, and is by far the easiest / best manager I've ever worked for. Most of my family (all private college educated prep school types) love to rant about how I've been squandering my 'abilities'... despite that the most vocal of them (a Poli-Sci Ph.D.) is assistant manager at a coffeeshop and makes a third what I do... not that I'm gloating :P

According to my dad I was reading fluently (reading to him from story books, not the other way around) by the time I was 2 1/2. I'm also told it's unusual that I have vivid memories all the way back to early childhood, which freaks out my mom when I can relate intricate details to her of events / circumstances / persons I recall from when I was barely old enough to walk. About the only 'outward' Leo pursuits I engaged in were as a teenager and young adult; I was a model, a go-go dancer (fully clothed, thank you!) at the trendier nightclubs in my hometown, and sang on stage in local theatre groups (Dad, a musical genius, had me classically voice trained as a kid). I got really fed up with the unhealthy, self-absorbed lifestyles of my peers in those interests by the time I was 22, took up road biking as a passion, and never looked back.

I pick up languages relatively easily and can read and understand Spanish, French and German fairly well despite having had limited exposure to them. I refused to speak or relate to strangers (and spoke very rarely at all) until I was four years old, which led my parents to have me tested for autism. My visual memory is extremely good, and lacking clear directions I've been able to pull stunts like finding my way straight back to familiar locations (like the house I lived in as a 3-5 year old child) that I've not been to for decades, or remembering passages / scenes verbatim from books that I've not read or movies that I've not seen in ages.

The thing that's limited me all my life is that I can't stand being fed a 'you have to study / be lectured at from this material and pass this test' sort of regime. Despite fear and loathing for any sort of maths, I am still good with the sciences, particularly chemistry, and abstract concepts like physics -- my dad is a Ph.D. in marine biology, a Scorpio field, which he is, and I worked in the lab with him for years. I relate to him far better than to my Gemini mother, strangely enough, and have learned enough about my incompatibilities with that type to avoid them at all cost; the 'typical' Gemini personality just about causes me to break out in hives. I don't have much truck with the conform-and-follow-the-herd pursuits such as politics, team sports or religion and have been a 'lone wolf' sort all my life. And as you may have guessed, I'm not an easy person to like, although my close friends are steadfast. I have devoted friends and bitter enemies, but people are polarized in their opinions about me. I was told this is possibly the manifestation of my sun-square-moon. My boyfriend is convinced I'm psychic, but I have never experienced any sort of clairvoyance / lucid dreaming / telepathy sorts of things. I think it's merely my strong observational skills, coupled with a good memory and an analytical nature. Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Spock were 2 of my biggest heroes / role models as a kid.

Despite all that, I quite honestly am a dilettante who's spent a lifetime collecting trivial knowledge about a diverse array of subjects, but who doesn't know much about any one of them in depth. I read obsessively and am a pretty successful amateur bicycle racer. I seem to go through life having to constantly re-learn a) humility and b) not to take everything personally; those are karmic debt lessons, I'm sure. I live in Boulder, Colorado, which is a very progressive / liberal thought sort of community, so I've recently been considering taking up a study group in Tarot and/or astrology at the local metaphysical bookstore, in order to examine some of this more closely.

And no, I'm not opinionated. Not in the least... :rolleyes:

20-08-2005, 21:19
My planets are all in Leo, Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio.
Wow, I also have only these planets in my natal chart, tho my houses are obviously different, and my asc is Scorpio.

isthmus nekoi
20-08-2005, 23:22
That is just fascinating that your childhood role models were Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Spock - two very airy characters if ever there were any! I would guess, giving what you said about your analytic nature and Virgo placement(s) that your Mercury picks up for the lack of air. I have a cousin, no air, w/Mercury involved in a gorgeous grand trine in fire - he has always been very advanced academically and won a lot of chess competitions in his youth.

btw, I think a mistake a lot of ppl make is to imagine air signs as intelligent (b/c of the abstraction and relation to language) and on the other end, earth signs as slow and dense. I have personally not found this to be the case... Talking fluently about trivial things may demonstrate an ease and comfort in air, but imo is not really a sign of intelligence. If you don't mind me asking - what about communicating/socializing then, the hallmark of the air sign?

21-08-2005, 01:39
and incidentally... there's controversy whether my ASC is actually Capricorn or Aquarius.

My mom is a pretty decent amateur astrologer and when you HAND CAST the chart, with an accurate ephemeris (I've struggled thru the math myself, long time ago as a teenager), it comes up Aquarius, 1 degree.

When you run the numbers thru a computer program or online calculator, it comes up Capricorn, 27 degrees. That doesn't 'fit' or 'feel' right though, so I prefer to adhere to what my mother (and I myself) cast.

If you don't mind me asking - what about communicating / socializing then, the hallmark of the air sign?
well, I think all along I've had challenges in this realm. It took me a very long time to talk or relate to any sort of outsiders. Until I was about 12 or 13, I was an extremely shy child, and very serious. One of those ten-going-on-forty types of kids, I'm told.

I am an only child, and had a solitary childhood, growing up on a farm in a single parent situation. I think that, more than anything, affected my social skills. To this day I have to consciously work hard at social situations. I'm not comfortable in groups. I don't like 'small talk', and I've no patience with superficiality... which leads me to sometimes act a bit thorny or defensive if I don't immediately warm up to the subject or speaker. And, I have an afflicted Mars/Mercury aspect, meaning I have to guard my tongue very carefully, so as not to be overly confrontational, 'go off' in an outburst or seem like I'm carrying a chip on my shoulder when I'm actually not. People who do understand me and get along with me both appreciate my forthright honesty, and think I'm a refreshingly GOOD communicator. People who don't know me, or don't relate to me well (and they're polarised, like I said) tend to either prefer to believe I'm deliberately being confrontational (when really, I'm not, I just don't suffer fools gladly and prefer to cut to the chase) or have a maddening tendency to either completely misunderstand my intent, or worse, they deliberately TRY to poke me with a stick, then stand back and watch the fallout.

Here's a rundown of my planet placements, as I understand them to be. I'm by no means an expert... so if any of this seems weird or inaccurate speak up.

Sun - 9deg Leo, 7th house
Moon - 12deg Scorpio, 9th house
Mercury - 3deg Leo, 7th house
Venus - 21deg Leo, 7th house
Mars - 27deg Cancer, 7th house
Jupiter - 8deg Virgo, 7th house
Saturn - 25deg Aries, 3rd house
Uranus - 26deg Virgo, 8th house
Neptune - 23deg Scorpio, 10th house
Pluto - 21deg Virgo, 8th house
ASC - 1deg Aquarius

Hope that sheds more clarity. I'm interested to hear your opinion, since like I said I don't know a ton about this.

21-08-2005, 02:31
Lonefrontranger, now that's a lotta Leo!! Mine seems very insignificant in comparison.

My moon is at 16 degress Leo, in the 5th house (which is ruled by Leo and the Sun).My Moon is cusping the 6th house, but I am still not quite sure what this means, maybe that my creativity is linked to my health...Looks like my moon is in a trine with my Mars (at19 degrees Aries in 1st House) and another trine with my MC which is at 24 degrees Sag....But, it is in opposition to my Merc at 8 degrees AQU, in the 11th house. (hope I said it all correctly :) )....am curious to know what that opposition might mean.

Also, I have been looking at lots of instructional threads in astro, and am wondering about where my Leo falls in my natal chart. It is in the north western quadrant of the chart, the north being associated with introversion, and the western part is associated with relating to others (following?).

Hope it's okay to post a link to my chart in here (and I hope it worked ;) )


isthmus nekoi
21-08-2005, 04:03
lonefrontranger - I've got my ASC at 1 Aquarius as well - looks like we're on the same page. Thanks for going into such detail in response to my question.

w/your specs it looks like you have a lot of 7th house activity going on, 7th being an air house. I find 7th house stelliums really prefer to have a dialogue and they need someone to bounce off of. This doesn't necessarily have to be a person although that is almost always the case.

As to your communication style, that perhaps is not simply just a lack of air... on top of your out of sign Mars/Mercury conjunction, you'll see that you have warrior sign Aries on your 3rd house (communication) and its ruler Mars, is squaring your 3rd house Saturn! Those two put together in your air houses of 3rd and 7th point to a much harsher communication style - if you're female this is compounded upon as women are raised socially to have a softer and more indirect style.

isthmus nekoi
21-08-2005, 04:14
Astrid, yes, it is quite alright to post your chart.

Oppositions... this is a push and pull, think of a tug of war b/w two planets. w/a Aquarian Mercury in 11th opposing a Leo moon in 5th, we have a theme of feeling based self expression vs a more detached, group-oriented thinking. Any moon-Mercury contact really colours the mind w/a subconscious, habitual structure in thinking.

Yes you are correct in the traditional thinking that top=extroversion, bottom=introversion and west (the right side)=others and east=self.... I don't really subscribe to this b/c I have not found this to be true while reading charts... I think introversion/extroversion is too complex to be reduced to that simple rule, or to even have a rule of thumb....

21-08-2005, 04:43
I like Astrodienst, they're a great resource and there's good info on there if you're willing to dig around for it (massive, massive site).

again, the disclaimer; I'm only very new at this myself.

As shown by your chart, you are a double Pisces. Your Sun (Self, Ego) and ASC ('Shell' or outward appearance) are both in this sign, despite that your Sun is right at the cusp of Aquarius. The Sun and ASC are quite possibly the two most important and influential characteristics of your natal chart, so that will certainly regulate the effects of your Leo Moon (your inner / unconscious self / Personality). I think that if you're able to anticipate, understand and mitigate any blocks or confusion these fairly diametrically opposed signs can cause, that this is a rather clever balance. It can either lead to questions and self-doubt, or else mean that your intuitive, somewhat otherworldly general nature can be balanced by the creative, dramatic and focussed thoughts / meditative abilities your Moon allows. Some Pisceans I've known can tend to get a little drifty and untethered, like a boat that's come off its moorings and is just going wherever the river takes it. Perhaps that Leo Moon can simply allow you be more focused on driving in the direction YOU want to go... your first impulse is to drift, but then logic and your good sense cuts in and you man the oars. Bolstered by the ruler of your Sun sign, Neptune, in adventuresome, freewheeling Sag, I might conclude that you enjoy travel and adventures - not for business reasons, necessarily, but possibly for enlightenment or self awareness.

I know very little about horizon / hemisphere placement. My own chart is an 'extrovert' chart, with most planets 'showing' above the horizon... but it's also a 'followers' chart, with most of them setting. My intuition of your Moon placement is simply that you are quite possibly able to balance your creative drive with your intuition by allowing your thoughts to 'follow' your insights and impulses... but that's a stab in the dark.

Like me, you have a lot of fire, water and earth in your chart, with not so much air. Like me, a lot of your planets are 'visible', meaning a fairly extroverted nature, at least as extrovert as your Piscean nature lends itself to. Unlike me, your chart appears to be more mutable than fixed, and your planets are more evenly distributed throughout, so you're a lot less stubborn and dogmatic, and more adaptable, visionary and balanced.

I also have a fair amount of Scorpio in my chart... including a Scorpio Midheaven... 'what crowns me', so to speak. My life is a continual balancing act of juggling Leonine drama (and let's face it: a tendency to be a bit childish) with Scorpio paranoias and Virgo pedantry. I'm a very intense person, and while that's not always a bad thing (I'm a quintessential Getter Of Things Done), it does drive people off, if I don't keep the lid screwed down on the Sturm und Drang.

The fascinating thing, to me, about your chart is that I can't shake the imagery it triggered. I have this picture in my mind of a calm, moonlit lake in a well-tended park, with hundreds of little floating candles set adrift on the surface - perhaps at a fancy soiree' or so. The lake is your Self and the way in which you relate to people, and the candles, both supported by and reflected in the clear water are your thoughts, feelings, daily motivations, etc.

21-08-2005, 05:49
...Those two put together in your air houses of 3rd and 7th point to a much harsher communication style - if you're female this is compounded upon as women are raised socially to have a softer and more indirect style.
strangely enough, the people I get along with fabulously with are.... SOLDIERS! How's that for a Mars sort of significance? I've always been most at home around those of military and/or police background. As in... getters of things done, and those who don't tolerate any nonsense. I've worked for several military contractors, and despite that I really like my work situation now, my very favorite colleagues EVER were the team of soldiers that I spent six months working on a satcom project with. Soldiers, IMO, are virtually perfect project partners. Yes, they're a bit rough-and-tumble, but they're also unfailingly loyal, goal-oriented, don't mess around, do exactly what they're asked, when they're asked to do it, they don't play political games, and they don't try to weasel out of accountability when things go 'all pear-shaped'.

Also, quite possibly the 'brother I never had' is a former roommate of mine, a brilliant young Army Reservist. He ships off to Ft. Leonard Wood in two weeks, to prepare for being stationed in Iraq. He's like family to me, as much as ties of friendship can trump those of blood. He's very young, but astonishingly sharp and mature. We have great rapport and keep in touch via the 'net despite all the differences. He fixed my car, helped move my furniture, and convinced a persistent unwanted suitor of mine in a borderline creepy-stalker situation to push off - no confrontation necessary, just being friendly, extremely nosy and VERY IMPRESSIVELY LARGE in his combat fatigues was enough to get the point across. He, in turn, leans on me as a reality check for all the emotional baggage being nineteen and dealing with girlfriends and social angst / peer pressure as a young adult entails. Plus I taught him some foolproof culinary skills that will make him an even more desirable housemate for whomever. I can only guess our friendship bond represents some sort of karmic former life debt. I'm worried about him going overseas (who wouldn't be?) but I also recognize (as his family don't seem to want to) that this is a VERY important goal and life passage for him, that he feels he must accomplish as a catalyst for other goals (college, career, etc.). And also... he's a Taurus (ha!), meaning the more his dad rants at him about 'throwing away his future', the more this kid is going to stubbornly stomp off in the other direction and slam the door on the discussion... I could quite easily write a book on the topic of Taurean Bloodymindedness as my ex husband is a Taurus as well.

And yes, I'm female, and yes, it's very difficult with female gender social roles being what they are, living with my sort of communications ethic. I'm no Stepford Wife. I typically relate to men better than women, on the whole, mostly because I'm not a 'girly girl'.

21-08-2005, 06:49
Thanks so much for the help explaining the oppositional thing with my merc and my moon, Isthmus. I have found this placement to be the most difficult part of my natal chart to understand/decipher. I haven't looked at it this way before, like a balance b/w thinking modes....I think I have a grasp on the Merc AQU in 11th house type of thinking, but the Moon in Leo in 5th house, to me seems like I'd be preoccupied with thinking about my kids (or my sculpting).

Lonefrontranger, you don't sound like a newb at this to me, and thanks so much for the interpretation. I like how you described them working together and this does happen sometimes. Other times it feels as though the moon energy overwhelms my sun's energy. It's like sometimes that untethered pisces, gets tethered to an unbelievably strong, loud lion, who drags it out of its comfort zone ;).....then it takes a few hours of decompression to chill myself back out. (this is why I brought up the introvert/extrovert stuff)....

Funny soldiers and military plays a roll in your life, there is a similar theme in mine as well. (Dad was in USAF, hubby is ex USCG, now a firefighter/ paramedic , older Leo Sun sister is in military presently....I always chalked it up to uniforms :D ) ...my mars is 19 degrees aries in 1st house.

I think your communication style is very nice, and friendly, and expressive, while still direct, but not threateningly so. I especially like how you described your scorpio midheaven. And I am very curious about that image that my chart triggered in you...well, first, thank you for sharing it, it is a beautiful image, and I will hold on to it. I am wondering though, do you have flashes like that a lot? To me it seems like intuitive chart interpretation (or something intuitive going on)

24-08-2005, 02:35
hi there, gee what a week it's been already!

I really am pretty much a novice. My mom's a decent amateur astrologer, and I've dabbled off and on with it since I was old enough to do the math, but I really never went in depth with it (as with many other things).

As regards the imagery to go with your chart, I sometimes have intuitive leaps, and I'm a visual person, but I don't think it's any sort of psychic leaning. Quite possibly it's just something I saw or read long ago that triggers it.

...Other times it feels as though the moon energy overwhelms my sun's energy. It's like sometimes that untethered pisces, gets tethered to an unbelievably strong, loud lion, who drags it out of its comfort zone...
Hm, I guess I can see your point. I'm not a particularly 'serene' or meditative person. I take out all my inner conflicts by being a bike racer, which means competitive, wilful, aggressive... all those sorts of dominant firey traits, so I doubt I'd find that sort of 'loud leonine' energy bothersome. But if I recall correctly, the Sun is in it's 'fall' in Pisces, meaning that (possibly depending on the Moon transits), your Leo Moon would indeed sometimes 'overwhelm' it, and if you're a naturally peaceful and serene person, then yes, I can see that would be grating.

In my case, where I get all wrapped 'round the axle is when my sneaky, introspective, suspicious Scorpio Moon creeps up and starts to undermine my usually sunny optimism. This causes its own conflicts, as I'm sure you can imagine.

I'm glad you can appreciate my communication style. I've worked long and hard at being understanding, but I still have days when I just can't seem to curb that Mars confrontational aspect. I also find I express myself much better in writing than in person.

isthmus nekoi
24-08-2005, 02:53
The sun is in its exaltation in Aries, dignity in Leo, detriment in Aquarius and fall in Libra.

Astrid - is your sun in 12th? I think I remember seeing that... in that case, it would be easy for other planets to "outshine" your sun as it were b/c 12th is such a weak placement. I know for myself, w/my Cap sun in 12th, my Sag moon in the very public 10th, or prominent Mars on ASC will totally take over unless I am comfortable w/someone.

Interestingly enough, a prominent Mars is supposed to predispose me to a military mindset, but I think I have too much Sag to go in for that (three planets - moon, Venus and Neptune). I couldn't bear the idea of joining the army and ignoring my Saggy desire for freedom to do whatever I please.

24-08-2005, 03:35
Hi Isthmus and LFR :D

Yes my sun is n the 12th house, with (I think 2 other placements, venus, and north node? I don't have my trusty chart copy with me at the moment)Your words on this issue really have given me a new tool to try out! I will try to choose *which* planetary energy I go with, when my Pisces sun is overwhelmed or put on the back burner. So, does this mean that the planets etc, beneath the horizon will not be the ones to overtake?

I hear you about the scorpion sucpiscious/ paranoid nature! Yikes, it really can get outta hand, but in my older years, I have learned to ignore it.Or I allow the paranoid thought to "happen" but I will follow it immediately with a stronger affirmative thought, or at least a firm acknowledgement of how truly paranoid it was! :D (my scorpio placement is jupiter, in 8th house)

I guess I find it most difficult to accept the aggressive/loud leonine energy in my role as mom. Kids get very upset by loud voices, and especially yelling:D So, this tendency is something I find myself apologising profusely for, to my stunned kids, and many times, the piscean side needs to go somewhere private and cry after.(Though I do realize the yelling/stress is a situational thing, and my way of expressing myself during times of high stress, may be affected by my planetary placements. I am not thinking the planets "make me yell" ;)) So, in this respect, it is most uncomfortable and unwelcome. I admire your bike racing outlet though!! Man that sounds like a great thing to do with this particular energy! I try to use the energy thru exercise, but have a tendency to avoid competition, as it brings out a side in me that I find difficult to tether:D

Isthmus, I have to say this, regarding your comment about mars and military....My husband was reading over my shoulder one day while I was reading one of your posts, you began with the term "Please be advised" and he laughed and said, "Who is this Nekoi?!! That's *so* military, *I* say please be advised!!" And I should add here, he was in the military, and still is very military in his mannerisms. So, anyway, I then showed him your profile picture, and really shocked the hell out of him when he saw that you are a woman!

isthmus nekoi
24-08-2005, 08:59
Hm, choosing planetary energies - you know, I've never thought of that myself... I'm sure planets below the horizon could also "cover up". Perhaps the ASC ruler, anyone in the 3rd house (b/c of its connection w/communicating/socializing) etc.

lol, nekoi is Japanese for "cat" - not sure how military that is... Thanks for sharing that story, it put a smile on my face. Actually... w/Mars on the ASC, I do like to wear clothes w/a military style. And a lot of my clothes are that dullish army green, I love it for some reason. Even my website is that colour!

27-08-2005, 06:27
The sun is in its exaltation in Aries, dignity in Leo, detriment in Aquarius and fall in Libra.yikes, that'll teach me to post information without looking it up to verify!

Here, since this is a learning forum, hopefully this link will work. My natal chart with a few extra goodies tacked on. Not looking for readings, just thought it might be interesting to hear more thoughts on the type reflected here:

Astrid, it sounds as though you're well on the path to understanding. I'm only beginning to understand things such as transits and so on. Mercury retrograde caused a fair amount of havoc with me this trip; I even had car trouble (which I almost never do!).

isthmus nekoi
28-08-2005, 06:56
The link works just fine and wow! Everything I said about your communication style you can double b/c Mars is angular (conjunct DC) squaring your chart ruler! Mercury, planet of communication is also angular.

Neptune is also angular in your chart and the most elevated planet, exactly conjunct the MC, trining its depositor (Mars). It's good you can express the Scorpio energy through exercise - probably quite natural too w/Mars in the 6th house of health and exercise.

p.s. no worries about blunders, I've made many myself on this forum!