View Full Version : Anaretic degrees and Leo

19-07-2011, 13:23
EDIT: The information I requested, I found out the birth data I was using as a basis for my question was incorrect; which now explains my total confusion.

I need to reassess the chart.

What I do know:
My friend's Sun is at 29 degrees Leo and my Moon is at 29 degrees Leo; I am aware that the 29th degree is a critical sign (a hardship/lesson/area of indecisiveness in our life).

Would the 29 degrees affecting the sun/moon refer to our perspective areas (external life, internal life respectively) - and thus be areas where we conflict with ourselves in? I.E., my moon is in my second house; and I do have internal struggles with finances - so I am gathering that this is my area of indecisiveness. I realize I'm only touching the surface but I've had very little information to go on. Being that Regulus also governs this degree - I have taken it also to mean that we must exercise caution and balance (in her external public life and my internal emotional life) to avoid hard crashes and destruction.