View Full Version : I can't do it!!!

Little Baron
25-07-2003, 02:06
I know that I am a bit thick but ...

when I try to join the chat room, I go through the instructions and then get to the bit that I have to type /join #tarot and I can't get any connection. I am quite sure I have done the rest correctly. Any ideas? The hlp button is not much help and goes right over my head.


25-07-2003, 02:13
I've never been able to get on either. I finally gave up.

25-07-2003, 02:23
stories of frustration about getting into the chatroom, and people always complaining about no one in there when they DID finally get in, that I decided that it wasn't worth the time and effort to go there.


Little Baron
25-07-2003, 02:55
Think I am understanding your frustration. I am sure that I visited the chat rooms a year or so ago and it was much easier. I just clicked from this site and was in.

Think I might give up too!


Little Baron
25-07-2003, 02:57
After a minute of writing the last post, I got in and ... as you said ... there was nobody there.

25-07-2003, 05:02
I had major problems connecting for a while. I used the link provided by Kaz in the sticky to get DarkstyleProII and have not had a problem since. Many times the room is empty but if you keep checking back you will catch someone there.


Little Baron
25-07-2003, 05:09
Thanks Lady Medusa. I will try again. Was very lonely in there the first time!