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13-12-2001, 10:13
On Friday, 12/14 the new Moon which is an eclipse, will occur at 22 degrees/56 minutes (almost 23 degrees) Sagittarius.
Venus and Pluto are also conjunct in Sagg at 15 degrees and Mercury is leading the pack at 28 degrees of Sagg.

This is a very powerful chart! It speaks of truths (Sagg speaks blunty), endings and beginnings. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Listen carefully to what others are saying and be open to new views.

If you have any planets at 17 to 28 degrees of Sagg, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, those planets (or angles) will be activated by this lineup.

The South Node is on Mercury; it wouldn't be unusual for someone from your past (or a past life) to make contact.

Sagg is also about belief systems, foreigners, religions and luck. Let's all send good thoughts out to the Universe that we learn to solve our differences and can live as one people.

God Bless and Happy Eclipse,

13-12-2001, 11:06
i adore having you on this forum. you are definitely a gift to us all!


13-12-2001, 22:34
I second what Jade has just said! AquarianGoddess, your info. is always helpful & appreciated!

14-12-2001, 06:48
[quote]AquarianGoddess (13 Dec, 2001 10:13):


Could you help me...my birthday is 8/6 I was born in the early am (around 4am).

What does the eclipse mean to me and the other Leo's here


14-12-2001, 22:30
Jade & Jeanette,

Awwwww, thank you ladies for your very kind comments. It's always my pleasure to share the little I know.

14-12-2001, 23:00
Hi CJ,

Based on a Solar chart, which is how the horoscopes in the newspaper are written, this eclipse will highlight your Solar fifth house of creativity, romance, children and fun.

There are many components to astrology and it's impossible to say how it will affect you personally. The eclipse degree is making a very nice trine (120 degree aspect) to your Leo Sun. Leo's love to shine (being ruled by the Sun) and this is prime time for you to feel wonderful and empowered. Go for it!

New River
15-12-2001, 03:37
A.Q., thank you for this info! i logged on hoping to find out info on the eclipse and there you were!

just to let you know, i am a scorpio, and will be spending this evening with my dear friend wrapping gifts. she is a saggitarius. she is a very blunt woman. i love that about her.

to tie in with venus and pluto, well, we love each other dearly and we are also both sad at this time of year because we have both lost family members to suicide.

and with mercury, what could be better than getting together to communicate and share our feelings while we are doing things for others.

i am going to see this process way more symbolically than just a usual get together now that i have all this information to help me connect with the energy going on at this time.

when i read your post i was amazed at all the connections.

cheers to new beginnings!

love, light and hope, New River

15-12-2001, 08:17
Dear Aquarian Goddess,

Many thanks for the eclipse info. I'm glad the impact starts at 17 deg. Sag...I've been busy working through transiting Pluto opposite my Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 14 and 16 degrees Gemini. Tr. Pluto is also making its second pass at conjuncting my daughter's Sun (though so far she seems to be experiencing the positive effects of the transit--discovering her own personal power.) I was worried about the potential for attracting violence but so far the only sign of this was a nasty car accident, not her fault (a driver in the opposite lane lost control of his car and spun into her lane. her car was totalled but everyone was unhurt).

Still, will be very happy to see Pluto move along.

Just out of curiosity, what do you use for the orb on an eclipse? Is three degrees too wide?


Kalin :)

16-12-2001, 11:24
Hi New River,

Yes, it is always difficult to come to the anniversary time of year of a loved one's death. Suicidal deaths are especially harsh reality and I feel for both of you.

Glad to hear my post had meaning for you. Hope the eclipse night was everything you wanted it to be.


16-12-2001, 11:44
Hi Kalin,

Venus/Jupiter conjunctions are cool!! I'm going to request one in my next life. Now with Pluto opposing that conjunction, that also means Saturn has been conjuncting the duo, although it's backing away now.

Thank God your daughter wasn't injured in the car crash. Experiencing her "personal power" during her Pluto transit is a maximizing the symbolism of Pluto. Good for her!

I've been called an "Orb Slob" more than once. I use large orbs and like it that way. Orbs are really a very personal choice and any number you choose is the right number.

How have you used, or what have you noticed with you Pluto/Venus contact?


19-12-2001, 19:26
AquarianGoddess (16 Dec, 2001 11:44):
Hi Kalin,

I've been called an "Orb Slob" more than once. I use large orbs and like it that way. Orbs are really a very personal choice and any number you choose is the right number.

How have you used, or what have you noticed with you Pluto/Venus contact?


Well, it's an 11th house (transiting Pluto) opposite 5th house (natal Venus/Jupiter) aspect, so I did have some group/individual issues crop up when Pluto crossed over into the 11th, but can't say I learned anything that I didn't already know about this subject, at least not yet...LOL. As for the contact with Venus, I'd say I've reached some clarity regarding what I value in life (Venus). Goals, that sort of thing.

Thanks for sharing your view on orbs. I think the same, especially after noticing the effect of the Summer Solstice eclipse at 0 Cancer as it squared an acquaintance's sun within 3 degrees. Most astrologers would say that's too wide an orb for an eclipse, but this person seemed to be experiencing definite ego issues (meaning ego as self-perception/natal sun influence, which we all have, rather than the *ego is always always bad bad bad* definition). The challenges seemed to involve career status/stature and were quite pronounced, which I attributed to the square. I guess there could have been other transits but this went on for a number of months afterward, and my understanding of an eclipse is that its effects can be felt for up to six months.

Kalin :)