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04-08-2011, 07:18
is there a stone or a herbal tea that will help someone open up to family and friends about why she's not doing her self-care for her chronic illness?

this woman and i are both type 2 diabetics, with different complications....i follow my docs orders and educate myself...she hardly does....
the woman's a puzzlement to friends and family, she's been ill for a decade, and in and out of hospital at least once a year....there's things she needs to do to help regulate this illness...and she does a half-***ed job....and what's worse, she pours on the waterworks and cussed ya out for giving advice or getting her to do something to have a better quality of life....
this stuff really bugs me personally, she is family, known her for over 3 decades....and i'm the one i told her she could lean on, after she was initially diagnosed in the ER....i saved her life back then, and this is how she repays me....i'm quite close to her kids, who are at sea as to what to do too....they end up kowtowing to her....i don't see her much anymore cuz she avoids coming here cuz of my advice...i'm at sea about her too...
thinking on the lines of an gemstone/amulet gift or an herbal tea/herb powder that her daughters could give her...is there such things?

04-08-2011, 16:53
Iīm sad to hear about your friend. And especially her children. I always think children/teenagers should not have to carry adult problems because they have enough of their own..
Her self-destructive behavior somehow makes me think that she is very sad and depressed and lacks direction in life. Sounds like she hasnīt accepted her illness at all yet. I think that probably her lack of the all important self-care and self-love is just too big a thing to cure with herbs or crystals. But itīs worth a try, of course.

I think Iīd go for something against depression like Green Chalchedony, Clear Quarz, Citrine, or Bloodstone. Amber is good for neutralizing negative energies and removing depressive feelings.

04-08-2011, 21:56
ditto to all hemera posted.

especially with the bloodstone as I know this is a gem that is very good for blood issues. It also may encourage this family member to become more involved in her life and taking care of herself.

I also recommend Chrysocolla which is suppose to be a fantastic stone for those who are insulin dependent for their Diabetes. Its also a very pretty stone. The crystal Quartz stone also mentioned by Hemera is a fantastic healing gem! in addition to protecting your family member from negative energies it can also increase spiritual awareness and will help her to empower herself towards handling this difficult illness.

Red Jasper is another great stone for people with diabetes. it will help raise her energy level and hopefully help her to take control of her situation again. It is also a protection stone.

(((Rockursgirl and her family member)))

05-08-2011, 04:01
thanks for the good advice....the red jasper and chrysocolla sound perfect for her...