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18-09-2010, 01:46
Hi, I'm new here. :) I'm also new to start reading tarot!

In advance, I want to say, I can't return to this forum until some days, so if I don't reply to replies (!) quickly, that's the reason. I do intend to come back and participate in the forum, not just using people for resource. :)

Okay, I started by doing a daily one-card reading to familiarise myself with the cards. :) But arose a question where I wanted more guidance, so I decided to place myself a Celtic Cross spread on my question. I don't really want to go into the question here (although if most think it necessary, I will post it later :) ) - I think my question is a little more general.

Basically, I am slightly uncertain (and, admittedly, concerned!) about the Devil in position 10 (outcome).

So in general (sorry to take long to get to the point!) I was wondering on the perspective of people with much more experience than me, on the Devil in a spread. I tend to interpret it very negatively when it occurs in a 'future'-related position and I can't think of a single card in the deck which would have given me any *less* of a glimmer of hope for the outcome! :-D But I think maybe because of my inexperience I'm unable to see all the possibilities of this card.

(FWIW, the deck I was using was the Dark Angels Tarot.)

22-09-2010, 05:17
As an outcome, the Devil may be a reminder that whatever situation in which you find yourself is one that you have the ability to extract yourself from if you so desire. I don't have the Dark Angels in front of me, but the RWS imagery of the card usually shows two people who are chained to the Devil, but their bonds are loose enough that they can remove them.

The Devil could also represent carnal desires, if that's relevant to the reading.


22-09-2010, 06:32
Could also be suggesting a need to loosen up. Hard to say without seeing the spread or knowing the question etc.

22-09-2010, 07:57
Nice one, Rodney.

I'd also suggest that the Devil indicates that whatever the outcome (which depends on the question), in the final situation I would be cautious about acting on instinct: there is a danger in it. I'd be looking to put the brakes on any automatic reactions in the outcome-situation, and make consciously higher, ethical choices, for fear of one's own less ethical behaviours rebounding on you and upsetting the outcomes and destroying what you have achieved.

22-09-2010, 12:20
I had a feeling, but couldn't be certain until I saw the card - it's one I mentioned here (http://www.tarotforum.net/showpost.php?p=2267064&postcount=177) as reminding me of an overwrought 80's video. That association will color anything else I say about this card. })

Both the devil masks and the fact that her face is obscured by a veil suggests something that one is hiding or ashamed of. I swear she is about to start shimmying her shoulders any second now! I can't tell by her stance if she's about to take flight or if she's taken aback by whatever she's looking at.

I thought it was my imagination until I looked with a magnifying glass, but the devil masks have different expressions on them. Originally I only saw 8 masks, but there is one just behind her left wing. That one is hiding, going along with my earlier interpretation.

Her stance could also be one of "I've got my peeps with me. Mess with me, mess with all of us!" (Her shoulders are shimmying on my card as I type this. Honest!)

As an outcome, the image may suggest something that you'd rather not acknowledge that won't be ignored (the small devil mask by her right arm).

"I'm gonna harden my heart...." (shimmy shimmy shimmy)


22-09-2010, 20:39
Thank you everybody for your help! :-)

Your interpretations kind of tie in with my own feelings that it was important to be quite careful and not act purely on my instinct. Other cards in the spread also seemed to be indicating this.

lol @ Rodney your interpretation of the Devil in that deck! :D When using that deck, I associate more of 'deception' to the Devil card whereas when using the Universal deck I tend to think more about restriction/restraint. *has the sudden urge to go read up more on different decks*

23-09-2010, 09:17
Great interpretation, rwcarter.

Maybe a strange thing to say, but I always love it when the Devil turns up during a reading. It's usually about something we don't talk about because it's taboo. But the card kind of forces you to think and talk about it. It's creativity in it's most material (or some would say 'dark' I guess) form, but sometimes that is something good.

23-09-2010, 16:04
When I wanted to know the outcome if I started my own business by buying the place where I worked, I got the Devil.

I no longer have much of a life, besides that one. It's a shop in town with all the equipment, and everything else that I do at home or out in the shop. I am and have become it's slave, it has taken over everything...

and I NEVER get to get wild and have any fun.

Until I am fed up with it and take a day or a weekend off, but then I feel guilty because I'll be sorry later, when I'm standing outside in the cold or have to spend days catching up on bookkeeping and this and that and everything else that came with it.

Luckily I love it... except for the bookwork and record keeping.

However the Devil manifests itself in your life as an outcome, there is going to be some kind of price you are willing to pay to hand over your freedom of will and there is always some kind of catch attached to it. It usually sounds very, very good and can be very, very good, but maybe it takes a bit of your soul or maybe that is the price.

18-08-2011, 21:12

This is my first message in this forum. I'm really happy to be here, and impressed about the hugue quantity of information is here.

I would like to ask about the Devil.

When asking for a general prediction for JOB SEARCH, what does exactly mean? Is it a good prediction or not?

I would really appreciate all your opinions. Thank you.

18-08-2011, 23:03
As WalesWoman mentioned, it could be that you will find yourself completely attached to the task of finding the job--and maybe also constantly looking for that "better" one which may be just ahead (more money, better perqs, etc.)

18-08-2011, 23:44
it could be that you will find yourself completely attached to the task of finding the job--and maybe also constantly looking for that "better" one which may be just ahead (more money, better perqs, etc.)

So then... a good offer is going to appear, right?

19-08-2011, 07:37
I didn't understand her to mean it that way. She said, "it could be that you will find yourself completely attached to the task of finding the job" so I took it that she meant you'll be chained to putting in application after application after application with no job forthcoming. :)

19-08-2011, 07:40
I didn't understand her to mean it that way. She said, "it could be that you will find yourself completely attached to the task of finding the job" so I took it that she meant you'll be chained to putting in application after application after application with no job forthcoming. :)

Thank you Grizabella,

So the Devil, for job, is a bad prediction. I thought for work and money was a good card, but I was wrong. Thank you.

19-08-2011, 10:45
I think the question is necessary. A card can mean all kinds of things, almost an unlimited amount of things. And the question has a lot to say about what it means. But in general, there are not negative cards in Tarot. No card that always has a negative meaning. All cards contain all possibilites related to their topic in them. And anything the cards tell you will usually, if not always, be useful and help improve your life. There is never any reason for concern from any card that comes up.

And also please remember that the future as portrayed by the cards is fluid and not fixed. If you don't like what the cards are telling you about your future, you can usually change it. SO again no cause for concern.


19-08-2011, 12:15
literal meaning is TEMPTATION . There is also a warning of danger as another poster mentioned, but Temptation is his game.

MUCH too much attention and unnecessary glory is given this freak. Thats all he is- a freak, who perverts things for his own purpose or fun. Take the Lovers card out of your deck and place it side by side with The Devil, you'll see a good contextual meaning. In the picture depicted he's on a cube, and if we were able to pull the frame farther away, we'd see he's on top of a cart being wheeled thru a parade....he's a freak on display.

Also, this card is assigned to Capricorn, so in that position with your question, I would probably be leaving myself also open to the possibility that your final outcome involves a Capricorn somehow.

Just my two cents, please leave two cents in the basket. Thanks!

19-08-2011, 16:09
Thank you for your replies! :-)

19-08-2011, 20:22
I have always associated the Devil with discontent and depression or maybe even obsession. Something that controls your mind so that you think of nothing else. This could be good or bad as to how you take it. As mentioned in an above post, she loves what she does so this is good. If you don't like what you are doing, I think this card warns don't become obsessed by it or depressed by it and bound into something that you don't want.

Blessed be,


19-08-2011, 21:03
You don't say which deck you are using. Thoth and Rider Waite decks have different meanings for the cards and other decks give a pre Christian interpretation.

If you are using RWS I think I read somewhere that the Devil is based on Levi's Baphomet drawing.

Because the numerals of the Devil add up to 6, it can be interpreted as the shadow of the Lovers and the two figures do look like those portrayed on the card.

It depends on the question as the interpretation will vary. Generally the Devi refers to the darker sides of human nature and of ourselves. You have to know yourself in order to know your fears, weaknesses and failings. He normally shows up when you are showing your shadow self.

Addiction, bondage, base desires, obsession, materialism et al are his speciality.

19-08-2011, 21:09
Thank you for replies.

I'm using Rider Waite deck. Only major arcana, also considering inversed. Only one card.

My question was: A general prediction for job in the next three months. I am now in a job that doesn't like me at all and I have sent a lot of cvs, but nobody is calling me for an interview. I'm asking in the next three months, because in the northern hemisphere, september, october and november are the best months for finding new jobs.

Thank you.