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31-07-2003, 07:00
Soooooooooo let's talk about it!!!

I just got a new chunkie, it's small and very raw, looks like an arrow-tip.
I just love all the colours and the "dirty" stuff inside, and the flashy surface and the transparency...

Come on come on!!!

31-07-2003, 09:48
I understand your excitement, Pollux, 'cause labradorite is one of my favourite stones :)

Do you know what causes the colour flashes called "labradorescence"? It is mainly caused by interference of light waves (light waves being in phase with each other and out of phase with each other all at the same time) which is a result of the lattice structure of the labradorite crystal.


31-07-2003, 15:51
I've got a big one, the size and shape of a (small) egg. It's dark green with lots of flashes in it, most of them bright blue.

I'd like to know more about how this stone can be used. I mainly bought it (years ago) because it was so beautiful! ;)

31-07-2003, 20:48
Labradorite is a Feldsbar (sp?) so is Moonstone, what is being called rainbow moonstone, is actually more Labradorite than Moonstone. True moonstone is milky and has no iridesence....
there is another name for labradorite, can't think of it right now. But it was what it was being called when it hit the market many years ago.....hmm......*someone look at my tounge, tell me what it says*

31-07-2003, 21:10
According to Melody, its alternative name is Spectrolite - was that the name on the tip of your tongue? :)

31-07-2003, 22:59
Okay okay, I'll get Cunningham's Enciclopedia oof the shelf in a couple of hours (I'm busy now!!!) and type something about it here, the use, traditions and such...

But what I want you allto talk about is your relationship with it - yeah, mostly to rave with me! :D *LOL*

31-07-2003, 23:50
I bought Cunningham's Encyclpedia when I was in Scotland, but couldn't find anything for Labradorite or even Spectrolite :(

I've obviously been looking in the wrong places in the book, so I'll try harder.

01-08-2003, 04:24
Originally posted by Minderwiz
I bought Cunningham's Encyclpedia when I was in Scotland, but couldn't find anything for Labradorite or even Spectrolite :(Found it in my book (it's a Dutch book called Het Edelstenen Handboek by Orpha Cochie). It says that spectrolite is a variant of labradorite that was recently found in Finland. It's called spectrolite because it can have all the colours of the rainbow.

01-08-2003, 05:37
I can find both in my wife's copy of Melody and also in Crystal Power , Crystal Healing by Micchael Gienger (complete with pretty photo).

But I can't find anything in Cunningham.

01-08-2003, 06:01
Originally posted by Minderwiz
According to Melody, its alternative name is Spectrolite - was that the name on the tip of your tongue? :)
-can I have a drink? I'm as dry as the mojave
thanks minder, yes that is it....

01-08-2003, 19:06
Yeah, no Labradorite in Cunninghams. :P
Another reasot to keep it dusting up on the shelf. lol

So Minderwiz, tell us more!!!
Now I wanna know too!

01-08-2003, 22:27
labradorite is my favourite..... it's fantastic for removing areas of negativity from your aura that have 'stuck' , but you need to do this very consciously.

I was given a stunning pendant with a weighty chunk of labradorite mounted in silver and I wear it all the time. I used it to get rid of all the bad feeling left lingering after a year and a half of working for a boss who was really abusive.

It's also known as the 'witches stone' and is helpful for developing personal power and intuition.

I find it so exciting to hold or look at a chunk of it - it's so beautiful and so different in different light and from different angles.

03-08-2003, 14:17
Spectrolite is a dark blue/black form of labradorite found only in Finland. I found some tiny pieces for sale once in a shop, but they were expensive and didn't have much flash to them.

I have four labradorite spheres of varying sizes. The colors and sparkles give each piece its own personality. Some people use this stone for scrying. I find myself drawn into meditation every time I pick one of my spheres up -- I keep turning and turning the stone, going deeper into the auroras and galaxies within.

-- Kyrielle

06-08-2003, 15:56
i make malas out of various combinations of stones. one of my favorites so far is 8mm labradorite beads with balinese silver and amethyst spacers.

the labradorite seems somewhat smoky and dull under artificial lighting, but glows in the sunlight... i can't think of a more beautiful stone. and the green is nicely complimented by the purple in the amethyst.

as for energy work, i haven't really gotten much off of it personally. reading what bryher wrote, perhaps this was because i was being too passive. i will have to experiment !

a friend of mine once called labradorite "sort of a masculine moonstone". i am still trying to decipher exactly what he meant by this, but i think i get the gist of it.



14-08-2003, 12:21
oooh oooh!
I'm so glad to see this thread...and that there are other people out there who love labrodorite just like me!

I found my first hunk of it only a few years ago, so it's still a realitively new love affair!
The honeymoon isn't over yet!

I keep a small labradorite bead in my medicine bag that I take everywhere with me.

It's just such a comforting stone, and I can't really explain it.

15-08-2003, 04:22
I must confess, i am a lab junkie.... have a several huge pieces of it... one is plam sized and shaped like a heart, one shaped like an arch... looks like a door to other worlds.

The reason.... it is a stone for inspiration and creativity!!

Wuhooo :)

17-09-2003, 18:32
Labradorite is good to stimulate your immune system. I have 2 rings, one with a reddish shining labradorite, the other one with the blue hue I love so much.

04-11-2005, 21:19
I have a beautiful palmstone labradorite, a grey-greeny-gold one with all sorts of translucent mineral goings-one happening inside it. I've also been told - and read - about its protective powers, its help in integrating the "stuff" that happens in our lives, and in inspiration & creativity (good, I'm a writer). But in my book written by a French healer & reader, he says that he's had some bad experiences with labradorite, because it can induce illusions.

I really don't need more illusion in my life! Has anyone else had that experience with that stone?

He also writes that the yellow type is more beneficial.

04-11-2005, 21:31
Now, don't tell me there are no coincidences!!!

I am not following you around the boards Helvetica.

I left my labradorite necklace on by mistake last night when I went to bed. I awoke in the night with a terrible headache and had to take painkillers (something I rarely do). I also had snippets of strange dreams but I put it down to the disturbed sleep and headache.

I know labradorite as being a protective stone, protecting the Chakras, I wondered if wearing it bed has caused me to feel sick and headache-y today.

After completing Reiki I we were told that for 3 weeks we may feel ill while Reiki was working its way through our Chakras. I had headaches for about 10 days... then nothing.

I have been searching about Labradorite on here this morning, and am very surprised that you have now bumped this thread! :eek:


04-11-2005, 22:02
LOL, Moonbow! I'm sorry about the headache & the bad dreams. Maybe those were labradorite-induced illusions!

If I translate from my book:

Virtue: understanding
Gift: clairvoyance

[...]Luc Bourgault wrote the following about this stone: "it is a stone that contains many unknowns and mysteries...It can create illusions when working with it is motivaed by doubtful motives; be vigilant when you work with this stone." And after several unfortunate tests of my own, I left it at that.

Interpretation in a draw
Labradorite indicates long journey, big changes, uncertainty, detachment, transcendence. It might also be a change of job.

Therapeutic virtues
It is useful to people who are tired, and to therapists. One of the main viftues of labradorite is to reconstitute a torn or disturbed aura. It helps therapists avoid having their energy pumped by their patients. Physically, labardorite stimulates the digestive system.

Well, I am baffled. It is a lovely stone. This lithotherapist only works with the yellow stone, as I wrote above, but the one I have - the grey-green-gold - is beautiful. I'm trying it out for a few days - I carry it about everywhere (along with my usual rose quartz), to test this "illusion" theory. So if you see me coming up with obvious nonsense around the forum, well, you'll know why! But so far, I am feeling more "integrated" than disturbed by illusions. But do I know if this feeling of integration is itself an illusion?

05-11-2005, 19:17
I love labradorite. I tihnk most of the info about it that I relate to came from Melody's Love is in the Earth. It is described as being able to help strengthen the boundaries of the aura os that you can create a semi-permeable bubble, letting the energies you want pas through and keeping out others. I always heard tarot readers talk about feeling drained after readings so when I read at big events I wear a pendant of labradorite so as not to tak eon the energy of my clients. The idea of a semi-permeable barrier, like the skin of an amphibian really stuck with me so when I saw a large piece of it carved into the shape of a frog I HAD to get it. It sits on my reading table when I read for others.

I wear it when I want to own my own power and maintain healthy boundaries.

08-11-2005, 22:50
I'm so glad I decided to check this out today. I bought my first labradorite just yesterday. I was looking for a sphere, wanted an amethyst one, to help with my meditation, and stumbled upon a most beautiful piece of labradorite. In this book of mine by Osman Hasanpasic, a Croatian author, well-known for his excellent work with pendulums and crystals, it says that labradorite strengthens the imune system, activates the thymus gland, the muscles and circulation. It is also helpful in cases of low blood pressure and weather sensitivity. It diminishes anger and wrath, and is helpful in business matters. Spheres are especially used to cleanse rooms of negative energy.

I didn't know about the illusions, but now that I've read it here it makes me wonder about the dream I had last night. I put the sphere next to my bed and in the middle of the night I woke up from a weird dream. I dreamt my head was in someone's lap, I couldn't see who it was, but I knew it wasn't just some human. I know it sounds weird but in my dream I was convinced it was an angel, and a very powerful one. I couldn't speak although I tried very hard and the angel was touching my face which felt extremely warm but in a way not unpleasant. I was scared and curious at the same time. It was utterly overwhelming. I woke up and I could still feel this presence around me. I couldn't move or speak. It was a powerful dream, if it was one at all.
What do you all think, I could use some insight please!


09-11-2005, 01:05
This is not one of the hardest stones, so salt cleansing should be avoided.

27-11-2005, 05:25

been a rockhound all my life~
found a beautiful pendant set in silver for $3 at a second hand shop and have several raw peices.