View Full Version : herkimers and meteorites- a story

07-08-2003, 13:59
responding to aithnea's question about stones made me recall the first time i ever really experienced crystal energies.

i was working in a metaphysical bookstore which featured a large and extensive collections of stones and minerals. i had been a rock collector for years, but despite my love of stones had never really credited them with anything more than being pretty. i was voicing my doubts when one of my coworkers (a shaman by practise, i come to find out) decided to liberate me from my skepticism.

she got the most mischievous grin on her face as she handed me every piece of meteorite we had in the store (a good double handful) and placed a large herkimer diamond on the top of my head.

"here, just hold still for a minute". which of course i did. but only for a minute... the jolt was quite surprising. i decided perhaps my time was up, put the stones away, and wandered off in a daze.

half an hour later, i returned to beg for help getting fully back in my body- i didn't feel quite connected to all my limbs.

to this day, i still don't know what she did to me but i have since then learned to be more receptive to natural energies, and also to watch my tongue around people with that certain smile about them :)


20-11-2003, 09:34
How that story just made me chuckle, what a great story. Do you own any crystals now that you work with?


Aura Wolf
21-11-2003, 15:59
That story brought a smile to my face as well. Perhaps someday I'll get more involved with crystals.