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11-08-2003, 19:36
The Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees 5 minutes Aquarius at 05:48 BST, tomorrow morning.

As with the New Moon, the predominant element is Fire, with five of the ten planets in fire signs. This is again a period to be assertive, especially in finishing off projects begun at the New Moon. However, there is a distinct lack of Earth and this indicates a lack of practical or material skills. It also suggests a lack of grounding in any plans or projects which are initiated at this time. The dominant planet mode is Fixed, suggesting a difficulty in getting things going in the first place (despite the Fire energy available) and difficulties in change or adapting to new circumstances.

The main aspect pattern is a ‘See Saw’ between Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Leo, on the one hand and Moon and Neptune in Aquarius on the other. A tug of war between a desire to show off, have a good time and party the night away against a need to look inwards at the intuitive, feeling and mystical side of life. The Sun is in its own sign of Leo, so the Leo trio are likely to be the stronger pull.

Aquarius is often depicted as prone to sudden changes and being extremely unconventional – however it is a fixed sign and one traditionally ruled by Saturn. Whatever Saturn is, he is definitely not prone to sudden changes or to be unconventional for the sake of it. Aquarius is more the sign of the directed scientific mind, engaged in a search for knowledge that will help the community. Such a mind does not blindly accept convention and wants to know the reason why. In this sense Aquarius may stand against convention but it is not simply a random desire to be different.

The Full Moon is in mutual reception with Saturn, in Cancer. Neither planet is particularly strong in their present positions, Saturn in Detriment in Cancer and the Moon only has some dignity in the last ten degrees of Aquarius. Nevertheless these two will try to aid each other through the coming month.

Neither the Moon or Saturn make aspects from which they can draw strength. Apart from the opposition of Moon to Sun, Venus and Jupiter, its only other major aspect is a sextile to Pluto, in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius. Saturn does trine Mars in Jupiter’s other sign of Pisces, but Mars is Retrograde and chasing the unreliable and unconventional Uranus, which is also retrograde. Mars also is in wide opposition to Mercury in its own sign of Virgo. Mercury though does not aspect the Aquarius Moon / Neptune or the Leo Sun / Venus / Jupiter and will find it difficult to act as a messenger between the two.

The likely outcome is that partying and fun will triumph, this may not be a particularly good outcome in the longer term but enjoy it while you can.

12-08-2003, 07:31
There is a personal note to this month's Full Moon because it occurs 2 degrees from my own natal Moon in Aquarius. I thus have my lunar return on the same day as the Full Moon and it will give my natal Moon opposition Ascendant/Saturn/Pluto/Mars quite a tweek. It will also square natal Mercury and natal Venus and trine natal Uranus.

How that's going to unfold over the next month, well the mind boggles - I'll keep you informed of anything untoward. :)

12-08-2003, 09:17
do you use the full moon as a denotation for the month ahead? I am trying to figure this out, because I thought the full moon represents a culmination of the previous new moon, rather than as an indicator of the month ahead. I think of the full moon as a time to come to completion. I am glad this full moon doesn't have a lot of crucial aspects, that can be a good thing. I did notice that this new moon is making trines to my 1st House planets (Virgo)...which gives me focus on immediate environment.

isthmus nekoi
12-08-2003, 12:21
Thanks for the report, Minderwiz! Nice to see some fire in the sky after having the planets swim their way through July!

13-08-2003, 06:38
Coincides with the Euro-heatwave Isthmus.

Oceanpoetry, I think that there is a strong tradition of starting things on a New Moon and bringing them to fruition at a Full Moon. I tend to work on the principle that New Moons and Full Moons are similar to eclipses (which are of course lunations where the Earth lines up with the other two in declination as well as latitude). They therefore have some future significance. However whilst I do think they have predictive meaning I'd probably agree that it is for things already underway rather than things that are being initiated.

13-08-2003, 13:14
I had never heard that interpretation before of using new moon and full moon as cycles of their own! Maybe the lack of aspects this full-moon cycle is a good thing, especially with such intensity from Mars right now. I woke up this morning before dawn and went down to the beach. The full moon was in the west setting in the horizon, it was spectacular sight. The moon's light reflected across water, and reminded exactly of the Moon card. It was a nice way to begin the day. :) I saw a bright star near the moon, thought it was Mars but wasn't sure if that is where it was supposd to be. It didn't have the red-orange glow I was expecting.

13-08-2003, 19:08
I might well be going out on a limb here (sounds of cracking?) but eclipses themselves follow cycles and it seems to me at least a possibility to say that we have two interwoven cycles of New Moons and Full Moons, the former basically relating to new things starting, the latter relating to existing things coming to fruition - Its a little more dynamic than the traditional view and something I can't prove in any way.

I could use the phrase 'but it works for me' however if I do I'll have John Frawley coming round and forcing me to do his course on Astrology so that I learn the 'right' way. LOL