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17-08-2003, 01:32
Hi Everyone!

Jupiter will soon (around August 26th) exit its transit in Leo and since there is sooooo much Leo influence on this board, I'm wondering what your experience has been with the Big Guy?

Let's hear your stories by house and aspects to other planets or angles. This is a learning forum and a part of learning astrology is to look back.

Okay, I'll begin by saying that I've gained about 10 - 15 lbs since Jupiter was in my 12th, then crossed over my ascendant!! Fortunately, I'm still small, but not as small as I was! Also, when Jupiter was conjunct my Pluto (in the 1st and ruling the 4th), I moved to a very nice apartment, albeit very far from where I work...so now I have a very long commute.

Since Jupiter has been in Leo, it has trined my natal Jupiter, squared my MC and trined my natal Venus and I can honestly say that nothing spectacular has happened.

Now it's your turn! Come on Minderwiz.....I know Jupiter has been very busy in your chart.....do tell.....


18-08-2003, 08:46
I'm not sure. What is it supposed to do?
I have had SO many problems with friends (close ones) and acquaintences in the last three weeks only- personal relationships going down the drain, that it makes me wonder WHAT is going on! So, could it be Jupiter in Leo? I don't know. Any info is appreciated!

isthmus nekoi
18-08-2003, 11:54
Hi AG, great question!

Jupiter's been in my 7th house (clients), which is probably good for a teacher of private lessons, although the flow hadn't changed much since I began (Jupiter was in 5th or 6th). He also rules my 11th house, and this year I got involved w/modding Aeclectic, as well as joining the newsteam for a link portal (for web design and digital art) - maybe if I look back, I'll see the trines to my 11th house planets?

Since his sojourn in Leo, Jupiter has opposed Aquarian Mars & ASC; trined Sag moon, Venus and Neptune; sextiled Librian Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. I'm still waiting for a square to Scorp Uranus.
The one transit that sticks out is the sextile to Pluto. For some reason, I got the impetus to try to publish a piece of erotica I'd written a while back as Jupiter was coming into orb (I didn't realize this at the time though). I actually sent out the submission the day the transit was exact!! The editor I'd sent my writing to sounded enthusiastic and encouraging, although I won't know if it shall be published until later this year (Jupiter delivers when it comes to luck, but not much else!!). Thought this all made sense w/natal Pluto and Jupiter (who rules publishing) in 8th (sex), trans Jup in 7th (one on one relationship)!

18-08-2003, 22:51
Well, since Jupiter has been in Leo I've begun an ongoing project designing a library of CD covers which went VERY successfully and is still going! Several of my friends are in the entertainment business have experienced a rise in business with this placement, despite the current economy. So, speaking generally, is it safe to say that because Leo likes to be noticed (entertainment) and Jupiter brings expansion, that the music and film industries haven't suffered? Also, think about the hype surrounding shows such as "American Idol" and "Project Greenlight". Some people want to be a star and others want to entertained!

Personally, Jupiter has been in my 4th house and though I haven't changed residences - YET - I'll probably be doing so after he moves into my 5th house around the beginning of September, with Venus following close behind. While in the 4th house, I have been helping my mother with her home (where I now live as well). We've been painting, pulling up carpeting, sanding, new kitchen, etc.... I've begun studying Screenwriting at NYU and have never felt so creative in my life!

I am still learning about aspects so I'm not so sure about the details of Jupiter's tour in my chart.

ps: I've also gained a bit of weight - not much, but at least my "Olive Oyl" physique now has a shape, LOL!

18-08-2003, 23:03
This is a 'big deal' period for me. My natal Saturn sits at 29.21 degrees Leo, and my asc is 24.15 deg Leo. Natal Jupiter at 0.48 Aquarius in the 6th house.
Yes, I have gained significant weight! Typical of both Jupiter and, I understand, an activated Jupiter in the 6th (right?).

Jupiter was actually in my 12th house for most of its Leo transit and I have spent a lot of time these past weeks reading and doing some inner work based on the reading.

Socially I have been having a very good time, unusually active (for me.... for some it might have been quiet, all relative I guess). Mostly family related.

I was very lucky during the recent power outage. I could have been caught in some ugly situations, but I wasn't, so personally I think that counts as Jupiter luck.

I probably should have been at work this week to 'cash in' on this period, but I am on vacation.

August 16th, 1996, I finally split from a very bad marriage. I always like having my asc activated, it makes me able to do what needs to be done.

19-08-2003, 03:25
Well I'm another one who has put on weight LOL Also, like Marion, I have my Ascendant at the end of Leo (23 degrees 27 mins)

I have Mars 12 degrees 40 mins), Pluto (14 degrees 49 mins), Saturn (21 degrees 07 mins) and Ascendant in Leo - On its first pass it conjoined Mars and Pluto but did not get to Saturn or Ascendant before turning retrograde. I can't really say I can pin anything down during this period. During the Retrograde phase at the turn of the year, I obtained my Tarot Diploma when Retrograde Jupiter conjoined Pluto and I finished my Applied Astrology Course as Jupiter conjoined Mars (though the Certificate was issued a couple of weeks later). I also started a couple of courses in Numerology and Dream Interpretation - so very much a focus on self development

When it turned Direct again I didn't notice much till it got back to Mars - for a month or so as it passed Mars and Pluto I wanted to get a way from work and do more reading in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot etc.

I didn't really notice anything special with the Saturn transit but it transited my Ascendant when we were in Scotland - Again two tarot decks, books on Gems, Qabbala and Dreams and quite a focus on the spiritual.

isthmus nekoi
19-08-2003, 03:46
Originally posted by purplefishy
I'm not sure. What is it supposed to do?
I have had SO many problems with friends (close ones) and acquaintences in the last three weeks only- personal relationships going down the drain, that it makes me wonder WHAT is going on! So, could it be Jupiter in Leo? I don't know. Any info is appreciated!

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear this purplefishy. This sounds more a result of the tumultuous aspects we've had in general this year rather than Jupiter in Leo. Mars seems to be causing a lot of ruckus lately, esp when he was conjunct Uranus.

19-08-2003, 05:34
Hm... yes that could be it. Which aspect might be causing the most trouble? Hopefully this won't be happening again any time soon!

Royal Cat
19-08-2003, 07:08
Originally posted by Minderwiz
Well I'm another one who has put on weight LOL

So that's my problem, eh? :D All I've felt like eating lately is chocolate, ice cream and sweets. So does anyone know what aspect I can look for to help me take the weight back off?


19-08-2003, 07:12
Leo is intercepted by my 8th and 9th Houses but I have Saturn at 22.2 degrees and Pluto at 14.44 degrees in the 8th.

Jupiter transitting through the 8th House in Leo had a major influence on money, and that certainly affected me. Lots of lessons there, and I certainly learned the value of money.

Jupiter also sextiled Neptune which was good for me creatively. Iíve started to write a bit tentatively and have recently taken up photography again as a hobby.

During some of the time Jupiter was in Leo, transiting Jupiter squared my natal Jupiter, and this is still happening in Virgo. It occurs once every 12 years so is significant, continuing to the end of the year. It means essentially that I can plug into those things which give a sense of meaning and purpose. I have to keep grounded during this transit. I need to pay attention to self-discipline and carefulness. Perhaps it is a good time to introduce new boundaries in my life.

During this time I may find a spiritual mentor, and Iím looking for that at the moment. I imagine this search will continue for some time. Certainly, Iím on a spiritual search. It goes with the time of life. Incidentally, my natal Jupiter is in the 12th House, along with natal Sun and Mercury.

21-08-2003, 08:03
This particular transit went right across my 8th house stellium which includes my Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Boy has this been a big year for me! Not the easiest, mind, but I definitely believe that it helped me make changes for the better. I've had a lot of trouble focusing on my schoolwork, but no trouble at all with spiritual pursuits. I made the incredible (if you knew how I was raised, you'd understand) leap into exploring Goddess spirituality, which has made me feel more spiritually complete.

Also, I made the big decision to take a year off from grad school to recover from some serious burnout and to re-evaluate what I want to do. I'm pursuing the path that will make me most happy, but it took some ovaries for me to get out there and take the first step.

I got rid of the loser ex who'd been string me along. Then I met a wonderful man who I'm still dating. This guy I'm with now is head and shoulders above any other man I've EVER dated.

I've made new friends who are different than anyone else I've met.

Overall, consistent with the 8th house transit, I've been slowly and drastically transformed. While I can't speak for any instances dealing with other people's money, the death/rebirth theme has been VERY strong.

21-08-2003, 08:31
Originally posted by Keslynn
This particular transit went right across my 8th house stellium which includes my Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Boy has this been a big year for me! Not the easiest, mind, but I definitely believe that it helped me make changes for the better.


Do you have all of those planets in your 8th House? :)

One day would like to hear your experiences of 8th House stuff.

Many blessings

26-08-2003, 07:52
aaahhh, it has been an especially eventful year! Jupiter in Leo has been transiting my 12th house. Kicking off this transit, was a week stay at the hospital for kidney infection and lupus flare. Hospitals are in the 12th House domain, so I readily see how it fits into this transit. Also 12th house is house of occult and mysticism. This transit also marks a time of renewed interest in occult studies, tarot cards in particular. I joined Aeclectic. Being sick gave me the opportunitiy to take time off and take it easy to recover, which led me to introspection.

I appreciative of Jupiter in Leo, because this transit has brought good things into my life, a renewed perspective.

Now I am looking forward to transit of 1st house, this should be interesting!

26-08-2003, 11:49
This has been a big creative year as Jupiter transited my 3rd house! Creative? you say. Yes. I have Mars in Leo/3rd and Mercury/Venus in Libra/5th -- both in a yod aspect to Saturn in the Pisces/10th. When ever this pattern is triggered at any point in my chart I go into a creative binge. Jupiter squares Saturn and trines Mars (also sextiles Mercury/Venus). It works big time.
I've created a series of tarot card figures, wood carved in deep relief, painted similar to the source card, and mounted on carry and storage boxes. I'll be replicating these this fall and offering them on the Internet. Sorry about the commercial but this has been a big creative project -- miniature carving, casting and molding, wood finishing, web-site creation, etc. Jupiter always did look for an expansive expression. Dave.

28-08-2003, 23:01
The first half of Jupiter in Leo hit my 11th house, as I have trouble remembering a month ago let alone further back than that I can't say how it manifested itself during that time. However, the second part of Jupiter in Leo whilst in my 12th has seen more focus and attention on my quiet time, I do meditation and I would say I have been doing that more during this transit, also someone I know (the friendship link I can place now from Jupiter's 1st half) set up a group which I was invited to attend, doing meditation and psychic development. I have had a lot of personal insights into myself from the quiet time and more inner peace.