View Full Version : Cannot Change Email

02-12-2011, 20:24
I cannot change my email to an ___@rocketmail.com address. Why?

I keep getting a "Please use a different email address to register" message.

04-12-2011, 21:44
Is this the new Tech Forum?

Does anyone have any idea why rocketmail isn't accepted as a valid email address?

05-12-2011, 10:51
Hi Fire Cat, we've had a lot of spammers sign up using a rocketmail.com address, so it's on the blocked email domain list. Do you have another email address you can use?

05-12-2011, 20:40
This is the email I would like to use for non-professional-related stuff. Is there any way to unblock one address for just enough time to use this one if I send it to you directly via the site@___ address?

06-12-2011, 13:28
PM me the email address you want to use.