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06-12-2011, 00:16
Sharing this with you all (although you are probably aware of it already):

1. "Smelt Quartz" is commonly sold as a variety of quartz, especially from many eBay vendors. "Smelt Quartz" is not quartz at all -- it is common glass, which is made from melting quartz in the presence another compound (called a flux) which lowers the melting temperature. Glass is not crystalline, whereas quartz and other minerals (with few exceptions) are crystalline. Most people can't tell the difference, but glass is optically isotropic (doesn't polarize light) whereas quartz is anisotropic (polarizes light). Glass also has a lower density, which you might be able to detect by its heft, and "smelt quartz" usually has unnatural looking streaky patches in it. I have ordered many natural quartz crystals from eBay and haven't had any problems until recently. A vendor called zjpyxlzj077 sent me a fake quartz, unlike the real quartz pictured in the photo. "Smelt quartz" does not have any of the properties of true quartz, which is one of the main types of crystals used in shamanic healing.

2. "Master Shamanite" is a garden variety black limestone with a few fossils in it. Nothing about it, such as fossils or trace minerals like strontianite and zircon, is unusual. The commercial value of this stone is a few cents, but it is sold for 10's of dollars. Clearly a scam.

Edit: (meant to say that these are not my words but those of a Geology Prof from elsewhere on the net) The info was to be shared so is ok here.

Are there any other fancy names for 'scam' minerals out there that we know of?

06-12-2011, 00:18
Thanks for the heads up, the smelt quartz is very helpful!

I am happy to have found a good crystal shop thats really near me and she has been there for 17 years so it saves me now having to buy stuff online, and i am a crystal virgin so i could get caught out buying online

06-12-2011, 00:40
I don't have any specifics "off the top of my head" but I am leery of any name that doesn't show up in a search at sites like:

Most things with a TM after them are suspect in my book- they are usually clever ways to market specimens that are not up to industry standard (or contain more than one gem/mineral). That said, I have been known to purchase and use affordable/smaller ones. As long as there is full disclosure and no exorbitant price, I will buy something just for the looks.