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25-12-2011, 07:49
What is the most vunerable spot in your natal chart,you Achillies heel so to speak,and how do you deal with it? elaborate as much as you will. For me,the most vunerable point was and is always my Moon in Cancer in the 9th house, opposing Uranus,Neptune,Saturn and Mars all in Capricorn.

on the other hand it is helped by being in a Grand Water trine with my Sun and Pluto in scorpio on my ascendant.

26-12-2011, 02:52
i would say my 4th house that hosts most of my planets, so issues with home and my own 'home' within (my shell beign cancerian) and also relationship with my father.

26-12-2011, 03:54
What is the most vunerable spot in your natal chart,you Achillies heel so to speak,and how do you deal with it? elaborate as much as you will. For me,the most vunerable point was and is always my Moon in Cancer in the 9th house, opposing Uranus,Neptune,Saturn and Mars all in Capricorn.

on the other hand it is helped by being in a Grand Water trine with my Sun and Pluto in scorpio on my ascendant.

It depends what you mean by 'vulnerable. Your Moon/Saturn/Mars opposition is a potential source of strength - especially for your higher learning and development. Yes, it poses problems, especially in your inward acceptance of the need for some discipline in you approach to that development, whilst still allowing your insticts to be your guide.

All three planets are highly dignified and well placed - your challenge is to learn how to control them. Now that's quite tentative, as you don't give much more detail but it's not a weak formation, unless you are using wide orbs.

You don't say what the Pisces planet(s) is but a Moon/Sun trine is certainly a benefit, especially as it links your Moon, to, you'.

26-12-2011, 05:31
Vulnerable spot... I think this is rather complex to say.

It does not depend solely on the placements of planets in your chart, but also how they were or were not reinforced during your life. Lets say my chart points towards a tendency to use drugs and alcohol... if in my life I am brought up knowing that they are bad, or if I have good examples in my family, this spot ceases to be so sensitive. Or at least I find ways to cope with it.

I suppose many factors could be a weakness in my chart... My Sun is specially weak, in 12th house and no aspects (it just squares the Midheaven, which isn't a blessing). My Moon is peregrine, which doesn't make it very strong either. I have a very weak Mercury, combust in the 12th House and making no major aspects, and nothing in any air signs.

On the other hand, the two "Malefics" are quite strong - Mars and Saturn. And I also have a bunch of trines, very few squares and no oppositions in my chart (unless you take Chiron into consideration, which I don't).

What to make of this? I can only think of the word "blob", LOL! :laugh:

26-12-2011, 06:29
The 'vulnerable' planet for me is the moon and I found it is a silent planet because it is receptive by nature. Which means it is most tormented when people push and 'expect' something from you, the details varying depending on which zodiac sign the moon is. If somebody's moon is in gemini, probably pressing on with the question "why" isn't a good idea. Communication issues arise, usually because the tormentor is unaware that the other person cannot reply and do nothing but remain in silence until the pressure is removed, when he/she can create a reason. Similarly pressing on with the question "how" hurts most the aquarian moon, because he/she needs freedom first before he/she can find a way. The only way to mend this communication issue on the so-called tormentor's part is to 'feel' rather than keep expecting.

09-01-2012, 01:42
I don't know about a particular planet being a vulnerable spot for me so much as my entire chart looking like a massive cluster$%^& of planets in opposition to one another. I've got four planets split between Aries and Pisces, all facing across three planets sandwiched together close to the cusp between Libra and Virgo. The other three planets are also in opposition - Sagittarius / Gemini.

Looks like a freakin' teeter-totter.

ETA: I guess if I had to pick one planet / aspect that is a vulnerable spot, it would have to be Sun in Aries opposite Uranus in Libra. I'm always fighting a war between an overriding desire to be unique, original and independent - standing out from the crowd - and an acute awareness of the fact that standing out from the crowd makes me feel isolated. I have a love-hate relationship with my need to be non-conformist and my desire to fit in.

07-02-2012, 13:00
I have always considered Jupiter's marginally isolated status to present a low-grade vulnerability in my chart. True, it's dignified in Sagittarius, its sign of rulership, and is nominally in the 1st House. However, it's not posited in the ascending sign (Scorpio) and some authors would consider it "stranded" in that house. Traditionally it would be considered a 2nd House placement since it sits less than three degrees above the 2nd House cusp. Both considerations are relevant here.

Jupiter is a bit of a maverick in my chart since it is isolated from the rest of the dispositor tree: at least in contemporary terms, it disposits nothing and in turn is disposited by nothing (but more on that in a bit).

Taken as a 1st House Sagittarian Jupiter, it imparts a vulnerability to "foot-in-mouth disease." I can sometimes open my mouth before engaging my brain. There is absolutely no intention to hurt, and I'm invariably dismayed by perceptions to the contrary. But it just . . . sort of . . . comes out . . . !

Taken as a 2nd House Jupiter, it bestows an urge to spend (especially on things that expand my mental horizons), no matter how much scolding I get from my 2nd House Moon in Capricorn (oh, and my wife!). Jupiter is trine my 9th House Saturn, which disposits the Moon, so I can always come up with a rational excuse to cheerfully override that cautious lunar prudence. And the quintile between Jupiter and Neptune in Libra on the 11th House cusp lends a fascination with all manner of artfully presented esoterica to blow my money on (think "occult" books and tarot decks). The opposition to Uranus in Gemini is also not conducive to austerity where mental stimulation is at issue.

Lately I've been calling Jupiter the "Phantom Overlord" of my chart, ever since I discovered that it's in mutual reception "by face" with Saturn, in addition to their affinity by trine in the Fire triplicity. Since Saturn is part of the "committee" (Kevin Burk's term) that presides over the dispositor tree (Saturn-Sun-Moon, with the last two rolling up everything else except Jupiter), and Saturn in its traditional detriment is subordinate to Jupiter in its sign of rulership, a case can be made that Jupiter has an "underground pipeline" via Saturn to the head of the class. Since Jupiter is in kind of a "gunslinger" posture in it's relatively unfettered, oriental placement, I sometimes run with my instincts instead of pondering the consequences beforehand. And generally I don't embarrass myself.

Practicing Human
07-02-2012, 15:22
The biggest challenge I seem to encounter that my chart reflects is the fact that I have my Sun and Mars in Gemini but all my inner planets in my southeastern hemisphere. So we have the very socially capable and outgoing energies that get mistaken for an extrovert.

07-02-2012, 20:43
Aries Mars opposed to Libra Moon. In the 11th and 5th houses, respectively. I've always been classed as oversensitive, and have formed the opinion that only a bully would consider sensitivity a bad thing (or, if not a bully, people who simply escape the fact that somebody else's reaction to their offensive behavior could possibly be valid.)

And, Chiron in the second house, but then again that seems to be on par with almost everyone else in this era.

I would have a water grand trine, too! :) Except one axis would be my North node, and I'm not entirely sure that should count...

11-02-2012, 04:20
My 12th house for sure. I've got Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in there conjuncting each other... Love just sucks horribly for me and yet I've got a few aspects and things in my chart that (apparently) make me yearn for love and be a total Don Juan. :P "Quod me nutrit me destruit" indeed.