View Full Version : moon signs/sun signs

26-12-2011, 09:24
Could someone please tell me how to calculate my sun and moon signs and compare them with someone I love to see if we are soulmates thanks!

Fly My Pretty
26-12-2011, 09:41
You can get a free astro birth chart done at iFate (http://www.ifate.com/astrology_index.html) which includes your sun sign & moon sign & I guess you can compare it to someone else's if you know where & what time they were born.

26-12-2011, 11:44
There is also Alabe.com

26-12-2011, 13:57
google it - there are hundreds of sites, all you'd have to do is put in your birth date, time, and location of birth to find out both sun and moon signs. You will have to know the same info about the other person to get their signs. Many sites will also have information on traits, compatibility etc.

26-12-2011, 14:55
thank you all very much