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20-01-2012, 11:54
Which of these (http://home.windstream.net/rlsaylor/cancer.jpg) is the correct symbol for Cancer, or does it matter?

21-01-2012, 15:06
It doesn't look too much like any other astrological symbol, so it wouldn't matter to me (and I actually am a Cancerian, whatever street cred that gives. :P)

21-01-2012, 15:18
#1 is correct

21-01-2012, 19:56
#1 is correct

I agree but interestingly John Frawley uses both in his Horary Textbook. I suspect that this is a composting error at the printers, though. Certainly in hand drawn charts from the Seventeenth Century #1 is the one used, though the two 'fat bits are drawn over each other with the 'tails sticking out to either side and without curvature.

I've just checked a couple of Frawley's other books and he does the same in his other books. The difference appears to be that he uses #2 in tables or lists generated by his Word Processor and #1 in all his charts and in tables taken from other authors, such as Lilly. If Frawley is using such a WP font, I suspect others will do so too. I'll check my computer fonts and get back ion the results.

21-01-2012, 21:34
Thanks for the responses. The wingdings font in the character map for Windows shows it like the first symbol, and this is the way I think it is usually written. I have, however, seen it the other way and was mainly wondering whether both ways might be correct.

21-01-2012, 22:00
I think the best answer is that #1 is the most used and probably the oldest but clearly #2 is in use and in situations where clearly it is intended, rather than a printing error. It's a brave person who says that that is categorically wrong. Also as said earlier it clearly does represent Cancer, and can't be confused with other signs.

25-01-2012, 03:15
This jolted my curiosity, so I looked through my handwritten notes. Interesting that I always write it in the #2 form.