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Baby Owl
27-08-2003, 02:42
I did a search before posting this and found a short discussion on Arabian Parts, but it did not address my question, so here goes!

In horary astrology (at least the way I do it), Arabian Parts take on a bit more importance than in natal astrology. I like to at least look at them when I do a horary chart.

I am struggling with how to interpret aspects.

For example, let's say the Part of Sorrow is trine one significator and square the other in a relationship question. Would you deduce that both people are experiencing sorrow but that one is handling it better than the other? (I know I'm looking at this in a vaccuum, but I need to do that here.)

I would appreciate any input on this issue.

Many thanks,

Baby Owl

27-08-2003, 04:26
I'm not experienced enough to give other than a basic response but here goes

I would only use Arabian Parts if they were relevant to the horary quesiton - otherwise the reading becomes congested with them - and I assume that you would work the same way, rather than looking for Parts that seem to be aspected.

I would also tend to use the Parts for confirmation, rather than prime source - so if there were other pointers to sorrow (in your example) then close aspects to the Part of Sorrow would seem to confirm the situation - for example are there aspects to the significators from other planets which suggest sorrow? If not then I would ignore the aspects to the Part of Sorrow.

I am not sure what aspects I would allow, beyond conjunction and opposition (with tight orbs). - If you are using trines and squares, the interpretation could get a little muddy - a trine could indicate that a person gets sorrowful easily!

For what it is worth, John Frawley tends to use the ruler (dispositor) of the Part - so if the part of Sorrow were in Aries, Mars would represent Sorrow. Mars conjunct Jupiter could well mean great sorrow on his approach. So the sign, house and aspects to the ruler of the part would be taken into account.

I know the above is a little sketchy but I hope it helps a bit and gets you thinking.

Baby Owl
27-08-2003, 05:00
You are right - - I only use the Parts that seem relevant to the question. I like the idea of using the dispositor of the Part as well as focusing on conjunction and opposition only, with tight orbs.

Thanks so much!

Baby Owl

27-08-2003, 05:17
I'm glad it does - I must admit I'm feeling my way in this area of Astrology - and I tend to be cautious as a result (and having Saturn on the Ascendant).

Let me know how you get on - and I'll try it out myself as well.