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27-08-2003, 17:46
I've been studying astrology for years (via books), and thete is oNe thing i didn't get yet...

the Transits VS Progressions issue...
When I log on astro.com, and create a transits chart, i get the transits of the day, re: where are the planets today, and how they "sit" on my chart.

Then I create a progressed chart, (which I thought is "chart in a future date"and ask for a date in 2 months ahead, and my Saturn spins all the way somewhere else...so I know this is not what I was looking for,,,
I was actually looking for the transits in a furure date...
so, i feel there is SOMETHING I got wrong in the definition! And I'm so ashamed! such a 'spreading seeds of stars that I am"!

Anybody can put some light here?

27-08-2003, 23:05
Progressions are symbolic. Secondary Progressions, which are the ones most often used, are based on the symbolism of a day for a year. So if this is your 25th year of life the planetary positions are those of the 25th day of your life. Based here is the assumption that your entire life can be read in the first three months (ninety odd days) of your existence.

The progression chart you are seeing is therefore the planets as they were a few weeks after you were born. Most Astrologers concentrate on the progressed Moon, because even the faster movers like Mercury and Venus will not travel much more than 30 degrees in a month. The progressed Moon interacts with the transits and is often seen as an essential part of a 'trigger' mechanism which starts the energy flowing.

27-08-2003, 23:32
Thanks for this...
I just looked at it, my progressed. I never realised what it was... So at least now I won't mix that with transits...!

I'm still unclear though, of how to read it...
So, I understand right?
every year, on my birthday, I "get" a new progressed chart?
Because it says that the date for the chart is Dec 24, 1970, and I was born on Nov 21, exactly 32 days before (and I'm 32 years old..!)

and if in this progressed chart my moon and mars are in the 6th house, in Scorpio, means that through this year i will have intense dealings with work???

Also, progressed Composite (with another chart), what would that be based on?
One who's birthday would the "new progression' be given?

i have to find a good book about this,,,I can't believe it has escaped me so long!


28-08-2003, 07:43
Well you can progress a chart for not just for your birthday. So you can progress your chart for today. You can do this by calculating the fraction of the year since your last birthday (strictly speaking since your time of birth on your last birthday) and multiply that fraction by the daily motion of the planets.

Clearly as Sun, Mercury, Venus move about one degree in a day(approx) for a progressed date six months from your last birthday, they will have only moved half a degree from their positions in the chart for that birthday and for Mars and outwards the movement will be quite a bit smaller. Indeed because of that we rarely progress Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (unless your looking a good many years into the future /back into the past). Even Jupiter and Saturn move so slowly that they will be only a few degrees from their birth position when you are old. In my case Progressed Jupiter has moved 12 degrees in nearly 56 years. Saturn turned Retrograde after I was born, so Progressed Saturn is one and a half degrees Uranus, just under 2 degrees Neptune about one and a half degrees and Pluto just 6 minutes from theirnatal position. Partly the slow movement is also due to retrogradation as three of these turned retrograde in the 55 days after my birth.

Therefore its best to use only the planets up to Mars and for regular work the Progressed Moon. With Mercury, Venus and Sun it will take on average about 15 years from birth for them to change sign or house thereafter they will only change at approximately 30 year intervals. So if you have progressed Mars in the sixth in Scorpio, you are likely to have it for a large portion of your life - not just this year. My Progressed Mars has moved about 22 and a half degrees - it has changed sign, its now in Virgo and it has moved into my first House. But it will still be there when I die (unless I make it to around 120). A progressed planet changing sign or house is a big deal - but only because it happens at very rare intervals in your life. Only the progressed Moon which actually circles the Zodiac in 29 years (again approx) makes it all the way around, the best of the rest, about one quarter of the way round.

On the composite chart - calculate it as normal and then progress the planets by one day for one year (based on the composite Ascendant). If you have a computer or use a web based service they will progress for you. If you don't have a computer you can use an ephemeris for midnight, PROVIDING that you calculate what is called the Adjusted Calculation Date. I think that is covered in one of the threads of many months ago.

Good books to have a look at are:

Predictive Astrology - The Eagle and the Lark - Bernadette Brady
Predictive Astrology - Christine Shaw
The Art of Predictive Astrology - Carol Rushman
Astrology: A Language of Life Vol 1 Progressions - Robert Blaschke