View Full Version : February brings a planet transit

29-01-2012, 11:03

As February approaches, and the sun transferred into Aquarius, Uranus and Neptune transfer into the next sign as well (Aries and Pisces respectively). The Sun, the center of our lives, that which provides light and moonlight to the planet, having spent its annual term in Capricorn, that which dictates the dictated as to which government rule is which. Neptune in Pisces would have been a direct action to acquire as much unorthodox, tangible, variable output, that we can manipulate into a defensive/offensive position for our personal objectives. , regardless of its definitions (data, fuel, nutrients, medications). Uranus entering Aries gives a influx of resources of science objectives including the story-telling factor (lunar base, electric scans) and the next use of the conformist ideology in the workplace. Transferring sign and element while the Sun conjuncts a mercury direct (overdrive on the nerves) may not yield reliable results, take note and archive.

19-02-2012, 06:58
There's a Sun/Neptune conjunction in the first degree of Pisces very soon, and the Moon will pass through the same degree in the next few days. How do you interpret this arrangement, since this group will also be sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn? Very curious to know your take on it.

22-02-2012, 08:19
Connected to a new moon approaching its apogee point affecting the human physiology (minor upsets and attached headaches). Pisces is water oriented, so recreation activities such as mountain skiing or water craft sporting is deemed commonplace. Subtle subconscious interaction with Pisces topics may lead to the overt use of aqua colors and a presentation of fish-based meals. These topics also lead to intuition, although that new moon may cause unexpected faith-based topics and other human social contact to be psychologically awkward.

04-03-2012, 12:17
Intuition and assertiveness as mercury, attached to the Lovers card, transfers at an decreasing speed, and transits with Uranus generate Aquarian ideals (with unique settings in mind those with strong Aquarian positions do love to be of use to society). Aries settings are adventurous with intent to understand the militant behavior near them. Venus transferring from Aries to Taurus has an amazing connotation of sensations and experiences, many of which can be complimented through health food and vitamin implementation (although Aries is usually able to withstand malnutrition). Accented with Vesta and Ceres, the desire to look ones best, and be active with our intuition for whom we may ever meet again.

Venus and Jupiter in Taurus may be as simple as a media roundel being activated for capitalist purposes (the JUPITER 7 LAUNCHES) while food parlors and other retailers get the chipped steak and ground beef browned just right, the more Scorpio oriented may start reviewing the affiliate/franchise entity present with retail.

Mars retrograde in Virgo wants us to try new methods, experiment and assess, opposite the sun-and thus the assessments so far (with our private lives anyway) would be coming to light with the sunrise as we approach the equinox. The moons intensity depletes in intensity away from the orbit apogee, the headaches subside and the body desires more activity, we are defensive about our profile data. Adjustments to the view of the moon (out the window, the limit of our existential comprehension) and declination/inclination as we recover our senses as to which planets we see nearby the horizon.