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30-01-2012, 02:18
Hi All,

I have been searching for an electional astrology software and the only one
I come up with is AirSoftware by Alphee Lavoie. This software is $300. Does
anyone use it or know of another good electional software on the market that
doesn't require you to be an astrologer to figure it out?

30-01-2012, 05:11
If "electional" software is so specialized ($300 software suggests sophistication and lots of detail) why would someone who is not an astrologer, nor apparently wants to be one, wish to acquire such software? Doesn't make sense to me.

The carpenter's tools typically fit the skill level and nature of work that the carpenter seeks to perform. Something is out of whack here. Most capable astrologers would know that they could use a variety of regularly available tools to do electional work. They also have already spent $300 or more for each of several programs that they own. They have invested in the tools suitable for both their skills and their interest areas.

Could you clarify your skill levels, the "election" work that you hope to do, and why you think Alphee's software offers tools that other software might not. Thanks. Dave

30-01-2012, 06:20
I must admit Dave has hit the nail on the head here. If you intend to do some elections, it's important that you have a strong grounding in Astrology. Leaving it to a program, no matter what bells and whistles it has is not advisable, unless you know precisely what the bells and whistles do and how they do it.

Any reasonable Astrological software (including freebies), coupled with a calendar for possible dates, plus the all important astrological grounding should work well and save you $300

08-02-2012, 04:13
But to answer your specific question, I have recently seen Alphee's software in action, at a lecture he gave in eastern New Hampshire in December. It does everything he says it will, is very deep and is well-tuned for its purposes. Alphee is an old collaborator of mine from the 1970's, when we were trying to meld horary astrology and tarot into a kind of predictive "unified field theory" :) But we parted ways a long time ago and this was the first I've seen of him in over 30 years. His personal approach doesn't do much for me, but he appears to have a very talented programmer on his payroll. Personally, I too would save the $300 and work with one of the free (or less expensive) programs that has all of the tools necessary to do what you want (when coupled with sound, fundamental astrological knowledge and methods), even if it isn't hyped specifically for that use. If you really want more hand-holding, you might check out John Halloran's Astrology for Windows Report Writer Version 8.0, which has a couple of add-on report modules written by Anthony Louis, noted for his books on horary astrology. It will, however, cost you over $200 for the base program and the add-on module.