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30-08-2003, 07:30
hello everyone
i just traded for a cat people deck, so i thought i would see what may or may not have been written about the deck. when i typed in 'tarot of the cat people' in search i got 5 pages of posts ( mostly unrelated) when i just typed 'cat people' i got 10 pages of posts anything that said 'cat 'or 'people'........what is the best way to narrow down the search ?
i have had this problem before but i thought this would make a good example
thank you for your patience

30-08-2003, 07:57
You could narrow down your search by selecting a specific forum. Since you're looking for information on a deck, choose the Tarot Decks.

And choose the "Show results as posts" option. That way, the search results will show posts instead of threads, which is easier to browse through.

Here are two threads I found for you in this way:



And another thing: there are no silly questions; the only silly questions I can think of are questions that are not asked... ;)

30-08-2003, 23:47
thank you again tarotlady. Why is it sometimes so difficult to think simple...anyway i appreciate the response and the threads