View Full Version : First return of Saturn: feedback and/or readings suggested

19-02-2012, 19:26
Hello all!
I bet there's still someone from the "old times", Ishtmus? AquarianGoddess? :O

The "effects" are already all building up around me, it's been a while I've had that feeling like "Oh Gosh, this must be Saturn's workings!"...
Things are changing, slowly, steadily, outside but also on the inside of me.

And it's not like BAAMMM! Like a lightning bolt, like a flash and then everything is all jammed and mixed about...
It's more like... Things are always changing even when we are not aware of it, and they do so slowly, so slow we cannot see untill the change is so conspicuous in its entity that when we are able to notice, it's surprising.

I'm also quite... ready, the last three/four years were tough on many aspects, especially the sentimental/relational and the professional one, so I feel quite trained and ready for it, like, possibly, the hardest part is already done with, and facing the challenges and the changes doesn't seem such a painful and hard thing to do (I've been though quite a lot of "suffering" already, in what I consider then a period of "preparation" this last two years), on the contrary I see it joyfully as a chance for pruning and removing things that don't work, for cleaning out dead ends and corners and make way for the new, for what I choose in my life according to my own inner self, what is "meant to be", so to say.

Do you have suggestions for readings?
Is there anyone willing to take a peek in my natal chart and comment on actual shifts and movements in the astral charts?
Thanks :)

20-02-2012, 02:43
I'm not one of the "old ones" LOL but I can share my experience from the Saturn return. My Saturn is in the 7th in first degrees Leo and he is also the ruler of my Ascendent, so all his transits I feel usually very well, I can't miss them. The year before that was a true hell, I was so miserable I could hardly believe it was possible. Then as the return started, I found a great job which was extremely tough and demanding but also gave me a very significant career push. I also got married during my Saturn return (divorced when Saturn was transiting my 8th house though) and gave birth while he was still in my 7th house. Overall, very significant events, most of them positive.