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08-09-2003, 01:31
So a few nights ago, I had a dream. I don't remember the whole thing, except that in one part, I accidentally knocked a rock off of a shelf or something. It fell on the floor and a piece broke off, and I could see that it was actually a geode with crystals sparkling inside. I picked it up and looked closely, and saw that the crystals were actually zeolite crystals.
I have read that zeolite is used to clear the body and environment of impurities and negativity. Which is really appropriate right now (having a huge fight with impossible roommate).
Anyway, I'm going to Hot Springs (Arkansas) later this month, and hope to pick up both some geodes and some zeolite!
Does anyone else have any ideas about dreaming about a specific stone like that? I think it's really cool.

09-11-2003, 16:17
Well...since nobody cares about my dream, I'll post my own reply! :)
The impossible roommates moved out very unexpectedly soon after that dream. So I suppose that my environment did get 'cleansed' in a rather drastic way...(like knocking the geode off the shelf)
Does anyone else dream about gemstones?

Aura Wolf
09-11-2003, 17:39
I like your dream. I haven't dreamed about gemstones that I know of, aside from maybe the occasional dream I used to have a long time ago where I would be in some wonderful magical place and find something beautiful such as a stone or other object, and had a need to take it with me, so I'd try so hard to hang onto it but when I woke up, of course, it was always gone :)

10-11-2003, 01:56
I also like your dream - but unfortunately (?) I haven't actually dreamt of any crystals of gems.

It's quite possible that subconsciously your mind selected an image that had a clear meaning to you in order to get the message across!

20-11-2003, 09:24
Hi DeLani,

I only just discovered this thread now, but I love dreams and I think to dream about a crystal, for me, I would go and buy that crystal. ;)

Sometimes I like to look at dreams simply, you know, how it comes across and your dream was definately showing you that crystal, but perhaps you can't always look at the 'surface' issues, there was a suggestion to look at things 'inside' or go into them more.

I just looked in my trusty crystal book and it doesn't have zeolite :eek: Does it come under another name?


20-11-2003, 09:35
This is just an idea.
Would this dream be of

"things you value" also it must have something to do with our value of things or issues within ourselves & the name of the stone would be the answer to that.
also it would be a "rock solid" answer

24-11-2003, 08:25
Like I said, I don't remember the context of the dream. I only remember knocking off the rock, and seeing Zeolite inside.
It is hard to find this stone in books. It might also be called Zeoite. But I think it is a "new" stone, as it's not in any of my books either.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Zeolite in Hot Springs. But I did bring home an absolutely fabulous amethyst cluster - so dark it's almost black - and some nice quartz crystals. My hubby bought a black stone sphere, but I'm not sure what kind of stone it is made out of.

24-11-2003, 14:20
I have Zeolite listed in my Crystal Bible book by Judy Hall. This is a really nice book. Beautiful pictures of every crystal and great discriptions.
Zeolite absorbs toxins and absorbs odors. It benefits agriculture and gardening.
Zeolite is a Reiki stone that aids attunement to the energies and enhances the response to the healing.
Zeolite can be used to treat goiters, to dispel bloating and to release toxins from the physical body. Has a supportive affect in over coming addictions.