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isthmus nekoi
23-09-2003, 04:12
I'm a little early, but may be more busy later on so... without further ado, please allow me to welcome you to the last installation of the astrology study group...

Later today, the sun will move into the sign of Libra. As the sun makes its course through Libra, we'll also be looking at our natal Venuses, as well as the 7th house.

For those starting out, please check out the index thread to get the general gist of the study threads: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=12481

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and contributions this past year, it has been a lot of fun heading up this group and I hope everyone has learned a lot!

isthmus nekoi
23-09-2003, 04:37
Libra is quite strong in my chart, with three planets (Saturn-Jupiter conj, and Pluto). Venus is in Sag, quintiling Jupiter, so they have a mutual reception strengthened by this aspect. Venus also sextiles Pluto. Libra cusps my 9th house (again, we have a Jupiter-Venus connection), but all the Librian planets are in 8th.

Venus makes nary a hard aspect (unless you count the conj to Neptune). So it follows that academia, studies, travel (9th house) is a zone of pleasure, ease and comfort. Jupiter's connection ensures abundance in these areas.
Jupiter-Venus connections I've read are very indulgent and opulent. My tastes in everything from clothes to food to entertainment are very extreme and swing b/w the extravagant beauty of a Jup/Venus connection and the austere minimalism of my Sun/Saturn (Sun in Cap, Sun square Saturn). w/V's connection to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto I sometimes feel that if it weren't for my academic interests, I would be a total debauch more or less :P
Saturn-sun is harsh, but provides some much needed restraint to natal Venus/Jupiter. Saturn is exalt in Libra, so it is placed stronger than Jupiter. Self control always wins out over self indulgence for me. But when I feel like indulging, I shoot for the best!!

My 7th house is empty, cusped by Leo. My Sun is pretty weak as it makes hard aspects and is placed in 12th. Just about everything in my chart works against marriage, or towards divorce lol. Even w/Jupiter transiting natal 7th, I have had very little interest in long term monogamous relationships w/my philandering Sag moon ;) However, as an introvert, I prefer the one-on-one interaction of the 7th house despite the fact I have 2 planets in the 11th house.

23-09-2003, 06:33
I'd just like to thank Isthmus for the pleasure I've had from this series of threads she has really ensured that they are not only a learning vehicle but have also been fun, interesting and enjoyable.

Libra of course is a harmonious and optimistic note to end on.

23-09-2003, 06:43
Firstly my own Libra elements in my chart.

I have two Libra planets, Neptune, which is generational and common to everyone born between October 1942 and December 1955.

The other is the Sun - which clearly had a little bit of Libra indecision before opting to appear at 29 degrees 45 minutes of Libra - approximately 6 hours before the onset of Scorpio.

Both of these planets actually occur in my third house. This suggests for the Sun, A harmonious expression of creativity through communications, relations with siblings and neighbours. and the expression of creativity through education (I'm a teacher - so that's a good choice of career for me)

Neptune would suggest a rather nebulous overlay to communications and sibling relationships but hopefully some spirituality to third house activities. The generation with the Neptune placement are likely to be influenced by hopes and dreams of universal and harmonious brotherhood of man - Its this generation that produced make love not war, and the psychodelic sixties.

Libra is also associated with relationships, perhaps more through the 'natural' link with the seventh house - Libra is therefore seen as the first really sociable sign.

23-09-2003, 07:10
The Seventh House is associated with long term relationships - most often marriage. It is the house of the 'significant other', so it also covers business partnerships, and in commercial dealings it rules the seller or the person you trade with. It also rules open enemies - that is people who you know are your enemies. This too is a long term relationship. In court cases it rules the opposition. So if you are suing someone, they and their lawyer are ruled by the seventh - they are clearly an 'open enemy'

The seventh is therefore not just all 'lovey dovey' stuff. The seventh also rules some relatives. As the fourth house from the fourth it rules the paternal grandfather and as the tenth from the tenth it rules the maternal grandmother.

Children are generally ruled by the fifth. However if you have two or more and want to look at them separately, the fifth rules the eldest and the seventh rules the second child (third from the fifth and therefore brother or sister of the fifth house child).

In horary the seventh is used to signify fugitives and runaways, including escaped criminals. Also in horary the seventh rules the Astrologer, so if Saturn is in the seventh the Astrologer's judgement may be impaired. Here the Astrologer is the 'significant other' in the reading.

In medical Astrology the seventh rules the doctor trying to treat the condition (on the same basis as the Astrologer is ruled by the seventh).

As well as the link to Libra (though we need to be careful of making the error of taking Libra and the Seventh as identical or equivalent) Lilly also has the Moon as a co-significator.

For marriage, Saturn or Mars in the seventh is not a good sign - these are generally malefics and may mean trouble. I've seen modern Astrologers also treat Uranus there as unfortunate - and link this placement to divorce - presumably on the grounds that the person is too independent and self centred to make a go of a partnership. I think we need to treat that with some care - its a challenge, yes but challenges often are what makes marriage last, grow and develop. Bringing individualism is not necessarily a bad thing. I stress this because my Seventh is ruled by Aquarius, over which modern Astrologers have given rulership and I've been married 27 years (to the same person!). The traditional ruler would be Saturn and this too might have been seen as unfortunate, especially as Saturn opposes the descendant. Again a challenge but challenges are there to be taken up and beaten.

The seventh is an angular house, so it is one of the most powerful houses in the chart - the more so because it might destablilise the chart through its opposition to the Ascendant.

23-09-2003, 07:34
As I'm currently working a very busy timetable, I decided to get my posts in as a batch here. Just in case I'm not able to post for a day or so.

Venus is the ruler of Libra (and also of course the ruler of Taurus). In Libra, Venus is associated with love, harmony, beautiful relationships and enjoyments in each other's company. In Libra, Venus is the giver of social graces.

Venus is seen as the lesser benefic (Jupiter being the greater benefic), it is one of the two bringers of good things. However too much of a good thing is a bad thing (believe it or not). A strongly placed Venus might lead to being flirtacious, especially if there is a strongly placed Mars - never forget that Venereal Diseases are named after Venus.

A weak Venus can also be challenging - afflicted by Saturn it can lead to inhibition and a fear of relationships. So the Libran message is a balanced Venus is highly desireable. One of the mottos in the Temple of Apollo was 'Nothing in Excess' and if the Libran side of Venus remembers this then the result can be someone seen as charming and sociable - someone you like to be with.

Anatomically Venus rules the kidneys (and these are also associated with Libra) sex organs, and fatness (according to Saunders). So Venus is also the planet of putting on inches and pounds. Mars (exercise) or Saturn (abstinance) are the remedies to this side of Venus.

In my chart Venus rules my third house (communications, basic education, siblings and neighbours) through Libra. It also rules my MC through Taurus (the more earthy and indulgent side of Venus ).

23-09-2003, 08:19

I read the guidelines for this group, and...I wasn't sure what to do, but since i'm in chart probing again (!!!), and i saw that you posted your relevant "details", i'll do the same!

I have two planets in Libra:
Mars and Uranus.
I'm a Scorpio (w/ venus in scorpio), and my Libra Mars just takes the hard edge off me. i'm a nice scorpio, and will do anything to not have an argument. If I do though, there is no trace of my Libra Mars!

A big percentage of my best female friends are Libras (90% of them have venus in scorp). We have good times, identify, loyalty and trust to "be there for each other". No extravagant excitement, just good, solid, friends for a lifetime.
Libra men? I shall pass. (no offense here Minderwiz!!!!--- :) ) They are just too "smooth" for me! :-)

My Uranus in the 5th house in libra.
I still haven't figured that one out! (but seems as if my love affairs come and go like unexpected rain!?not to mention my tastes & choices on that aspect!)

I have plenty of planets in the 7th house: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune"
- I'm nearly 33, never married. They say that Sun+Jup in the 7th, promises a good marriage, but late. Better be true!

- Neptune in the 7th, makes me want the ideal partner, meaning either I wear pink glasses, or the person I see is really pink! That's a hard one to please, I would say, and one that seeems to be very ...vulnurable?

- Mercury in the 7th, means i need someon e to talk to!!!!! ----so true!

My Venus is in the 6th, in Scorpio!
A friend once heard that, and he said: "Oh! My Condolences!!!"- so true!
If there one thing I 'd change in my chart, is this (well, not the first thing, but the second!)
Venus in Scorp+Sun, is a killer... No body can understand me, not to mention "take" me... It's just too much to live "in", and to live "with". Too intense, tooo extreme, just too much... Thank G I have that Libra Mars to chill out things a little...
And of cource, venus in the 6th, makes me be into the arts....oh, that's so nice!

23-09-2003, 08:40

No offence taken - my Sun nearly made Scorpio but Mercury, Venus and Jupiter did actually get there (plus Chiron and the South Node), so I actually have a fair chunk of Scorpio. I also have Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Leo plus Ascendant so I'm a well balanced Lion with a sting in the tail :)

23-09-2003, 08:55
It's been a long time since I've really posted, started up the other day again. Been busy...but since we're now in Libra...it's time to look at my chart.

I'm a Libra sun, and people can tell cuz I hate conflicts and confrontations. If I can avoid getting into a fight, I will. Sometimes too much. I'm probably the most fair person out of my group of friends (considering my closest friends are of a Scorp/Sag cusp, a Gemini, Aquarius, and a moody Pisces.). And I'll do anything to keep things as fair as I can. And I hate it when things aren't fair...like right now I'm doing more work on the school newspaper than like, anyone else. Charming...yes. But, I think more of my charm comes from my Venus in her own sign.

My Venus is also in Libra (also in 10th house). Simply stated, I love love. And that's exactly it. Venus shows what makes us happy (and in my terms I see it as love but..), and to a Libra..fairness, love, and intellectual convo's make us happy. That's me...right there in a nutshell.

Venus & Libra in my 10th house. Venus simply says I'll look good at whatever I do, and I'm charming at it. It also includes the artist profession. I suppose a musician or songwriter fits into the artist profession. yay for me.

My sun is in 9th house. Umm...higher education...meaning stuff like philosophy and pychology. But also, a greater than normal desire to travel to far off places. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to travel the world and see things everywhere.

(storytime) I remember when I was like 12 and I came home from vacation, my grandma upset me. She was telling my cousin in the car he can do anything but told me my dream of becoming a singer was way far-fetched and that I didn't have the talent. I have since figured out on my own that my voice isn't the next Whitney Houston, but I remember at the time yelling at my parents saying "I dont wanna stay in Indiana forever!! I wanna leave as soon as I can from the hellhole!!" ::laughs to myself:: I was such a firey lil kid.

Someone once said and I'm pretty sure it was Minderwiz, that my main planet was Venus becuz of her strong placement and how I seem to feel it when she changes signs. Luckily, she's in Libra right now. No wonder I love my birthday so much...my sun and my Venus are back where they were when I was born. :)

My 7th House is ruled by Gemini. I don't have any planets in my 7th house. But I have a decently strong Mercury placement which is the ruler of Gemini.

(EDITED TO ADD) My South Node is also in Libra. Meaning, my North is in Aries (plus alotta other stuff up there in Aries). With this placement, it's basically telling me I wanna start things in groups, but end up doing them by myself. I have since left this part of the Libra SN aspect behind. I don't like group work anymore because I always ending up doing by myself (I'm not sure if it's cuz of the node, or something having to do with my smarts..). I guess I'm now more Aries in that area and wanna do things by myself. Imma get ashirt that says "Doesnt work well with others".

~There's my 2 cents, plus an extra 25 to get yuh thru the week. Heehee ;) ~

~Punk Angel~ ~AKA Sarah~

isthmus nekoi
23-09-2003, 09:48
Glad you've enjoyed the group, Minderwiz :) (As I recall, the idea for a study group was formulated when the sun was in Libra...) Thank you too, for your support and aid when I was just beginning to learn the astro basics.

Originally posted by Minderwiz
A strongly placed Venus might lead to being flirtacious, especially if there is a strongly placed Mars
You say it like it's a bad thing lol.... I can certainly attest to this: w/Mars conj ASC and Sag Venus/Moon, I am a total flirt!!! I don't know that Venus is strongly placed, but she (along w/Jupiter) is the final dipositor of my chart...

So Venus is also the planet of putting on inches and pounds. Mars (exercise) or Saturn (abstinance) are the remedies to this side of Venus.

Hey, here is a reason to like Saturn! He can help you lose weight :D

23-09-2003, 09:50
Dont worry hun, Imma flirt too. And thanks for making me like Saturn for a bit...he needs to come here and take off some pounds in the tummy...and thighs. LOL.

isthmus nekoi
23-09-2003, 10:07
M-Press, welcome to the group! Your response is exactly what we have been doing: discussing the applications of natal planets to our lives.

Your Mars and Venus are in mutual reception (in each other's signs). This means the planets in question sort of understand each other, see eye to eye, although one planet can be stronger than another.. Hm, both Mars and Venus are in signs opposing their ruling signs, so maybe they are equally placed in terms of strength. Check out their aspects to see who gets an easier time of things....

Also, are you a Taurus ASC? (b/c it looks like Scorp is cusping your DC) That would make Venus your chart ruler, so her placement is extra important.... In any case, you have very nice planets in the 7th. Check out their aspects, as well as aspects to Mars to determine how things will play out...

Sarah, how nice to have Venus the strongest planet in your chart ^_^ Strong Merc and strong Venus w/those placements would do well for songwriting, I'd imagine.
9th basically denotes leaving the 'known' world behind. This is why it represents other cultures, other thought systems (including astrology!), other countries etc. I basically think of 3rd as immediate, 9th as long ranging. Librian 9th sun and strong Merc, I think would make for a curious person.....

p.s. Just read your post - you're totally welcome! I'm always looking for reasons to like the old malefic!

23-09-2003, 16:26
Oh!, my quick tongue again, spoke too fast (Merc in Sag)!
Actually, you are right!!!! with all that Scorpio stuff, well, you're definitely "on this side"!!!!!
I feel a little guilty now, for having wiped off all those charming, charismatic, aesthetic, smelling good Libras!!!!!
My apologies to them all!!! maybe it's time for a repairing experience...

and M- i'll be looking forward to your sting!

23-09-2003, 17:00
Thanks Isthmus! (interesting name, by the way...)
It reminds me of Pythia, the "reader" on Delfi!

And you sure guessed right!
My raising is in Taurus! So, that means that venus is extra important? interesting....
Well, I sure do like "the good stuff"!!!

regarding aspects...I'm not so into those...yet! how can I tell who is more prominenet? I suspect my venus, though..

My venus conjuncts Jupi, and opposes Saturn and Asc.
My Mars conjuncts Uranus, and square Mc.
the rest is semi-stuff...

My mars and Venus, don't form anything between them. I know this is not a good thing, but what is it?
and how do you know if something is strong placed?

The more I look at my chart, the more suspicious it looks....

I just love this.... i wish I didn't have to work, and probe into charts all day!!!!

ps: regarding Uranus in the 7th? I know someone who has that, and is divorced twice!!!!!

isthmus nekoi
24-09-2003, 03:28
You're very welcome M-Press,

Venus is important b/c she rules your Taurus ASC, and is the ruler of your chart. (p.s. I didn't guess your ASC - wish I was intuitive enough to do that - but concluded that b/c it looked like your DC is Scorpio). This is quite lovely, all these Venus ppl coming into the Libra thread!

How to determine dif strengths.... Hm, we had a thread on that a while back. I'm a little pressed for time, but I will try to look for it. Unfortunatly, there's no empirical way to arrive at a determination of strength, but there are some general guidelines, for example, which sign/house the planet is in, the planets it aspects and the nature of those aspects. eg. Saturn in Cancer is a weaker position than Saturn in Capricorn b/c Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Or all Saturn aspects to moon (ruler of Cancer) will bring a sense of seriousness or a tendency towards pessimism.

It's hard to tell strength w/o looking at the chart as a whole.... If you would like your chart to be made available to members of the group for interpretation, pls PM lunalafey or myself for the username/password to this group's account on astro.com. You can post your birth data there.

A lack of aspect b/w your Mars/Venus is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that the mutual reception won't be as strong.

24-09-2003, 06:07
Isthmus is more or less right when she says that there's no empirical evidence for strengths. The reason for this is that Astrology (for most Astrologers) is not an empirical science - though there are Astrologers who believe that some material/physical link between planetary movements and human psychological and physiological experiences will be established at some time in the future.

There is, though, a strong tradititon on planetary strengths - part of which still lingers in rulerships and the states of exaltation, detriment and fall. Few modern Astrologers take the trouble to learn these and the other traditional signs of strength. Nevertheless the tradition, in a non-scientific way is based on the empirical experiences of nearly 3000 years of Astrologers.

It would take too long to look at Venus' strengths and weaknesses in detail, especially as many are 'accidental' that is they depend on the placement of Venus in the chart rather than simple sign placement (which gives 'essential dignity').

Again, in practice the assessment of Venus strength would depend on many factors. All other things being equal (to use a scientific maxim) Venus is strong in Taurus and Libra, fairly strong in Pisces and weak in Scorpio and Aries and rather weak in Virgo.

24-09-2003, 12:56
*Moon Opposite Sun* Makes me moody (Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra)

*Moon Opposite Venus* Before I looked at Bob makrs great site, I figured, okay this prolly means emotional love. That's a decent start, but he also said some very interesting things. 1) I express things incorrectly or erratically. 2) Instictive charm. 3) Feelings of bein unpopular even when I'm not. All 3 of those I think are right, altho I'm not popular, but sometimes even among my friends I feel unpopular. Strange but true.

*Venus Opposite Jupiter* Venus is charm, Jupiter is expansion. Thus, I got lots of charm. LOL. Also gives the tendency to play first, work later. Yeah thats me too. I SHOULD do my english homework but decided instead to play on the compy. Its okay tho, I doubt she'll even check it tomorrow. Jupiter in Aries.

*Venus Sextile Ascendent* Gives me sun-sign Libra traits. Fairness, charm, INDECISIVE. Yeah, thats me. In the caps letters right there. Me in a nutshell. AC=sag.

*Venus Sextile Uranus* Will attract strange & bizarre lovers. To me, I think it just means people. I always seem to be friends with the crazys or the emotional breakdowners or the people who are ticked off at the world. Of course, I guess I fit right in cuz I'm a moody astro-geek who cant decide what she wants in a boyfriend. LOL. Uranus in Sag.

*Venus Conjuct Midheaven* I had to check on astrolog to see if I had this or not cuz astro.com doesnt mention MC aspects. Also found out my Moon & MC are opposition (off about 2 degrees from perfect). But Venus & MC makes me inclined to the arts...there's where my songwriting comes in again! Go me!

*Moon Opposite MC* I know it has nothing really to do with Venus, but I'm throwin it in. It says it's good for anyone with a career in the public.

**Isthmus...will u take a quick look at my chart and see if Mercury & Jupiter are close enough to be Opposition. I can't really tell and want someone else's viewpoint. Thanks in advance hun!!

**For everyone: how would yall feel if we had an astrology thread called "what makes me, me" or somethin and we talk about ourselves (since its one thing I actually am good at). Like it??

EDITED FOR title change and quick skim for misspelled words.

~Sarah~ ~Punk Angel~ ~PA~

isthmus nekoi
24-09-2003, 14:52
Sarah, certainly will check that out for you, but I don't think I have your birthdata off hand.... are you on the group account?.... If not, you can PM me, or post a link..

The 'what makes me me' thread sounds very intensive, perhaps would make a good roundup to this group. I would suggest though, that we challenge ppl to try to find 1) their strongest planet 2) the most important aspects of their chart. This would help focus the thread somewhat.

25-09-2003, 11:00
Hey hun!
My Birth Info- Oct. 7, 1987, 12:55pm. I gotta link for it with birthplace and such.

That should take u to it. If not, post and I'll PM u more info.

I think it was a good idea too, I'll prolly start it tomorrow since tonight is Big Brother night...and I cant miss the finale!! Heehee. Me and my reality shows. :)

Thanks again. Look for the new thread for tomorrow yall.

~Punk Angel~

isthmus nekoi
25-09-2003, 13:27
Sarah, no, Jupiter and Merc are too far off to make an opposition, even if I gave it a 10 degree orb!!! Better to have Jupiter and Venus oppose imo lol. No matter how hard you put those two together, the results can never be that bad!!

26-09-2003, 03:03
I was thinking about some old friends of mine today, from design school, and remembered some stuff about their charts... and of course, immediately the issue of "libra" came to me..

Who has the best taste in the zodiac?
and please, let me define taste here, because it's not only about artistic inclinations or talent, or creativity...

Somehow, all the people I know with Moon in Libra, and/or Venus in Taurus, have unique, excellent taste!
If someone with one of those placements tells you that soemthing looks good, IT LOOKS GOOD , according to everybody else! these people should be placed in marketing approval or art direction positions... They just have that great sense of aesthetics...and something very balanced about their own creations. They will not do things ful of passion and intense sensuality (like Picasso, a Scorp, for example...). Their creations will have something very refined, digestable by all, like a magic touch. They seek (and find) that perfect balance between components, and they also immediately what looks best. (I can look at two or more things and never know which is better,a nd they THEY come, and immediately have the anser, (and it's the right one!)

Of course, all Libra/Taurus people have all this appreciation of beauty, but I find that these 2 positions, manifest it in the most profound way-just excellent taste!

Hm, i think I have another thing regarding artistic/creativity traits and the zidiac, but I'll be back with that! :-)

isthmus nekoi
26-09-2003, 10:38
M-Press, here is the link where we discussed planet strength:

Also, both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and refinement which can translate into good taste. Venus is dignified in Taurus, so she is strong there.... but I would see Libra as more concerned w/balance, classical proportions etc. I also find Venus+Neptune relations (not just planets, ie. Venus in Pisces) to also translate well into visual aesthetics.

26-09-2003, 14:59
Oh, thanks for the link isthmus! (and yummy! how exaxctly we ,color text???)
I actually was never aware of the importance of a planet's strength, till I read it here!

Regarding aesthetics, I'm sure the are more "combos" that provide that... I'm very interested how astrology is manifested in the "specifics" about this...

-Appollinaire once said:
There are two kinds of artists:
The "all-put-together virtuoso" who draws on nature, and the reflective cerebral structurer, who must draw on himself.

I'm always trying to find how these show astrologically... I'm sur ethe taurus and libra play big time there... Pluto too, not to mention saturn in the second kind...

isthmus nekoi
27-09-2003, 01:52
you're welcome, M-Press! If you were asking about why some of the text is coloured in the link I gave, that is b/c I searched for it, and the search terms get highlighted when you do that.

As for the Apollonaire quote, sounds like the dif b/w an extrovert and introvert artist... although I've found like strength, there is no empircal method to determine extro/introvert.

And yes, do share your combos when you come up w/them :)

28-09-2003, 10:45
I have Neptune in Libra in the 10th House. Mercury and Jupiter in my 12th House are sextile Neptune, and Pluto in the 8th House is also sextile Neptune

I think there is quite a lot happening there in terms of a natural interest in the psychological and spiritual.

Venus is in my 1st house and forms a yod with Saturn and Uranus which I've spoken about here before. Venus sort of rescues me from a heavy, dreary 8th House collection of planets.

Venus also compensates a little for a rather dreary Cap. Ascendant too. You can see I am feeling a little dreary today.

They say the Soul chooses its birth time according to the lessons it needs to learn. I wonder if we were able to consciously choose now, what would we choose?

It would be fun to sit down with a blank chart and design it ourselves. Or would that make us God? I take it all back :joke:. I can see myself plotting out a new life and being catapulted into it without having divested myself of all the issues in this one.

Now that was a bit of Neptunian fantasy only :).

29-09-2003, 01:35
What a thought...a blank chart that we fill in. It's like designing a whole new person.

But...honestly, I wouldn't want a new chart. I like the way I am already cuz I know that there isn't anyone exactly like me in the world...so why change it if I'm already one of a kind.

Plus, who would wanna change Pluto&Mercury's conjuction. No-one right? LOL.

29-09-2003, 01:49
You're right, Sarah. :)

We may not be as good at it as God.

isthmus nekoi
29-09-2003, 01:50
Hey Caps aren't dreary... they're just um..... really darn serious! lol. w/Libra on 10th Moongold, and its ruler Venus in first, I would interpret that you may admire Librian qualities, and these you can project to others.

Hm... blank chart. I like my chart too, but what I would change is the planets transiting around it. (Like keeping Jupiter and Venus constantly active!!!)

20-11-2003, 20:34
Hello everyone

have i missed it? - has anyone mentioned pluto?

my chart shows Pluto (r) in Libra, in my 7th house.

pluto here makes an intense lover- yes its true. Pluto is all or nothing - and this is very much me. In relationships - if there are no roses and fireworks, i'm gone - and this is not always a good thing.

Libra shows my appreciation for the arts (and balance and harmony in any relationship). I have a very wild and vivid imagination - shown by its aspects to the moon and neptune.

it aspects mercury in gemini - I definatley communicate more forcefully than others. Some people say i am insensitive but i believe in calling a spade a spade. with no disrespect or hurt intended. but i think that the charm that libra brings to this makes this less harsh.

07-08-2005, 23:28

I have Libra in Uranus (16 degress, 12 minutes - have to laugh, reminds me of someone that said that Uranus was not a planet and proceeded to point to their bottom - ROFLMAO) and Pluto (0 degrees 58 minutes)

I am in a generation that is preoccupied with establishing more equality in social relations. I possess a great personal magnetism and could express my unconventional ideas without being rejected by others. I possess a great sense of justice and a very developed social instinct.


09-04-2008, 20:34
I have some planets in Libra.

Sun at 120' in Libra, in the 11th house, near the cusp to the 12th house. I've been searching the meaning of my Sun being so near the cusp and made several natal charts, using different chart systems. Some put my Sun in the 11th house and others put it in my 12th house. So, does this mean that I should consider reading both houses?

Saturn at 020' in Libra, in my 11th house. And, like my Sun, near my 12th house cusp.

Mercury at 220' in Libra in my 12th house. Some say that this aspect makes me somewhat reclusive in sharing my ideas. Others simply say that I'm intuitive and rational and have a great need for some solitude.

Pluto at 2053' in Libra, 12th house.