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27-09-2003, 06:02
I'm sorry this is a little late but work has become and will remain very hectic through till Christmas at least.

The New Moon occured at 4:10 BST today (26th September). Sun and Moon were at 2 degrees 38 mins Libra. Venus is also in Libra and so in the sign of its rulership. At 13 degrees Libra it will be visible as the evening star throughout the month. This With Venus this strong this month will be great for relationships, for establishing harmony and for generally spreading goodness to the world. Just be careful that the desire to enjoy the company of others doesn't detract you from the plans for the month for Venus usually promises a good outcome for events. Venus is squared by Saturn, of the two Venus is stronger so the effect is more likely to be one of perhaps imposing some discipline in the use of Venus energy or at least making you think twice before committing and thus bringing more consideration to bear. Venus is also trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto - dreams, hopes and aspirations and perhaps the energy to see them through.

Certainly Air dominates the New Moon, ideas and relationships will rule this month.

Mercury too is strong at the New Moon being in its own sign of Virgo and having now turned direct. It is visible just before sunrise as the Morning Star and promises the analytical and routine skills necessary to bring any new project to fruition. It is also just separating from a conjunction with Jupiter, the greater benefic, bringing ideas of expansion and growth to infuse the New Moon. This is the month to make use of those plans you laid whilst Mercury was retrograde. Jupiter also rules the hour of the New Moon investing it with more expansive energy - A Venus ruled New Moon occuring in a Jupiter hour - what more positive sign could there be? - so let's hope it works out that way.

Mars and Uranus are still in conjunction - though Uranus has now returned into Aquarius and will stay there, even after turning direct, till the very end of the year - its back in Pisces on December 30th. Uranus will be retrograde till November but Mars returns to Direct motion tomorrow, at 7:53 GMT. Thereafter it will separate from Uranus and the long running conjunction will soon be over (The Ancients would say it is already over because they are no longer in the same signs). Thus the month also promises positive Mars energy - Mars rules the Water Triplicity and thus has strength in Pisces, that strength can now be more easily directed. Marswill also now apply to an opposition to Jupiter, which will be perfected in November.

A good month for getting things underway - positive energy from Mars, Mercury and above all, Venus

isthmus nekoi
27-09-2003, 06:13
lol, Minderwiz, I think I misunderstood and wrote a report too :P That's okay, I'll delete the parts I've repeated...

I'm happy to say that things are looking kinder w/this lunation cycle:

Last month's full Piscean moon had some aggressive signatures, most notably, the Piscean Mars-Uran conjunction opposing Jupiter, who feels constrained in Virgo. This spelled out impulsive, wide ranging actions that were indirect and w/o clear goals. Throw in the fact that both Mars and Mercury were in retrograde and you have the ingredients for a serious muddle despite the fact many younger ppl were trying to get back into gear w/school lol. You may have had a little trouble just getting things done!

Now Mercury is direct and Mars will be direct tomorrow, moving away from Uranus. There is still some tension b/w the Mars-Uran conj and the new moon, but it should disappate w/time as the two separate. Whatever blockages you have been feeling recently may start to clear up. Mercury is also sextiling Saturn which may also aid productiveness.

Finally, the trine from sun/moon to Neptune I think shows a relation from the last Piscean moon to the new one. Old confusions may now be clarified. It is a time not of indulgence, but of understanding.

27-09-2003, 06:22
I should have made it clear that Planetary Hour rulers are related to local solar time. So here the New Moon occured in a Jupiter hour, whereas in New York in occured in a Saturn hour - The UK has a marginally more promising month than New York.

It also shows that the New Moon reading is not really the same everywhere in the world - a more obvious difference would be the mundane house that the New Moon is in - here in Standish the New Moon occurs in the second house - so projects that will thrive are those related to second house issues such money, wealth, material resources, possessions and the way we interact with the natural world.

In Manhattan the New Moon occurs in the fourth, so attention is focused more on family, domestic, home and similar matters.

27-09-2003, 08:38
thanks so much for the post. it's been a while since my last real visit. been busy w/school and trying to get someone's attention. he's a taurus and i'm a cancer. it's been like pulling teeth this whole month. and yesterday was a BIG blow up for the first ever, we're both mad at each other. his b/date is 5/19/67 no time, and i'm 6/22/63, 7:34 am in the USA. any thought on new moon effects.

w/this new moon in venus. i know that i'll calm down enough to call him in a couple of days to talk about how we were both wrong in this situation. and it's either going to work out positively or it's going to end. one way or another the stars are pointing the way.

also my financial situation is getting ready to improve so i can live stress free for now. i'm going to start looking for the possibility of a new job in a different dept because i don't want to start over someplace else while in school for massage therapy. i know that i'm on the right track. this weekend is a busy one w/log hours and studying to do...may the powers that be help me get through this. i felt the energy change last night. i couldn't sleep after school. i was wired like i am on a full moon. first time i ever noticed that.

anyway, gotta get some housework done before dinner. thanks again for such great stuff. i gave you some birth info just in case you or anyone else might have time to do a quick chart reading for me? (please)

blessed be!

03-10-2003, 07:18
I feel quite stupid posting this but my astrological program, Winstar Express, records the Moon as currently being in Capricorn and my first House. It is a transit chart.

In fact I have three astrology programs and they all say the same thing.

Obviously I am not understanding something, or my world is seriously out of step with everyone else.

Can someone advise?

isthmus nekoi
03-10-2003, 09:09
Moongold, the moon is *currently* in Cap, but it has already reached the phase of 1/2 moon. When it was new, it was in Libra.... hope this clarifies things!

04-10-2003, 03:29
Hi Moongold,

The New Moon and Full Moon threads are based on the exact time of the conjunction and opposition of the Moon to the Sun.

The last New Moon occured with both Sun and Moon in Libra. The next thread will be the Aries Full Moon, when the Moon perfects the opposition to the Sun, which will be on October 10.

The New and Full Moons are taken as important for starting new projects and completing projects respectively. The can also be seen as setting the tone for the period ahead. You can also see how the New Moon and Full Moon affect your own natal chart by transit. This will draw attention to a house and possibly to aspect patterns in your chart.

04-10-2003, 05:51
Isthmus, Minderwiz,

Thanks. Sometimes the most obvious things seem impossible! I had to go back through some really basic stuff.

The Moon spends about 2 1/2 days in each sign and takes 28 days to complete the Zodiac.