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29-09-2003, 12:11
i have just moved house, and it still looks rathe rlike the final resting Ground for Old Boxes...

this place, unlike the last 3 i have live din, has a friendly feel to it... it smells like spring :-)

I was wondering though about different ways of getting to know my house better and letting my house know me better, i know my rituals but theyre not really based in any lore, was wondering what others do, have done, or would do after a move?

30-09-2003, 04:33
Hi and congrats on your new move.
I don't have any ritual to get to know the house; I do that by observing it. I look at the structure to determine when it was built, were there any additions or remodeling done? Look on the walls, doors, floors, etc. for clues as to who lived in the house and what they were like. Look around the yard: what types of plants are there? Did the previous residents plant anything? What types of "paths" are worn through the grass? Just observation and deduction.
The ritual I do when I move into a new house is to smudge the house and the yard with sage, then position crystals (charged for protection) at the four corners of the yard. Then I raise energy to draw blessings into the home and all its occupants (human, animal, mineral, plant).
I also try to have bird feeders and other types of things to encourage and provide for the animals of that area.
Have fun in your new home!